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How to Develop the Faith that Creates Miracles in Your Life

Updated on March 20, 2019
Jynzly profile image

Jenny is a Bble Woman and had Master's degree in Philosophy and Education. She had been a Motivational Speaker in National Steel Corporation

The concept is that in communicating with our own soul, the loudest and most effective medium that the soul can hear and understand in which it responds accordingly is faith, then it is only wise to develop such a faith.

As we journey on in life there are many times that we encounter some sorts of difficulty that come in various forms in any area in our lives. If such difficulty is financial the common solution most people do is to borrow or make a loan. If it is trouble in marital relationships, we tend to seek advice from close friends or relatives, if the situation is looking for a life partner nowadays single people would go to the internet. Whatever the difficulty or situation, average people try to solve their problems through their knowledge or on something that they are used to doing in which most often they don’t actually solve the problem they just transfer it to another type of problem which mostly complicates situation in the future.

I would like to mention here a situation as an example. When my second husband Adrian Shiels died, he had no money left because he had been in the hospital for three months, his money was completely exhausted to the penny. In his death I took him to a funeral parlor where his corpse stayed for 21 days because the owner of the funeral parlor won’t release the corpse if the bill is not paid completely. The bill was US$2,500 and I had not a penny in my possession, if not for the contributions of my friends I cannot even eat for lack of money to even buy my basic need and I was jobless because I had not worked for five years for taking care of him full time because he was bedridden for years before his demise. After two weeks that my dead was being held in the funeral parlor due to my unpaid bills my best friend, Engineer Veronica Malano Miguel was worried about my situation so she offered to lend me at least $2,000 thinking that maybe the owner will allow me to get my late husband’s corpse so I can bury him… My best friend said that she was to sell her car just so she can lend me the money to solve my problem at the moment.

I did not doubt my friend’s sincerity but I told her “go spend a vacation to your hometown and forget about my situation, this is my personal problem so let me handle this on my own.”

I knew deep in my soul that this situation will resolve itself without creating more problems in the future that may cause conflict with my best friend if I accepted her offer. I just had this kind of faith, an unquivering feeling or sense or intuition if you like that this situation will ease out and everything will turn out alright in my life.

One day I saw outside the office of the funeral parlor posted that they needed an administrator to run the business then suddenly an idea came to me. I went to the office and talked to the owner asking her to let me bury my dead and in return I made a proposal that I will work in her business as an administrator telling her that I have an MBA and citing my other qualifications to run a business, I further told her that I will work without pay for a period until my bill is fully paid and if she can provide me just something to eat as deduction from my supposed salary. I explained too that I cannot think of some money in the near future to pay my bills so I offer my service. I cannot remember exactly how I explained my situation in details that I noticed she was tearful as she said to me “you are so contrite and sincere, I can understand your intention, no you don’t have to work without pay, it’s either you work and have your salary normally or you are free to go, take your dead husband, bury him. For me you are cleared, forget about the bills, you touched my soul.”

Isn’t that another miracle? I owe nobody, no future obligations as far as the funeral bills are concerned. My friends were concerned about me for the difficult situation I was in and they wanted to help, they pitied me, but what they didn’t know is deep in my soul I was singing “My Father is rich…, I’m a child of the King, problems resolve themselves and this situation will pass.”

Money is very important in life and in the whole world. It solves problems, provides us food and the necessities in life and it allows us to live in comfort; but I can prove to you that FAITH is more important than money. If you have faith your problems will be solved and even money will come to you in abundance. My life is a series of miracles and faith is the reason.

So how did I stumble into this powerful faith? I will tell you my secrets.

I consider myself lucky and blessed to have been raised in a family with parents whose wisdom are unquestionable. Religion aside, I was brought up where in every problem my parents always had answers quoted in the forms of Bible verses, phrases from religious songs and inspiring stories. Just like for example when I was in pain for a long time when I was nine years old because of the wound in my leg that never healed in one year time, my Mom and Dad did everything to cure my wound even brought me to the hospital for dressing by the nurses every morning; I was really crying every day in the duration not only because of the pain but mostly by worrying that it may never go away and I will be forever carrying such a wound. Then one day my Mom said, “that wound will pass just as everything else in life, nothing is permanent.” I found it to be true when I just realized one day that my wound was healing at the time when I did not put so much effort to cure it, I just covered it with a band aid or a plaster and left it like it never existed. I did not even bother to clean it even when I had my bath, I didn’t bother to strip off the plaster, just left it sticking there until one day after several days when I finally stripped off the plaster, the wound got smaller and was actually healing.

That experience with my wound and what my mother said created in me a sense of trust to natural processes in life.

Trust, belief and faith, these are the main virtues to live a life full of miracles or favorable coincidences. Those I call miracles must be interpreted by many as coincidences, if so, then let’s create those favorable coincidences in all areas of our lives and this could be possible through the virtues I just mentioned.

Now going back to the topic of how to develop the faith that creates miracles.

If you are the type who is not comfortable repeating inspiring words and quotes in a daily basis then you better start it now because this is the first step to develop the faith that creates miracles. Do it in the spirit of fun, meaning do not push or force it into your mind if you cannot believe it.

For example, there is something, say a dress you would like to buy and you really like it but you cannot afford it for the moment…say to yourself “that dress or something better is mine NOW”. In your mind clatter there is a taunting laughter which says, “what a crazy woman, I am just fooling myself” or “because I am poor so I just dream the impossible… look at you, you know the truth, you have no money for that so how can it be yours now, stop that foolishness”

You sense the clatter alright and acknowledge it but don’t argue even in your thoughts just imagine how you feel when you actually own the dress, feel the comfortable feeling while wearing it, see the details, the color and the design, do this just in a flash then forget all about it.” In this way, your soul got the message and God knows how this dress or something better would come to you in perfect timing.

Next is make it a habit to affirm what you really want, the affirmation may be as simple as I am beautiful, I am rich, well and happy. I am getting smarter, smarter and smarter every day, I now have a monthly income of $10,000; just about anything you want, acknowledge the mind clatter but don’t argue then proceed to enjoying the scenario when you actually be that person who in your dream.

And last, be wary on your thought processes, when negative thoughts speak so loudly within your mind, say the opposite, for example you have an enemy who to you she looks so ugly and is so dumb and stupid. Say the opposite like “she is actually beautiful because she is part of this beautiful universe and she is bright in her own right,” The idea is to change your belief system and impression to something more beautiful and favorable to you and to everyone concerned. Make it a mental habit until your mind gets familiar with such a wonderful mental attitude and habit.

The whole idea of developing the faith that creates miracles in your life is to discard any negative thoughts and replace them with positive and creative ones. Constant practice through repetition of the exercises makes perfect. The changes, coincidences and miracles that are going to happen in your life is personal to you. The stronger the faith you have developed the more miracles happen in your life.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      2 years ago

      Your article reminds of of the saying in Hebrews: faith is the substance of things hoped for. Thanks for sharing from your experience. Your wound incident really gave you a foundation to build upon. That was a miracle! Blessings.

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Eric Dierker

      Thank you for dropping by again and for the comment.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Quite interesting, True that I would rather keep my faith than be rich.


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