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How to Connect With God?

Updated on March 7, 2016
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She's a kids' author who's grateful for many things. Only, Jesus is her ultimate love! She hopes the Lord is yours too!

Knowing God...

Sacred Space - Would you discover the right way to connect with God, for the life of your soul?
Sacred Space - Would you discover the right way to connect with God, for the life of your soul? | Source

God Exists!

To have the privilege to connect with the God of the Universe and Jesus Christ, you must do a few intrinsic things!

  • First, you must obey God by receiving a proper baptism after you believe in his son, Jesus Christ.
  • And next you must repent of your sins.

These are the two most important things you must do initially. So many good people miss out on these initial steps, and don’t do it properly. Then they naively think they can connect with God Almighty, by having a warm and tender feeling in their soiled hearts. Our hearts are not clean when the Holy Spirit is absent. He is a comforter and a gift received from God once you obey his commands.

How to Know God?

This treasured act of being baptized, when you're in your prime instantly places you in God's family. Now, you can grow in faith as you read and study the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, and live by faith, not by sight.

Subsequently, God commands you to assemble every first day of the week on every Sunday to participate in receiving the Lord's Supper, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Henceforth, you are now given the grand opportunity to worship and to connect with God in an extremely intuitive way, because at that moment, Jesus listens to your supplications and acts as a High Priest for you. Jesus will be present and always hear your prayers, when you pray with two or more people, for sure.

When you are partaking in the Lord's Table, Jesus hears the cries of your heart.

God the Father does not and cannot hear the prayer of a sinner, nor does he listen to people who have not been baptized properly, or who desperately try to repent of their sins somehow without baptism. This is a feeling of better felt and told. Except, God's grace can do anything.

You may feel sorry or anxious for doing something terribly wrong. But God will not forgive you, if you have not obeyed him and followed his instructions to become a part of his holy family.

  • God wants you to call him your Heavenly Father! Jesus died for you!
  • If you love God, you will always want to obey Him and live your best life. You'll also have a burning desire in your heart to live your life wanting to please God by doing his will at all costs.
  • If you look for God, he will not be far.

God Is True All the Time.

God can and will only connect with people who love him. In general people are not given authentic opportunities to worship and adore God. At certain times this happens. When invoking the name of Jesus in a group, he is in the midst. By reading the Holy Scriptures, you may hear God speaking to you intuitively.

God is the Heavenly Father of all creation who created everything for your benefit and enjoyment; nevertheless, he is not the father of everyone that is alive. Since scores of people will choose to live their momentary life in their own individual eyes, terms and feeble minds.

Ignorant people dearly pay the consequence of their exploits by becoming perpetually separated from a faithful God when they live a carnal away from a loving God.

You can read the Psalms contained in the Old Testament to get to know God. Ask God to call you and he will begin the process to incorporate you into his family because died for everyone's sinful nature.

However, at this point some people think this whole thing about God is pointless since they give up and can't figure things out. It's not up to you to discover God. He has done everything for you all you must do is ASK God to get to know him and he will open your eyes and heart of hearts.

Getting Help from God and Jesus Christ

The longer you live your life estranged from the love of God, the harder and more callous your heart grows. It then becomes particularly difficult for Christians to edify you about God’s commandments, since you will eagerly decide to defy God at all costs! This is considerably regrettable, but understand it is the dismal credence to those who refuse to become adopted into God’s holy family.

More than anything, God desires to recreate himself in you. He wants you to become just like him, perfect and holy. And God has given you the Holy Bible, a way to live your life manual, to learn of him, and to find out what his will is for your transitory and prized life on Earth.

God Is a Perfect Holy Being. He is always true to his word and is love. God has given you the formula, a recipe to become a part of his Godly family. All you must do is believe in his son Jesus Christ, the one who paid the penalty for your sins.

Next, you must receive a baptism in a moments time, after you have genuinely repented of your sins. This is simple and is the paramount thing to do. You can begin living a glorious life here on earth for God with his guidance. You'll have a home in heaven and be adopted into the family of God.

Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  • You can easily connect with God when you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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Getting to Connect with God

Get to Know the Great God Who Created You and Everything

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • PinoyMom profile image

    Shiela Gerona 2 years ago from Philippines

    I believe that God is everywhere, we can't see him but we can feel his presence through his wonderful works and he is spirit.

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 2 years ago from Florida

    You are correct @PinoyMom! The Holy Spirit will live in your heart and guide you into all truth once you obey God. You must be properly batized, repent of your sins, believe Jesus is the Son of God and receive the Lord's Supper every Sunday for this to occur.

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