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How religion teach us to live a better life

Updated on June 19, 2013


"A person's religion is his strong belief and every act of that person is according to it."

Teachings for better life

Religion teaches us for better life the

Concept of right and wrong path, rights of others like parents, teachers, brothers, sisters, relatives, responsibilities as of being parent, teacher, brother, sister, about life after death, hell and heaven, evil and good.

Religion teaches us everything we require for better life and it is always under fair means.

So how it works for making a person life better?

Consider a religion believing person like a lion. His area is like religion having infinite fruit for him which he has to earn by following the religious teachings. But the area has boundaries which force loin to live life according to teachings so if he is sincere with his religion he does so. Life like this saves him from difficulties and his life is better.

Desires control

A person has various desires and to fulfill it he can go for unfair means if not gripped or taught by religion. If there’s no boundary there is no resistance for him to fulfill his desire whether by using unfair means by crossing the boundaries. This shows religion is resistance between that loin and the wrong path.

Somehow the area outside the boundaries of teachings look like heaven but once you come in contact with it you diverge from right path and your sincerity to your religion loss its power.


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