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How to Craft a More Powerful Sigil?

Updated on October 28, 2019

Sigil is a symbol you craft yourself which represents your desire and holds your intent. It can be carved on the candle, drawn down on an object, or simply drawn on paper and infused with energy.

If you google Sigil Magic and how to create your own Sigil, you will find that every article teaches the same method: creating a Sigil by using letters. For the sake of this post, I will teach this method too, but I will also teach you another more powerful way to craft a Sigil.

The first step is to write down what you want, what your spell is about, what are you trying to conjure and be as concise as possible. You need just one sentence. If you are going for a whole paragraph, you better sing it to a candle.

For example: Money flows easily to me and I always have more.

Now, you take out the vowels, and you have this: M N F L W S S L T M N D L W S H V M R

Then, if there are consonants that appear more than once, in our case there are, we will take them out, so we are left with : M N F L W S T D H V R

The next step is crafting the Sigil, by arranging the letters together in the way that appeals most to you. Some will use the full letter as they write it, some others will separate the lines of each letter and then create their Sigil. For this method, I like best not to make lines out of the letters because it feels to me like everything gets messed up and lost, but you do you, follow your intuition.

Remember: you have to incorporate in your Sigil EVERY letter, or EVERY line if you choose to do it so.

Let's talk the second method now, the powerful one.

This method calls for crafting Sigils out of symbols that represent the key words of your spell. Why is this one more powerful?

Letters, are just that, letters. However, symbols hold much more energy and power because they have always represented an action or a word or a process and lots of people have used these symbols to represent the same thing, over and over again, therefore more energy is infused in the symbols.

Lets take the same example: Money flows easily to me and I always have more.

Money = the dollar symbol is the most used symbol to represent money $ , but you can always use the symbol of your countries currency, or the currency you will be paid on.

Flows = when we think of flow, we think of water. The element of water is mostly used when you want to build a strong but steady tide. If you want to earn that money faster you can represent the “income” by fire or air sign. To make it easier, (this is where creativity and knowledge kicks in), so you don’t have to draw fire flames or waves, you can incorporate the alchemy symbols of the elements.

Always have more = now this is a tricky one. You want to think it thorough before deciding on a symbol. You can use the plus symbol (+), or an arrow that shoots upward, or in my case, the waxing moon.

Because we have the “me” and “I” in this sentence, and we want to attract money to our pockets, this is where you can add your name (I explain below).

The final version looks sth like this for me, but it can be completely different for you. The important thing is that you like it and you cast it.

The second method may take more creativity and knowledge than the first one, because you have to research symbols for certain words/actions. If you want to make the Sigil more personal or establish a stronger connection, you can add the letters of the object of your spell. If it is your name you want to use in the spell, take out all the vowels or just the first letter and draw the consonants of your name along with the symbols, or you can use only the first letter of your name and surname. You can use the same approach for your job, you can write your boss' name, or corporate name, etc.

This whole process makes you pour your energy in your spell, and the final Sigil won't read the whole sentence, but will have a meaning, and that meaning it is what goes in your subconscious, what makes the spell come to life. Think about it as a certain quote, or poetry, or motto you like very much. Not everyone else will interpret that particular excerpt the same as you, but for you it holds a special meaning, only you can feel deep in your Soul, and that's exactly that which makes it not only special for you, but it helps you to keep fighting, to be more compassionate, to try new experiences, to win over your phobias, etc, whatever it is for you. The Sigil works the same way, even better because it is not a whole quote, it will be carved deep in your Soul.

Some witches take it one step further and infuse more energy into the Sigil by focusing on the Sigil until their eyes start to lose focus while transmitting the energy from their own, or from another object to the Sigil. In my opinion, you don't need to spend this much energy, especially from your own source. First of all, you have put enough energy into it while you were crafting it (believe me, it takes more than one drawing to perfect it and really like what you came up with). Second of all, there are many other ways to infuse more energy: leave it under your phone when charging, put on a song that goes with your spell, sing to it, dance, paint it on your body, etc.

After this step, you either burn the Sigil, drown it in water, plant it, or just rip the paper and let the wind take it. This last step is called activation, by one of the 4 elements. Now the Sigil is activated and the spell has begun manifesting.

Some like to keep the Sigil to use in other spells, or rituals, (after the one spell/ritual it was meant for it's done). I don't like to reuse them, just because I like the process of crafting one, and it is far more easier to infuse energy while crafting, compared to other ways. Your energy is always the best, other tools are just that 'tools' to ease the process.

If you wish to keep the Sigil, I would recommend to learn from celebrities and make those Sigils be seen by more and more people. Use them on your documents, mark your photos, etc. The more you draw them down, or the more you use them, the more energy they take. The more people see the Sigil and the more they use it, the more energy is infused. You can even turn your signature into a Sigil, or add a simple yet powerful symbol, which will strengthen your spell every time you sign something.

Which is your favorite way to craft a Sigil?

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© 2019 SangrealGoddess


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    • Geminimagick profile image

      Gemini Magick 

      8 days ago

      This a well thought out post with a lot of detail. For anyone just starting out with Sigils and magic in general it is very informative. Great work!

    • profile image

      jamaeca jezy palaez 

      10 days ago

      is that a laurel leaf?


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