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How philosophy can help us to solve the riddles of existence?

Updated on October 15, 2012

How Philosophy can help the people?

From time immemorial, the subject of philosophy has evolved due to the intellect of man seeking higher Truths. In one way, the subject has evolved due to the problems that confront the human race from time to time. Every body faces ups and downs in life alternatively and no life is a smooth ride from start to finish. The position in society nor status will alter the situation. The ignorant as well as the 'learned' face the riddles of life. The ignorant just moves on while the learned one starts thinking about the reasons for failure. Many thinkers the world over contemplated on human life like "Pluto, Socrates , Aristotle and others. In the East and especially the sages and seers in India spent hundreds of years in thick forests to find answers to riddling questions every human being confront.

After long periods of meditation, they surmised certain basic laws that governs the human life and destiny. Each individual reaps what he has sown in earlier incarnations on this earth. The actions of each individual produces reactions in equal proportions. Life invariably is a mixture of sorrow and joy. Nobody gives us pain or pleasure but it is our own past actions produce the results through others. The events that is happening in the life of an individual is predetermined based on his actions previously. Pain and pleasure can not be balanced. Every one has to undergo the pain due to misdeeds done previously and he has to enjoy separately for the good deeds done in the past. Merits do not cancel sins.

The discriminatory faculty is given to the human alone. He can always ruminate what is good or bad and he can choose the good over bad. But once chosen, he can not escape from the results of such actions done on his own volition. Nothing lasts in this world. The body is like a water bubble and the mind is a mad monkey. Hence we should not follow the mind. We should follow the intuitions arising from discrimination. All are children of 'immortality'. Only the body perishes but the Self remains for ever. The Self permeates all creation and transcends it. The world is based on Truth and Love. Every one should abhor 'selfishness' and cultivate 'selflessness'. Serving others is serving our own self. In fact, there are no others. All are part of the Full. Every thing originates from the self and ultimately merges in the Self alone.

We may see one or two examples. The heat of the Sun evaporates the surface water of the Ocean. It rises high above and form as 'clouds'. The cooling effects of the atmosphere enable rain out of the clouds. The rain water flowing through different channels, collects as rivulets and many such rivulets join to become a big river. They reach back the ocean after travelling through many places. Likewise, the individuals are part of the Supreme. They wade through life gaining many experiences. Our aim should be to reach the Supreme again like the river seeking the Ocean. We might have noticed one Truth. Due to constant evaporation of water, the ocean level do not decrease nor it raises due to the merger of rivers back.

As long as it is a river, it retains its qualities as a separate river. Once it merges back in the Ocean, it looses its individuality and acquires the shape and taste of the ocean itself. Likewise, as long as we live in this world as a separate individuals, we retain our individual qualities which may be some negative qualities too. Once we merge back in God, we become one with God loosing our individual qualities and identity and become one with God!

The philosophical Truths enable us to live our life here on the earth, accepting all events as 'providence' and take life as it comes. By that, we avoid 'resistance which causes grief and pain in life. What we resist, persists is the Truth!


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