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How to Find Psychic Employment

Updated on November 14, 2010

[Note: This article takes for granted psychic phenomena as true and real. For a closer look at the debate between psychics and skeptics, see this article on psychic people. Look for an article in the future on how to debunk psychics.]

Perhaps you can converse with the dead, speaking to relatives of the bereaved. Perhaps you can divine the fortunes of people through tarot cards, horoscopes, or even a crystal ball. Or perhaps you are very intuitive, able to perceive the auras or destinies of others. Or, maybe you’re just curious about what powers you may have, and what you may be able to do with them. Whatever your situation, you may be interested in psychic employment or the possibility of a psychic job. With the proliferation of the internet and other technologies, the opportunities to be reimbursed for your talents are many.

Psychic Test

The first step is figuring out if you are truly psychic. There are many psychic tests available, including some online versions, that you can take. Or you could speak to an experienced and gifted psychic, who may be able to help you determine your abilities. Trust your instincts, though. If you think you’re psychic, there’s a good chance you are. Remember that everyone has psychic abilities, but not everyone harnesses them or has the dedication to develop them. Once you determine if you have psychic abilities, you then need to find out what your abilities are. Knowing your skills will greatly determine what kind of employment you can seek. Opportunities for psychic work include those talented in astrology, mediumship, channeling, clairvoyance, palmistry, and more. Be prepared to accept part-time work at first; if you do well, you could move on to full-time.

Online Psychic Employment

The internet has opened up many avenues for psychics to operate. Psychic chat, psychic e-mails, psychic forums, webcams – the possibilities are endless. Depending on the company, some may hire you as an employee, while others will have you operate as an independent contractor. Make sure you make the terms of employment clear. Because the methods of online psychic operation are so varied, your compensation will depend on the manner in which readings are delivered to the client.

Don’t ignore the idea of opening up your own website as well. You may be able to build a client base on your own. However, if you are new to the field, you may want to get experience in the business first before you dive into your own project.

Phone Psychic Jobs

One of the most popular psychic venues is over the phone. Psychic hotlines are always looking for talented psychics ready to help eager clients. You can either do personal consultations over the phone or give readings over text message. You will make money by the minute of talk time or per text message. Keep in mind that to be a phone psychic you will need other skills besides your supernatural ones. Being able to communicate well with another person over the phone is a must.

What is particularly useful about working for an online or phone psychic company is that you often get to set your own hours and even work from home. Many people enjoy this flexibility, leaving them open for other professional and personal ventures.

Regardless of what option you select, if you decide to work for another company you will probably have to go through an interview, where you will have to demonstrate or explain your abilities. Be prepared for any possibility. Also, understand the position your would-be employer is in: he or she has to wade through a lot of frauds, scammers, and poor psychics to find the best employee. Make it your mission to put your employer at ease as best you can.

Open Up Your Own Psychic Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you could consider opening up your own psychic practice. You will first need to decide your “medium” – online, phone, or in person. Once you decide this, you will need a place to run your business (if not from your home), along with the relevant tools and technologies. You may consider coming up with a psychic name, both to hide your true identity and to build your brand.

You will then need to get customers. Advertising online, the phonebook, or through the newspaper is a good way to get your name out there; word-of-mouth advertising, however, is the best kind, as people trust their friends for recommendations. Once you begin to build a list of clients, you will experience a positive feedback loop, as they begin to tell their friends about your psychic abilities.

You might also consider performing at special occasions, like fairs, or do group shows for people who buy tickets. In these cases you will be paid a large lump sum in exchange for your services. Make sure you are skilled enough to handle large crowds, however, as this draws upon a totally different skill set than one-on-one readings do.

The options for psychic employment are many. Find your true calling!

Psychic's Job Description


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    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 5 years ago from Northern California

      Hi Will. You've written a very logical hub. Voted up. But whenever I think about psychics, I'm reminded of an old joke about a hypothetical classified advert:

      Psychic wanted. You know where to apply.

    • profile image

      no name 6 years ago

      I am interested.