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How to Activate Psychic Powers

Updated on July 3, 2011

Psychic Ability

Psychic abilities are a gift and are not something which anyone owns outright. It can be taken away just as quick as it is given, if the vessel is in-balanced. Many people are born with psychic abilities, whilst others awake with a realisation one-day that they have changed and others are unable to tune in but all are capable of being psychic.

What does being Psychic really mean?

Many believe that they are in-tuned with the earth, whilst others believe in a God or Gods that have bestowed powers upon them but the truth is that we are all used for the better purpose in life. A psychic viewing, foresight or message all comes from the spiritual realm, whether it is believed in or not. We, as solely human, are used for message passing and web spinning. The power of the word is something some think of as sacred but in truth, the power of the word is far more than that. No matter what and how the power works, psychic abilities are just another notion of guidance and truth, from a greater being and not owned by us. If someone wishes to become psychic, there is only one truth. A gift can be given just as the same gift can be taken but the memory of the gift can still remain and the only haven that can come from this is truth, truth that there is something else bigger than we can ever be but also holds a great love and lives with great sacrifice.

How in Reality

In modern day and ancient reality there is a human notion that a religion or belief must be obeyed for psychic truth but in an open minded reality this is only almost true. Whilst religions enable psychopaths to commit murder for some and for others religion only brings ignorance of greater peole who are just simply different. the same can be said for the class of society. Being rich or poor means nothing, what does mean soething is how we treat others and how we teach our children to be with others. But sticking to how to become psychic is where I shall continue. For all we know God is real but he could be in a similar image and only upon death or a modern day miracle can we find out what he looks like. God has nothing to do with people blowing themselves up and killing others, nor does he have anything to do with sick individuals that kidnap and murder individuals and anyone alive who believes this notion, requires serious medication, three times a day or more or just serious tranquilisation.

Inorder for anyone to invite themselves onto a positive psychic spiritual realm must have one understanding and that is to be open to what you will be taught and be kind to others. I do not belong to any religion but God is real and he does not require anyone to be of a religion for him to love or bestow any gift. I appologize to those foundations who earn lots of money by telling people that they will go to hell if their souls are not saved but here is some news for you. All human beings were born gifts of God and no-one apart from God has the right to say otherwise. I know and have met many honorable religious workers and individuals who could not have better hearts because they are so great but not everyone is so just, including myself. To those who fight and kill over dirt and soil and think they are fighting for their land, here is another bit of news... Earth belongs to everyone. There are true laws. Laws that stipulate the outcome and survival of man and women and only those laws are valid in reality. Everyone has the same rights as another, whether they are male or female. If anything it was God who decided to give women the gift of being the vessel of bringing his spirits to live on this planet and this should be loved and respected. I will not preach any laws because I do not have to. If you take these steps, you will find out why, without my words, peacefully.

Steps to becoming a True Psychic

The first thing you must do before taking the very powerful walk of engaging in psychic powers, is to first ask yourself why. If you wish to work in peace and help others in a good and positive way, then take these steps but if you wish to do harm upon others then take a step back and read something else, please.

Calling out and bringing a psychic gift to you is very simple but the days that follow in life in general will be filled with lesson and guidance after lesson and guidance until you undergo your own personal positive realisation.

The first step is to simply say, I may or may not believe in you God but if I don't and with my knowledge I know you understand why and if you are there... please help me see. Please help me do good and help you to help others with any gifts that you bestow upon me.

Repeat this little prayer when ever you remember and do not discuss any experiences that you have with anyone as a number one rule... silence is golden. Another helpful tip is to remember the righteous path is a positive one and only the positive with be successful with true and real love as the negative momentarily scorns us and can make us neutral or negative. Pain is not love, hurt is not love and nor is wrath or anger. When you feel lost or down simply say these words.. please help me see, please make it okay. Remembering to keep patience.


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      7 years ago

      Indead alot of medication is neaded in this world. But bear in mind that the real war is between the leaving and the brute. The goal is to make the univers full of life. Misunderstanding one another is our real enemy. No man or angel is another man's real enemy. Not belonging to any religion is O.k. All we need is to obey the law written in our hearts.


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