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How to Achieve your Life Mission

Updated on June 29, 2014

We all have a Mission

You are born with everything you need to succeed in life. You are blessed with the spiritual insight and mental fortitude necessary to accomplish your life goals, therefore, your success can only be challenged if you allow it.

For some people, their life mission is a burning desire that surfaces early in life. For others it surfaces slowly, at a later age. It all depends on the soul, and when that soul is ready to begin his/her mission.

Often we incarnate with the intention of experiencing hardships, presented by the Polarity of Life, to ready us for our mission by making us stronger and wiser so that we can achieve optimum success. Others choose to get started young, and grow through the experiences of their chosen path.

There are many paths (missions) for souls to choose from when considering servitude to humankind. You may choose to be a teacher who educates the masses or helps to inspire and direct a few, who require that direction to rise up to inspire the betterment of mankind. You may choose to become a healer- be it medical or spiritual, or you may choose to inspire through triumph over hardship. You may choose to become someone who serves to rejuvenate the spirit of others through laughter or the arts: music, writing, painting, etc.

A soul can bring the same talent into multiple incarnations. Some choose the same talent over and over because it brings them joy, and they take comfort in the familiarity in having that talent for each incarnation. Other souls are more adventurous and choose a different talent for each incarnation, to expand their evolutionary experience.

Souls who choose to bring the same talent with them often begin the journey of fulfilling their Life Mission at an early age, because the talent they brought with them is a governing force in their ability to achieve their Life Mission. And they grow faster and greater because of their familiarity with their talent. These are usually referred to as savants: children with intelligence, insight, or talent that defies all odds.

Other souls who begin to embrace their Life Mission as children are those who incarnated with High Karma. For more information, see my Hub on Karma and Your Spiritual Self.

Let your Intuitive Voice Guide You

Everyone has an Intuitive Voice. It is a gift from the Universe that guides you through your life to help you discover your talents and passions so that you can achieve your Life Mission. It is the guiding force that draws forth from your core the emotional and intellectual fortitude to overcome every obstacle life throws at you - without ever giving up.

Because the Polarity of Life presents us with situations that challenge our weaknesses, we sometimes ignore our Intuitive Voice and the innate guidance that it provides. When you choose to do this, your mind becomes weak because the guiding force you were born with is stifled and you are left to navigate the complexities of life on your own.

Always listen to your Intuitive Voice and follow the desires of your heart. Do not EVER let the doubts of others derail the faith you have in yourself, because no-one knows better than you what you are capable of.

Reject all Doubt

Do not ever doubt yourself. You were designed to succeed at being a beautiful, loving being. And you were born with every element of insight, knowledge, enlightenment and talent that you need to be successful in life.

If someone does not believe in your potential, that is their burden to carry, not yours. And your belief in your potential is the only opinion that should ever count. Someone can only accurately judge your heart’s desire and spiritual ability if they know your whole truth, and it is impossible for someone to know your full truth unless they can magically become you and walk in your shoes. And since that is impossible, their judgment is based on assumption, and therefore invalid. So do not allow such silliness to govern your life.

You may encounter people throughout your life who resent your drive, ambition, talent and accomplishments. These individuals have chosen the easy path of jealousy and resentment over the path of endurance and enlightenment. Through their own weaknesses, they have stagnated their spiritual growth in order to placate their own insecurities.

Never relinquish control of your Life Mission by lending validity to the discouraging words and doubts of those who wish to hold you back from becoming who you were born to be.

Respect Yourself

Always be kind and caring, but never sacrifice your own joy. You were not created to sacrifice any aspect of your Spiritual Self.

The martyr mother who sacrifices everything for her children to her own spiritual determent is wrong. You should never disrespect yourself to the point that you sacrifice your own journey for the journey of others. When you do this you are disrespecting your Creator.

To give of yourself when you can is a sign of spiritual growth, and to give when you have little to give is the sign of an advanced soul. But to deplete your value in the world by giving up everything you are for others is wrong. You cannot succeed in your own growth for that life if you deny yourself the journey of discovering the true you.

