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How to Consecrate Your Magickal Tools.

Updated on October 28, 2019

It is said the most important element in magick is intention, but as witches we love to use our tools to enhance and strengthen our spells. Such tools are the objects used for magickal purposes such as: chalice, wand, glass containers, altar cloth, incense holder, athame, magickal boxes, etc, as well as herbs, candles, tarot cards, pendulum, oils, other divination tools, other objects like nails, paper, dolls, etc.

Before beginning our ritual for a spell, we should cleanse and consecrate the space we are working on, the room in general and the altar or specific area we will put our tools on. Cleansing your space and tools is important to remove any energy that is lingering there, so there is no unwanted energy in our space, or any energy we don't know of, that may mess with our work. Consecrating the space and tools we are going to use, serves to repurpose the tools for magickal work.

You can cleanse and consecrate your tools with incense, a specific crafted spray or potion for cleansing, but if you don't own these tools, you can use the 4 elements and Spirit to accomplish this.

The first (long) method is to use one element per chant and go through your tools one by one. This is to be done this way:

.Take your tarot cards, or the cinnamon stick, or the petition paper, or whatever you are going to use, hold it in your hands or place it on your space (altar, table, ground) with your hands above it and call upon the element of Air with the intention to cleanse the tool while visualizing the Air energy going through the tool and cleansing it. Then call for the other elements, Fire, Water, Earth, one by one.

..When you are done cleansing, call on the Spirit to consecrate the item. Hold the cleansed tool in your non-dominant hand, bless with your dominant hand by either repeatedly signing a cross in the air or by placing your dominant hand above the tool while chanting "By the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I consecrate this tool of all negative energies, and bless it with positive energies of light and love, to work its magick for this spell, by calling forth the _________ (the tools magickal properties, for example cinnamon would help strengthen and make the spell manifest faster, or rose helps with love matters be it romantic, self love, or friendships/family), or the purpose it is meant for (for example the petition paper to hold the letters and words and deliver them to Universe). Amen! Ase! So be it."

Once you're done with one tool, move on to the other and repeat the process until you have cleansed and consecrated all your tools. Then you can start your ritual and spell chanting. When you are done, seal the spell and thank the Spirit for helping you, guiding you, listening to you, manifesting with you, protecting you.

If this method seems too time-consuming for you, you can try to shorten it by cleansing your tools with the 4 elements at the same time. You will have to go through your tools one by one, and also there is no shortcut to the Consecrating of the tool, but when it comes to cleansing you can chant: “By the Power and through the Energy of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, I cleanse this tool of all old negative energy that resides in it.” You want to imagine all 4 elements energy going through the tool one by one as you speak the Element (you have to have a vivid imagination, easy to control and able to visualize in details, fast). Then proceed with Consecrating. Then close the Magickal Ritual as above.

Either way you may find these methods of using the 4 elements for cleansing to be long and take too much energy of your own, even though it is the best way. However, you may always light an incense and pass each tool through the incense smoke while chanting a cleansing spell, or you may craft by yourself a cleansing spray such would be: a mixture of salt, lemon, mint, rosemary, egg shell (though it is better to clean the area rather than the tools because salt may ruin them).

You may also put your tools under running water, or get them outside on a windy day, or pass them above a candle flame, or put them in dirt for a couple of hours. Though these methods may ruin your tools if you are not careful.

Disclaimer: I may earn commission through this link-product, though it won't affect your own payment.

Caution: If you think that one of your tools will be ruined by incense or spray, it is best to either use the 4 elements cleansing method which is the safest and most effective way, or you may put your tools under sunlight (check your crystals because some of them most not see the sunlight), or under the moonlight (if you can wait until after sunset, and you need a full moon or at least a gibbous moon).

© 2019 SangrealGoddess


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