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How many people will be at your funeral?

Updated on May 8, 2011

A question of what matters to us

If I may categorize such a question, this will be classified in the "ambivalent to answer" question. The same goes for the questions, "how will you be remembered after you die" and "what would your friends and families say as eulogy at your funeral".

I don't believe there is a good answer to these questions. And I don't believe there is a bad answer to these questions either.

Generally, my personal answer is this: I don't really care. I'll be dead by then and the affairs of this world or universe is no longer mine - let alone counting how many came to my funeral.

The reasoning for such attitude is simple. People form their own perceptions and belief over time, regardless of how hard we try to impress. Throughout our lives, we try very hard to keep "certain image" to ensure the world knows who we are. Being brought up in an Asian culture and from a well-respected family, keeping a good image is a must. No ways around it.

But no matter how hard one tries, a 'mistake' is bound to happen. What if I slack off, just that one time? Maybe intentionally, maybe unintentionally. But most importantly though, isn't it rather limiting, to have to live one's life just to keep one's image?

Now, I'm not saying that if we are already carrying an angelic image, we need to turn 180 degree to carry a "demonic" one, so our lives won't be too limiting. That is a possible case and there are recorded ones - but that too, is fleeting.

Before going off a further tangent, let's return to the fact that regardless of what we do or who we are, people will still form their own perceptions based on their experiences. Hey, despite the general idea that we loathe Prince Charles for betraying Princess Diana, many still show up for his marriage to Camilla, right?

So, how many people will show up at my funeral? As many of them who thinks I'm likable, lovable, and worth their time. This may be 1, or 100. My concern is not about them in this sense; it is about: what is my legacy for this world before I pass onto the next?


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