When you ignore the Polarity of Life to focus solely on the needs of others, you are ignoring the gift of life, and any chance for your own spiritual growth in that incarnation. The Great Creator is not so short sighted as to send a soul into this world with no potential for growth. So always look around you and embrace even the smallest lesson that the Polarity of Life presents to you.

Respect the Process

Always take time every day to reflect back on your day and evaluate the lessons that were presented to you by the Polarity of Life. Some will reveal insight while others will show your weaknesses. Embrace your insight and contemplate ways to strengthen your weaknesses, because the Polarity of Life will present you with another opportunity to champion that weakness.

When you engage in constructive reflection, your spirit becomes stronger and wiser, which makes it more difficult for you to diminish yourself in your own eyes, because your Intuitive Voice will fight your negative thoughts.

You were not designed to be a failure or a quitter so stay strong during challenging situations, and know that those challenges were presented to you to make you stronger and help you advance spiritually.

The Spirit Guide Aspect

The sooner you connect with your Spirit Guide the easier it will be to realize and achieve your Life Mission. Once you make that initial connection your Spirit Guide can answer questions about your Life Mission, and help you determine the best steps to take.

If your Spirit Guide does not provide you with the specifics you ask for, it is because you must discover the wisdom that you seek as part of your spiritual journey – a lesson you chose to learn on your own before you incarnated.

For more information, read my hub on step-by-step instructions to connect with your Spirit Guide.

Always be kind and gracious in your communication with your Spirit Guide. Remember that their love is unconditional, and deserving of your highest honor and respect.

The Karma Aspect

Never dishonor others in pursuit of your dreams. Nothing will derail your ability to achieve your Life Mission faster than transgressing against another soul. This is an act that incurs negative Karma, which will move you away from achieving your Life Mission.

As spiritual beings we strive to achieve positive Karma over the course of our spiritual evolution because it increases our value in the Universe, which increases our ability help others. The simplest act of kindness can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life. Every time you engage with another individual, think kindly of that person and extend a warm and respectful appreciation for the encounter. Always respect the Universal Laws of Karma.

Universal Laws of Karma

  • Benevolence - Always be kind and thoughtful to yourself as well as others, and treat everyone that you meet with the grace and dignity that you desire for yourself.

  • Acceptance - Resist judging others and do not try to control any life other than your own. Accept that others view the world differently than you, and that your way might not be the right way for them.

  • Gratitude - Recognize and embrace the beauty around you every day, and be grateful for that love and joy in your life. Respect that the Polarity of Life is blessing you with the opportunity for spiritual growth, and be grateful for the divine opportunity.

Do the Right Thing

Remember that achieving your Life Mission ALWAYS presents you with the ability to help others, whether it is giving of your time or sharing your wealth. Always remember that we are here to love and help each other any way that we can.

If you have the capacity to help and you choose not to, you will incur Karmic Debt, and the fallout from that can be devastating. It is a violation of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, which govern us all, to ignore the needs of others when you possess the ability to help.

The choice between servitude to mankind and self-servitude is a deeply-personal spiritual choice that only you should make. If you find yourself being distracted from your spiritual focus, it is important to realize you are straying from you spiritual path.

Always be kind and generous. Support those who have taken up causes that you believe in, and where you find a need that seems to have no champion; become that champion.

As souls we take pride in our spiritual achievements and our value in the Universe, much like an athlete takes pride in a trophy or medal. Every quiet moment of reflection should include the following question: "What do I want to be remembered for?" Ask this question and the answer will reveal itself. Then go out into the world and make a name for yourself by creating your legacy and making a difference.


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    • someonewhoknows profile image


      4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Limited lifespan seems to make one think more about the spiritual aspects of life as one gets older ! Looking back through life experiences gives us knowledge that may trigger our thinking process in such a way that we have Hobson's choice about why we incarnated and for what reason.It,might be triggered by people all around you through out your life.Family, friends , schoolmates , etc.... In real estate they say everything depends on location. Time of birth may well play a role our life purpose too! History certainly plays a role I'm sure. Whatever motivates you .


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