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How much money one need?

Updated on August 26, 2015

Message of Socrates!

How much money we need?

If money could solve all the problems of life, there are many countries which are affluent but there is no peace of mind or harmony among their citizens. Money is no doubt a necessity for one and all but the real problem is ‘how much’? I heard a story once from Sathya Saibaba which answers the above question.

When we need a foot ware, we go to the shop and tell the salesman, the number of the foot ware. If not, he has got a measuring board on which we need to put one of the feet and the corresponding size can be read on the markings. We have to select the design and quality. The sales man will bring few pairs to suit out taste. We try wearing the shoe which we desire and walk a few steps to see whether it pinches or become loose. If it pinches, he will give the next size and if it is loose, he will bring a lower size. This is how we have to calculate our requirements.

We need money to cater for our needs to make a decent living including our family members. Every one is aware or can calculate the required money. Now the real question is, “If it is less, we will suffer from wants!, If it is more, our mind will prompt us to indulge in unwanted shopping. This is the general psychology of human mind. One may say that one need to save for a rainy day or unexpected sudden expenses such as medical emergencies etc. No doubt, we need to take care of those emergencies under our need. But there are millions of affluent people around the world, who amaze the wealth as though it is the end of the world.

Can we predict a flood or typhoon in the normal course of life? It may come and strike at any place in the vicinity. We have seen many video clips shown in the media during floods. Vast areas of land fully submerged and houses visible only at roof level. No body in the world can predict a calamity prior hand, though there may be media warnings based on weather forecast. During such calamities, we can hardly save our lives and that of our family. We watch entire house is swept away in terrific floods. Money can never prevent or save us from such unknown calamities. It can fetch you food, clothing and other essentials only when there is normal situation. During such natural fury, every thing will be under the floods and only government can provide us with the barest necessities. One may be a millionaire with lot of wealth. But during those times of calamities, money can not come to our help.

Hence, money is essential but we need only that much which is necessary to lead a decent life. The more we accumulate the more problems we will be facing from the income tax people, relatives, thieves and cheats. Money can purchase a cozy bed but not sleep. If by chance, one is wealthy, he should share the extra wealth with those who are not that much fortunate and who suffer from pangs of hunger etc. The fact is that God has entrusted every one with certain things but we have to remember that it is only a “Trust” and we can not port the wealth to the other world. Currencies are valid only in our own countries. When we travel to other countries, we need to exchange them for the local currency. The human mind is very peculiar. Even if one possess cart load of currencies, he will hanker for more and more and there is no full stop.

Only contentment can give us happiness and peace. A greedy man is never happy and in a way he is a beggar. Those who never aspire for more and more are the blessed one in this world. Hence develop contentment and learn to live within your means. All the things we see in the market are absolutely trash and tinsel. What we need is food to sustain, decent clothing to cover, and a roof to rest. All other things are really luxuries. When you want money, just remember how much actually you need for living a decent life?

Money can never give happiness!


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