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How the U.S. Government & Media Promotes White Hate Christian Profiteers

Updated on May 14, 2015
Hate Speech in Action
Hate Speech in Action

Alex Jones, Pamela Geller & Politics of Hate

Update:05/14/2015 (Alex Jones via Media/Government encouraged domestic terrorism; was invited to appear on ABC Networks and has done numerous interviews for journalist that work at 'main-stream' publications. This is further proof that the U.S. Media, is not only trying to establish a radical White Christian Caliphate but that the media, by pandering to radicals like Alex Jones, are indeed the root causes radicalization and hate crimes against minorities including gays & women.)

The United States Government Encourages Jihad

Pamela Geller, a spit-fire nasal sounding Yankee, that appears to see a 'Victory Mosque' in her microwavable lean cuisine every morning' is yet again another bigot that is mass promoted by the mainstream media in this country.

While instigators of racial, ethnic and religious agitation are often banned by countries like the U.K.; these same agitators and 'Victory Mosque' dreamers are not only mass promoted but appear to travel to places like Texas State, in order to host a Mohammad Cartoon Contest (as if The South didn't already have enough racism).

The F.B.I. and D.H.S. say THOUSANDS of people are under the influence of ISIS! If anything, THOUSANDS of Americans are under the influence of the FBI/DHS/ Geller and Alex Jones.

It was not long ago, that Texas Radio Host, Alex Jones, produced a glam and sexy beheading video to stir up ISIS in Mexico. Why do these people instigate such madness? Clearly because there are certain aspects of the American Demographic and populace, that make a living off inflaming ethnic/racial and religious tensions.

Is the Quran Violent? Depends on the interpretation but Islam is no more racist or intolerant than aspects of Christianity and the way Evangelicals interpret the Holy Bible.

When a person takes a literal interpretation of any 'Holy' Book, it will often lead to discrimination and extreme actions. There are actually preachers, which preach that in order to get into heaven; one must give them their life's savings and assets because, according to their interpretation of the bible, 'it is harder for a poor man to get into heaven; than a poor man to get through the eye of a needle.'

While the bible does say something along the lines about an 'eye of a needle', in reality, when the books of the bible were being put together, there was a rock formation that resembled an 'eye of a needle' and wealthy merchants, with lots of trading goods packed up on their camel, often had trouble getting through this rock formation. It has nothing to do with giving Mike Huckabee, all of your hard earned money to float in the clouds and play a harp.

In conclusion, we could find radical extremist within every religious practice but especially Islam and Christianity. The United States Government, which often has many government agents appearing on Alex Jones' radio show, while Pamela Geller gets promoted by Time Warner CNN and Fox News, are indeed the instigators of religions violence in the United States.


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