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How to Consecrate a New Home or Space

Updated on February 10, 2011
Clearing Energy
Clearing Energy


It is important to consecrate any new space or home that you inhabit.  While these procedures are the only ones that can be used and they are certainly not a requirement, this list can help get your started. You will need: Holy Water, sea salt, candles, small flower pots (apartment dwellers), incense, fresh flowers and small bits of fresh food, pennies


1.       If possible have all members of your household attend.  If your pets are well-trained and are able to sit quietly and not interfere, include them too.

2.       Everyone should ground and surround themselves with protection.

3.       Make sure the house is fresh cleaned and clutter is put away. 

4.       Make sure the toilets are freshly cleaned and the lids closed.

5.       Before beginning ask everyone to bath or shower.  A ritual bath with sea salt or other cleansing herbs is preferred, but the point here is that everyone be cleaned of any dense energies.

6.         Fresh clothing is a must.  Matching comfy pajamas will unify everyone, but the focus is on fresh clean clothes.

7.       Clear the energy in the home.  Starting at the back, clear toward the front, making sure you cleanse each room. 

8.       Anoint each participant with Holy Water or essential oils like Myrrh and Sandalwood.

9.       Either dig a small hole at the 4 corners of the land.  If you live in a 12 story apartment building it isn’t practical to do this exercise, so substitute a small flower pot of soil with a hole in the center of the dirt.  This is for the earth spirits that surround and protect your home.

10.   Create a small altar inside the home for its guardian spirits and place candles, fresh flowers and incense on it along with a small chalice (glass) of Holy Water.

11.   Light candles and incense and keep them burning during the consecration.

12.   Add a bit of sea salt in each of the four holes or four flower pots.

13.   Sprinkle sea salt across the threshold of each door, especially the front door and each window seal.

14.   In each room place a candle, flowers and Holy Water. 

15.   Now working from the outside in add the same trinity consisting of candles, flowers and Holy Water to each intersection until you have create an illuminated grid of consecration.  By working from outside to the inner part of the house, you are less likely to brush the candle flames with your clothing or skin.

16.   Now everyone should re-ground and balance each chakra by spinning them seven times counter clockwise and then seven times clockwise.

17.   Hand out slips of paper and ask everyone to write down their hopes and dreams for this new space, what qualities they wish to see in its inhabitants and whatever else they wish to manifest while living in this home.  They can be read aloud, or simply meditate on your own personal desires.

18.   Form a circle and hold out the slips into the middle.

19.   Each person should help create a Harmonic Ball of energy around these desires.  Increase the size of the ball until it encompasses the entire home or land.  If you live in an apartment, you can surround the entire apartment building.

20.   Give thanks for your new space and light a seven day candle (The type created in tall glass containers.), placing it on the altar.

21.   Anoint each person once more with Holy Water using the flower head from one of the flowers that were placed on the altar.

22.   Continuing with the flower head, sprinkle Holy Water on each door and window frame and door threshold.  Sprinkle it into the holes and fill them in.

23.   Allow all the candles and incense to safely burn out and leave the flowers and salt overnight, longer if possible.

While this consecration process may seem long, your happiness and contentment is worth it.  Consecrate each space you occupy and see how it changes your life and how you view the space you inhabit.




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