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How to Balance Your Own Spiritual Energy?

Updated on January 19, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

There are 2 cases when you need to balance energy:

1. When you take in more than you can handle and you absolutely need to let go of some.

2. When you absorb energy from the 4 elements and now you are feeling ill.

First case:

Here comes the Grounding technique, which is the simplest and the best method to lower your energy at an acceptable level. Grounding must not be confused with Centering.

Centering means you become aware of your place in this Earth, Universe, in your situation, you come to terms with your goals/desires and you make yourself ready to cast the spell based on your clear intention of the final result. Centering means: I am here, I have this, I am going to manifest this, through this spell.

Grounding, as I like to explain it best, you lay low, you focus on yourself, you settle. Just like you settle for someone you marry, or the job you spend the rest of your life doing, that’s what Grounding is. It is not perfect to cast spells, it is no way you take energy. It is perfect to do it after you cast the spell, so you balance your energy, and you let the Universe take charge of the rest, because you have done your part.

Imagine yourself as a tree, with your roots going deep down into the earth and your branches reaching for the sky. You are a tree. The Universe’s energy and your own Energy travels through you, balancing itself out, by taking energy from the sky above you and giving it to the earth below you, holding just enough energy in the center of you. If it is the case when you have more energy than you can handle and you want to get out of your system some of it, then focus a little more on transferring it through your roots to the earth, but don’t forget to also take some from the sky. You don’t want to let it all out, you want to balance it. If you forget to take and give energy, you will either run low on it or high. You have to take a little and give some more, so you are left with the amount you want or need. If you wish to ‘add colors’ to this process, you can expand your imagination by seeing/feeling your roots growing into the earth, and while they are growing, you feel the dirt, the rocks on your way, other tree’s roots, until you reach the earth’s core. Your branches are growing too, and while they are growing, new branches grow, the old ones strengthen, flowers blossom on them, you can feel the heat of the sun and the wind blowing on your leafs.

Once you feel you are balanced, you can come out of this state. The reason why you do Grounding after you have casted your spell it’s because Grounding will help balance your energy on all your chakras and all over your spiritual body and physical body as well. When you cast, you want to focus energy in one point, not have it all over your body, because you won’t be able to control it. The Grounding process has relaxed your psychic muscles, which means you have to warm them up before you can use them, and in the mean time, it will take energy to focus your energy in one focal point. To better understand what I am saying, try this: warm up your muscles by walking around or jumping in place and do 10 squats/ pushups/ calf raises whatever will make you use your muscles strength. Pay attention to how your muscles feel, then stretch out the muscles you worked on.

Later on that day, or the next day, do the same exercises, but this time, warm up and stretch your muscles before you do your strength exercise. Pay attention to how your muscles feel. Were you more effective and did you perform your exercise easier when you stretched before or after? When did your muscles feel stronger and perform easier, when you stretched before or after?

It’s the same with Grounding. Getting in the mood for casting spells is the warm up, casting the spell/ performing the ritual is the strength exercise and Grounding is the stretching.

Second case:

Grounding works best when you want to balance the energy you have absorbed from sources like Moon, Sun, Planets, Crystals, etc.

When you absorb the energy of an element, water, earth, fire or air, Grounding may not work just as well. In this situation, it helps to really focus your attention and be extremely aware of the way your physical body feels.

Do you feel like you have drunk a lot of water, your body is too blown and your food feels like floating in your stomach? You may have lots of water energy in you.

Are you feeling really hot, have a high inner temperature, but the weather/ your room is cold or cool? You may have lots of fire energy.

Are you feeling kind of sluggish, but also have energy to move around, or your mind is working a lot, but in the mean time you don’t seem to be able to accomplish any task? You may have lots of air energy in you.

Do you feel kind of your body is heavy, you’re carrying a burden, you’re feeling exhausted? You may have lots of earth energy in you.

Of course, these can be cases of running on low energy and the matter of fact is that you need to absorb energy not give back. The trick is to know when you have charged on the energy of the elements and became too much for you. This imbalances usually happen when you are feeding on the elements but you don’t control it well.

Now, to balance these out, you have to really be aware of what’s the case and follow your intuition. If mistaken you may cause a worse imbalance by adding to the same element, or by adding to another element, missing the one that you need. Keep in mind that you may be experiences two over-flowing energies in the same time: it may be too much water and air, or too much fire and earth. Or you may be missing only one of the elements but that’s far easier to understand.

If you have too much water energy in you, you need to absorb fire energy.

If you have too much air energy in you, you need to absorb earth energy.

The contrary element will balance the other out.

Even through this process, you may still overdo it. You want to balance water, but you don’t control it, so you build more fire energy that you were aiming for. The trick I use to balance them all out, is to absorb a little energy from each element, until I feel I have enough of all. Then you may use some Grounding if you are not doing spell work or dealing with everyday life later.

My favorite method for protection and for charging my energy is through the 4 elements. For me this is Energy in it’s purist form and always available. Plus it really nourishes not only your Spirit but also your physical body and enhances your psychic abilities. Anyways, do not put yourself at risk. If you have never tried the other methods, for a considerable amount of time, do not jump to the next level because you will cause yourself much more harm than some imbalance. Before doing magick, you must understand how the nature’s cycles work, how magick works, and only when you have a good comprehension, you can start playing with energies.

© 2020 Ensorcelie


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      Got Rocks 

      4 weeks ago

      We are StarDust We are Golden

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 weeks ago from london

      Interesting approach and I love the quotes. Awesome!


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