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How to Choose A Singing Bowl

Updated on February 10, 2011
Metal Singing Bowl
Metal Singing Bowl

Choosing the Size of Your Singing Bowl


Singing bowls come in many sizes and are constructed with different types of materials.  The sound they create vary according to their shape, size and in the case of crystal bowls, their clarity of sound.  All bowls can be programmed with intention, so it isn’t necessary to have an entire shelf of bowls.  With practice any bowl can be used for the same effects as any other bowl, but here are some general guidelines:

1.       Six-inch bowls

These bowls generally operate within the Crown Chakra and Third Eye.  They also help open a little known gate at the base of the brain where ancient Egyptians placed the intelligence of the heart.  If you get energy headaches it could be that this gate is closed or stuck.  Six-inch bowls help pull us up from the Lower Chakras where we generally function each day and reconnect us with the higher spiritual energies.

2.        Seven-inch bowls

If you work often in the astral plane, this may be the bowl for you.  This size bowl aligns the astral and physical body.  It will temporarily align all seven Charkas and is beneficial when working with pre-pubescent children.

3.       Eight-inch bowls

Activate your creativity with this bowl.  Tied to Clairaudience and the Throat Chakra, this bowl resonant with OM.  It is a wonderful healing and meditational instrument.  Eight-inch bowls can be of assistance in past life work.  These bowls sometimes activate what is called the Soul Star Gate and that in turn can lead to Lucid Dreaming and Dream Alchemy

4.       Nine-inch bowls

They sing the universal healing song.  If you are uncertain which bowl to use when conducting healing sessions, choose the nine-inch.  It will work on psychological imbalances and rise the energy of the auric field.  During meditation this bowl will help you understand universal principles and can be an aid to astral travel.

5.       Ten-inch bowls

This is the bowl of the Solar Plexus, a power center for most people.  It can be used for self-empowerment and opening psychic abilities.  These bowls usually produce high and low tones creating a sense of balance between the left and right brain.  This is also the bowl of manifestation, prayer and affirmations. 

6.       Twelve-inch bowls

These larger bowls can be played longer than the smaller bowls as they must be thicker out of necessity in the manufacturing process.  These bowls are very effective in loosening emotional pain that has been deeply buried.  It can awaken all twelve light centers,  and allow you to work more deeply with time and astrological signs.



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