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How to Celebrate the Sabbath

Updated on October 3, 2017

If you haven't already, please check out the article I have just written on Sunday worship. Also please check out my article regarding the Mosaic law.

Welcome. Today we are going to go over the steps for the Sabbath. How do we observe it, what preparations we are to make, and why it is good for us. We read in Genesis how this day was sanctified and blessed. In celebrating the Sabbath day we acknowledge that this world was indeed made in seven days and that it was made by Elohim. In a way it is basically saying that he is real when you celebrate it. It is an outward declaration.


Leviticus 23 3 says this day is meant to be a holy convocation. The word convocation is "miqra"; a convocation, convoking (call together or summon an assembly or meeting)., reading. That means it is meant to be a day of learning with other believers. I understand that you may not be able to get to a true assembly of other believers, so feel free to use my articles as your way of learning and we can converse over them on here.


When it says rest, it means rest from your works. Remember, the Most High did not get tired. He does not get tired. He is infinite. So when it says he rested, it meant he stopped working. Creation was done. So this is not a day where you can just sleep all day. It means to just refrain from working.

No Working

Exodus 20 9-10 says that we are to work for the first six days for our income, then the last day is when we are to have a day of rest. We are not to go to work. There are exceptions, which we will get into later on. It also says that we are not to have our son, daughter, servant, cattle, or the stranger in the gates of the land work. This sums up all people. So you are not to work, and you are not to have anyone work for you.

Cook Beforehand

Exodus 16 23 tells us that we are not to cook on this day, because it is a type of work. So you are to prepare your meals the day before, then store it until the Sabbath comes and you are ready to eat. There are many different things you can prepare that will still be good the next day.

The Exceptions

Now we are going to go over the exceptions as to when there are exceptions to the aforementioned things.

We read in Matthew 12 1-8 how the Savior and his disciples were picking food on the Sabbath day because they were hungry (some theorize that corn is mistranslated, but wheat as ancient customs say that people would rub wheat in their hands to heat it and eat it) after he had just got done preaching in the previous chapter. This would count as a work because they are technically picking crops. But he gives us a clearer understanding of the Sabbath. The Pharisees saw this and tried to call them out on it. "Hey aren't you guys breaking the Sabbath?" They were quick to point this out because they were trying to catch them at anything they could.

How does he respond? He referenced how when David was hungry, he went into the Temple and ate the showbread? This was unlawful. You read that in 1 Samuel 21 1-6. David had fled from This was consecrated bread meant for the Levites (priests), but out of generosity to David he allowed him to eat it. David was starving at this time because this was when he fled from Saul due to Saul trying to kill him out of paranoia. So common sense and loving thy neighbor as thyself trumps that, so it was good for him to give him the bread. And especially if there is no other food around, you have the right to eat. Sometimes human life and loving thy neighbor as thyself must come first.

Now we go to verse 5 and it says that though the priests profane the Sabbath in the temple, they are blameless. It says you shall not do any work on the Sabbath day, but the job of the priests is to work on the Sabbath day. They had to do burnt offerings, sacrifices, and sin offerings. This is an exception. Sometimes you have to work on the Sabbath day depending on the circumstances. The law said no work on the seventh day and this is the law for everyone, but we see that there are exceptions to that. This is further expounded upon in verses 6-7, which explains how in these circumstances the Most High will have mercy depending on the circumstance.

Now go to verse 8-12. He sees a man with a messed up hand, and the Pharisees ask him if it is lawful to heal on the Sabbath days since it would count as a work. Again they are trying to trip him up and find some way to condemn him. But again he turns it on them and asks them if there is one man among them that would not go and try to rescue one of their sheep if it fell into a hole and could not get out just because it is the Sabbath day? First off that is animal cruelty. Second of all cattle makes money. And third, sheep are herd animals so when it is stuck in there it will be making noises and suffering. None of the Pharisees are going to do that. They would do what they had to do in order to get it. He then says that a person is worth more then a sheep. If a man is suffering and in pain, there is no problem with him healing him. If your kid falls and scrapes themselves you're going to bandage them up. You aren't going to say, "No it's the Sabbath day I am just going to let you bleed out." To not help someone in this case would be unlawful. That is breaking Leviticus 19 18, "Love thy neighbor." Verse 12 he says that it is lawful to do well on the Sabbath, so it further reinstates it.

There are many examples to this. If an emergency comes up or if you absolutely have to work, then it is lawful to do well on the Sabbath. For example, let's say you see a family bust a tire on the road and they don't know how to change it when it is bad temperatures out, or if it is like a bad place to be. It is lawful to help them. Or let's say you are a doctor and someone is seriously injured and you know how to heal them. It would be lawful to help them. And sometimes you cannot get the Sabbath day off. Talk to your employer about your beliefs and maybe they will let you do so. You try this for a few months and they will not let you off. What do you do? Pray to the Most High. You might need to quit that job. If so, make sure you have a back up plan and know you can get a job to pay for your needs that also coincides with your Sabbath day needs. And finally, preaching the word on the Sabbath is in no way unlawful. You can preach the word then just like any other time.


The Sabbath Day is:

  • A day of rest
  • No work
  • No cooking
  • There are some exceptions under certain circumstances.

I hope to do an article explaining when the Sabbath is soon, but I will keep my audience in prayers in hopes that they find the truth. Peace and blessings and all praises to the Most High.


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