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How to Control Life Using Quantum Mechanics

Updated on July 5, 2013

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is about explaining the relationship between matter and energy. It also encapsulates time as a main function. Matter is equivalent to energy. We have to first look at ourselves as a sub-atomic functions of the universe. We are able to effect a change within the universe.

For example if you drop a pebble in a pond, there is a circular wave function being emitted. I call this the ripple effect. It is the energy being transferred from the mass of the pebble to the mass of the pond. Every anaerobic or aerobic organism in the pond is affected by this ripple effect. They are able to sense or interpret this energy, no matter how small the energy waves are.

It is the same thing that happens when someone is born. they affect the whole universe. They give off a wave effect. Now when the pebble has settled at the bottom of the pond, based on conventional physics reasoning, it has stopped doing work. However, based on quantum mechanics, the pebble is doing work by being in the way of an organism. Causing the organism to take a different route, using additional or less energy.

Think how much greater the human being is affecting the energy phases within their own environment. Being in motion, we are giving off energy. Being still and even sleeping, we are still affecting the universe.

My mother always told me to find a job, even if it does not pay. My younger mind was offended by such a gesture. Then after understanding, how we affect the universe. I saw that this was a wise advice. That is exactly what I am doing at hub pages. It is better to be in motion than standing still. This way, we continuously give off a wave effect. I have always seen Rastafarians do gardening in the community without being asked or being paid. I use to think that this was ignorance because I was too ignorant to appreciate the flowers.

Proof of Quantum Mechanics

The uncertainty principle proves that you cannot measure a position and momentum at the same time. Basically, this means nothing is sure or given, there is always a level of error when measuring a particle. If you are measuring a car in motion, it is not possible to tell the position of the car, because its moving. Then, when you measure the car in a stand still position, you cannot tell its motion, because the earth is moving, time is moving, YOU THE OBSERVER IS IMPACTING ITS MOTION BY MEASURING IT.

Let me clarify the last paragraph. Our eyesight works by a cause and effect principle. Light bounces back to the eyes and forms an image.

A blind boy will like to measure the distance of a wall from him. He uses a ball as an observatory tool instead of eyesight. He throws the ball at the wall and guesses the distance of the wall by how long it takes for the ball to return.

By making this measurement, he is affecting the momentum of the wall. Now the blind boy uses a larger heavier ball to observe the distance of a flimsy dry wall. He throws the ball at the wall and it bounces back. But the wall moves and the ball returns giving the blind boy an incorrect reading of the distance of the wall. Because this time, He impacted the motion of the wall significantly.

The blind boy has always being impacting the motion of the wall no matter the rigidity or the size of the ball. Some of the balls energy will transfer into the wall, affecting the motion of the wall and the ball. So the blind boy can never tell the motion and the position of the wall at the same time. He cannot make the measurement without affecting the position and momentum of the wall.

You cannot observe life without affecting it.

This is the same thing that happens with eyesight, hearing or thought. We affect our environment by just merely interacting. We cannot see something unless what we are looking at, is impacted by light energy. When you are looking at a wall, you are impacting its motion and structure.

The wall is made up of electrons and light is made up of electromagnetic energy, so they impact each other changing the momentum and position of each other. Take into consideration that light travels as a particle and a wave at the same time.

This is proven in the double slit experiment. Please watch the video to better understand.

Controlling Life with Quantum Mechanics

The observer impacted the experiment by observing the experiment. You cannot measure anything in life without introducing light particles or waves (or matter) on the item being observed. Its not possible. The double slit experiment also proves that LIGHT IS INTELLIGENT.

It is said that Einstein did this experiment over one thousand times, trying to figure out why light particles behaved that way. A single electron behaved as if it was a thousand electrons side by side and created an interference pattern. This is the illogical point to the observer.

The implication of this experiment proves that electrons have a process of their own that we do not yet understand. If you look at it from another frame of reference the human being may be just one electron and then just replicates itself to billions of electrons to create a human being to the observer.

This experiment has converted a lot of physicist into believing that there is a God.

Controlling life with quantum mechanics.

Carl Jung was the first psychiatrist in this generation to apply the concepts of quantum mechanics to human beings. It came up with a concept called synchronicity. The wall that the electrons are fired on is called life. The electrons are our thoughts. The slits are just the gateway. The collective subconscious thoughts controls conscious thoughts and conscious thoughts controls reality.

Whether you like it or not. It was you, who put you in the position you are in right now. Whether good or bad. What is in the mind will come out to real life. However, you can also impact people and situations in life by sending out a wave energy. Given that we are made up of electrons and other persons are made up electrons we impact each other.

The light that we shine on situations as the observer can impact on the situation. We are already impacting reality by just doing nothing. Why not grasp our light energies and send out some positive electrons.

We sometimes make the mistake by letting other people and situations impact us with their negative energies by letting them throw heavy balls at us knocking us of our positive momentum or position. Therefore we should stand firm like the sun in universe.

Basically I am just trying to say; Just do positive even if bombarded with negative energy. The ripple effect may just have a positive effect on someone or a situation that your not observing.



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