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How to Feel Your Own Aura

Updated on June 30, 2012
Aura, energy field
Aura, energy field

Human Energy Centers

Everything has aura both living being and inanimate. Aura is energy field created by atom and molecule’s vibration. In human being, there are seven energy centers to produce energy on body. The energy center is called chakra. The vibration that creates energy is various and it has different color too. Although aura is colored, it is very hard to see it with naked eye. To be able to see aura, you must use your third eye. Don’t think that you must be psychic to see the aura, because with intensive training you will see it. Because, seeing aura need intensive training, you can start it by feel it first. Feel the aura is easier than see the aura.

How to feel your aura
How to feel your aura

How to Sense Your Aura

Feeling your own aura is not so easy and you may start it by feeling the aura around you and increase your sensitivity to the aura. The simple way is entering different rooms. Try to focus and you will find that every room is different. You may experience something weird that when you enter a room, you feel something wrong yet everything around you look okay. It is not like you going crazy or neurotic, but it maybe negative energy on the room. That is, you already feel the aura from solid or inanimate. For aura of living being, actually you already feel it even you not realize it. For instance, you feel that someone standing behind you even you don’t see it. The other example is you can feel that someone staring at you from behind. You know it without seeing it because you feel the aura.

Now you know what aura is and you can try to feel your own aura. The simple way is you put one hand above the other and feel the energy. If you cannot feel it, try to run your hand over the forearm and the energy will bigger. You need to relax to sense it. Repeat it a couple times, because it may not work at first. If it not working, you can rub your palm, place it over something, and slowly move it closer. Try to relax and feel that the density of the air change when you get closer to the object. You need lot of practice to increase your sensitivity to aura. You can also practice to feel the aura of your family and friends.

How to see your own aura - you can start by focus on the edge of your hand palm
How to see your own aura - you can start by focus on the edge of your hand palm

How to See Human Energy Field

After you could feel your own aura, you can learn to see it. You need training to activate your third eyes. Try to find mentor or somebody who can teach you because it is not simple thing to learn. Nevertheless, you can do this simple thing. Put your hand downward to your knee and place your fingers together. Softly focus on your finger and relax your eye. Then you move your fingers apart very slowly and you will see a shadow where the fingers were. That is your own aura.

After you train yourself to see aura and your already activated your third eye, you will see every aura is different color, different shape, different size, and different strength. Ability of seeing the aura is very useful because you will have a power to heal the aura. Sometime one or more chakra could stop working properly due to various reasons. It could be physical trauma or spiritual reason. When you able to see aura, you will able to know which chakra is not working properly and help to balance the energy. You can also strengthen and build your aura for various purposes such as protection from bad people or make a good impression in front of others.


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