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How to Become Ghost Hunter

Updated on December 22, 2010

So you wanna be ghost hunter?

So you want to be ghost hunter, yea? I’ve created this hub in order to help you out with achieving this goal. But before we will start digging into complete how-to, I want to make sure you know how real ghost hunting looks like. Without this knowledge, you might get disappointed.

The Reality of Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting isn’t as cool as you might think - especially if you’ve been watching all these TV shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and so on. These are made only for entertainment. Real ghost hunting is all about research. And this includes:

  • Historical Research - spending hours and days digging into web, reading through old newspapers in local archive or library. If you don’t like history, then paranormal investigations might not suit you.
  • Interviews - interviewing as little as 2 people for an hour or two, asking the same questions, looking for answers can be boring if you don’t like the job as well.
  • Observation and experiments - when you finally get to the haunted site, you need to perform observation. This means sitting for whole night or even two or three, looking into darkness, as the lights are turned off. Very often, nothing really happens, and you’re sitting bored for entire night.
  • Analysis - and when you finally get back to you HQ, you need to spend a lot more hours reviewing the photos, videos and audio recordings. You can’t miss anything. This of course, isn’t as exciting as you see in TV.\

The above might suggest that ghost hunting is boring - well, yes. For those who are looking for tons of paranormal activity, ghosts, poltergeist movement etc., ghost hunting isn’t the best choice. TV shows are :). Real ghost hunting is boring, and focuses on research and observation, then reviewing the evidences. No fireworks included, sorry.

If you’re still interested in becoming ghost hunter and doing real research, then continue reading.

Get the Books

Very first step in becoming ghost hunter is quite simple - you need to get the right guidebook that will introduce you to the job. I recommend only one book - Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook by Troy Taylor. You won’t find any better book than this. From this book you will learn about the official “drill” of ghost hunting, basic phenomena you might encounter, techniques for using equipment and more.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. In ghost hunting, you can’t rely on the Internet, so you need to visit local library or purchase some books on about ghosts and general paranormal phenomena. The more you know, the better ghost hunter you become. 

So this is it, reading books is your first step in becoming ghost hunter.

Don’t Purchase Certificates

An important thing you need to remember is that you should not purchase certificates. There are many weird courses and training sessions that offer teaching you how to become ghost hunter for few hundred dollars. They are useless. There are no real courses, not way of becoming real and professional ghost hunter, but simple doing the job. So remember to:

  • Buy no certificate - they’re useless.
  • Read books - learn as much as possible.
  • Practice - investigate often.

There are better ways to spend few hundred dollars - for books perhaps, new flashlight, digital camera and things like that.

Find a Group

Final step is to find a professional group of ghost hunters in your nearest area. Why so? If you’re just a beginner, and you have no experience in the field of paranormal, then you might end up in very dangerous situations. Finding a group of experienced investigators is a wise step to make. From them, you will learn new things that you shouldn’t learn on your own, mainly for safety purposes.

How to find a group? Google it - there’s a big chance there’s already a group somewhere near you that is recruiting new members. And what if there’s no such group? Well, then I have only one suggestion - create one, and when working in the field, stick closely to all the safety procedures.

With the tips above, you will make first steps in your ghost hunter career.


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