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How to Find Your Gods

Updated on March 24, 2017
Anubis, Zeus and Thor.
Anubis, Zeus and Thor. | Source

Something Missing From Life.

From personal experience and from other stories I have heard, a lot of people tend to feel as if there is a spiritual aspect of their life that is missing. Most try to fill this void by participating more in the religion their family or community follows but most of the time, this has little to no effect. Therefore it is vital that you experiment with different religions whether they be new or ancient.

A Pagan Religious Ritual.
A Pagan Religious Ritual. | Source


How do you experiment with religion? Easy, you find out about as many religions as you can and you pray to the Gods associated with it. Sometimes this process is fast while other times it is slow. While experimenting with religions, it is important that you don’t give up if your prayers go unanswered. If no one answers your prayers, just move on to another God or group of Gods. It is also very important to keep an open mind as Gods can at times answer prayers is very subtle ways. While experimenting, pray for different things from different Gods. If you ask the same thing from every God, it is impossible for you to know which one has answered you. Do not pray for selfish reasons. Gods will punish you one way or another if you ask them to fulfil your selfish dreams.

Gods Choose You. You Don’t Choose Gods.

How do you know if you have found the right religion? You have found the right religion when a God chooses you. This means that a God has either answered one of your prayers or has come to you in a dream. Sometimes people don’t even need to experiment with multiple religions as they know Gods have visited them in dreams before.

Different symbols of multiple religions.
Different symbols of multiple religions. | Source

Personal Experience in Religious Experimentation.

My personal experience on this subject was short. I grew up in a Catholic family but something always felt missing. To find out what it was, I started going to church, I would read the Bible and involve myself in Christianity as much as I could. But nothing changed, I still felt empty. I took a risk and turned away from that faith. I wanted to try something else, something that I had more interest in. This was ancient Gods and the religions associated with them. As I had a much larger interest in Ancient Greece and their Gods, that was the first religion I tried and was also the last. I had no idea if this would have any effect as the modern world shows this as just mythology and stories rather than an actual religion.

I had a maths test coming up at school and I was always terrible at maths so I prayed to Athena to help me do better in the subject. I didn’t ask her to make me do so well in the test as that would have been selfish. Instead, I prayed for her to assist me in the learning of maths. Sure enough, when the test came around, I found it easy and I even topped the class. I saw this as a sign that Athena answered my prayer and I converted to Hellenic Paganism.

As I continued my worship of the Olympians, I have had many other prayers answered and many personal experiences with Gods even through visions.

Meditation can help clear your mind which helps you to connect with Gods.
Meditation can help clear your mind which helps you to connect with Gods. | Source

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Discovering Groups.

For years I thought I was alone in my faith. Mainly due to society seeing such things as just stories. But after a while, I did some research and found others like me. Technical terms are very important when looking for groups of people who share your faith. I have a few listed below to help you out.

● Hellenic Paganism/Hellenismos.

This refers to the Ancient Greek religion. Groups that follow this tend to do more than just worship the Olympians. Here you’ll find people who also worship Titans, Primordials and just about every other supernatural being or deity which were found during Ancient Greece.

● Asatru/Heathenry.

This is the religion that follows the Nordic Gods such as Thor and Odin. This religion is one of the fastest growing within Paganism which I assume may be down to the rise in popularity of Viking culture and religion due to shows such as Vikings on the history channel.

● Wicca.

Wicca is considered a neo-pagan following. Some don’t really consider it a religion either as Wiccans don't exactly have a set God or Gods and can worship any God from any religion or none at all. Wiccans can just be considered as practitioners of modern magick and witchcraft as there are Christian Wiccans, Pagan Wiccans and even atheist Wiccans. However, a lot of Wiccans do follow Gods they refer to as “The Goddess” and “The Horned God” which can make it be seen as a religion. It depends on each individual Wiccan. Wicca is likely the fastest growing pagan following.

● Egyptian Paganism.

Often known as Kemetism. Strangely, this religion is not popular so finding groups has been very difficult. Most who worship Egyptian Gods identify as Wiccan. Most Kemet based groups or pages are in no way linked to Ancient Egyptian worship.

● Druidism.

Druidism is usually the worship of Celtic Gods but there are some who identify as Druids who worship Gods from a variety of different religions and some who don’t have Gods but rather worship nature. Like with the Egyptian religion, many who worship Celtic Gods often identify as Wiccan.

Here is a short video on the basics of Paganism by NowThis.


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