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How they saw Prophesies

Updated on June 19, 2013

To see into the future and to be able to predict things that might happen is probably a wish every person might have. However a number of people that had this ability rather wished they did not had it. Whichever, I wish to post a further series on the Prophesies of Our Time - meaning those which I believe will come to fulfillment in this early 21st century.

Before we can embark on the road of discovery there are a few ground rules to keep in mind. I believe there are two types of Prophetic Visions; that which is rather an 'awareness' and those that are like a '3D movie'. Now this is a very important issue to understand.


The AWARENESS visions

Here I will rephrase and use the better known phenomena called 'Remote Viewing'. For more info see my Hub "TWIST: Remote Viewing' here. Basically a person senses certain incidents or environmental conditions. Typically a person might scribble or speak certain keywords that might not really mean anything. These are the key's he will use later to unravel the actual vision he had. Typically these key's will be based on his own experiences and own unique perception.

From a very respected South African seer - Siener van Rensburg, he was a farmer - the following (translated):

"In Europe five pots are cooking on the fire; there is a land of maize in seed, on the other side of the maize the land is plowed over".
This translated to: In Europe five countries will make war, the war will begin when the maize are ready to be harvested (dry). This vision was recorded on 1 April 1923. Europe dry maize is harvested mid August to end September. WWII official started 1 September 1939. Five European nations? Germany invade Poland, Britain and France declares war on Germany. Italy supports Germany. Around the period 1920-1924 Van Rensburg recorded quite a number of visions about the war in Europe.

This one was seen on 15 October 1922: "I am in Europe in a big house and the people all go out through two doors. A big black pig goes to the West. Then came a Brown handle knife with a sharp blade - this belongs to the Americans."
Europe divided into two; Germany with Italy and other Eastern blocks countries against France/Britain with their allies in Europe. The Big Black Pig is the Nazi going Westwards. Then came the Americans in Jan 1942 first troops landed in Britain...

On 30 October the vision goes on: "In Europe two cocks are fighting, a Black-Gray and a Red-Gray. Then the Red one runs away, then it was all over chickens running to the East"
This is an accurate description of the great battle on the Eastern Front in Europe early 1940-1941. Black-Gray is Germany and its allies fighting the Red-Gray - Russians with their allies. The Russians pulled back to St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Germans followed.

What I am trying to show with the above is that the actual recording by the seer is not word for word a description of a vision like one would describe a 3D movie. The other issue above is that with Remote Viewing types of visions one can go back on a time-line. In other words, the seer can go back to something he saw earlier and take another look or view for different perspective. This is quite interesting to know as we will see in other prophesies. One will also find the typical percepti0ons of mixed-fruit-bowl where part of the same incident might be described at different times and in different words.

In my opinion, two of the greatest people to apply Remote Viewing was Nostradamus and Siener van Rensburg.


The 3D Movie

This is a scary one. When we read this kind of prophesies one can't help but feeling the hair on your neck rising. These are usually vivid descriptions of a actual experience the viewer had - as if he/she was in the middle of that he is describing. Often to such level that he/she feels themselves as the subject of the incident. As with another South African person, Johanna Brandt, she was so involved and gave such intricate details of her visions - in one night during such a vision she went from dark hair person to gray haired in the morning. These vision descriptions reads like a movie review.

Johanna Brandt in March 1918: "I saw a beautiful land that was being harassed by a raging hurricane. The strangest for me was the unexpectedness of the storm. It was so terrifying that even the earth looked as if it was roaring and shuddering while the thunder of the restless elements ripped the black clouds apart, and then a rushing flood of fire and hailstones were hurtled onto the earth. Everywhere there was blood and destruction which threatened to wipe out all things alive on earth. I saw how human life forms were being blown apart like leaves in the wind, and persecuted to all regions of the land."

I will remain with this since on later stage I will write a whole Hub about Johanna Brandt, same with Mother Shipton.

Harvester on the land - eating up the wheat with man sitting on top - and very noisy beast.

Around 1640's Mother Shipton's extract well known poem:
"And roaring monsters with man atop
Does seem to eat the verdant crop
And men shall fly as birds do now
nd give away the horse and plough."

Can you describe a Harvester in any better words? Confirmation of that time is that 'Men shall fly like birds' AND not working the land by horse and plough anymore.

Now one drawback of this 'Crystal Ball' visions are that they are usually not initiated by the person; thus they can't go back to that time and re-view the incident at a later stage. It is a one-off deal, with stunning clarity.


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    • tebo profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Very interesting. I must also check out your hub on remote viewing. The visions some people get are quite intriguing especially when you explain the meanings of certain symbols - the poem extract is certainly an accurate prophesy.


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