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How to Generate Funds for Your Ministry serving God, People or Animals

Updated on February 21, 2015


1. I know someone who, in my opinion, is a strong Christian, and wants to minister( Mt. 25:40) for Christ full-time but he cannot do that yet because he must keep the job that provides his family a living. He has a part-time ministry now which, according to his hubs, has sufficient material donations( i.e. garage is filled) but cash donations are not meeting cash flow needs. Now if a Christian is going to be like Job and go around looking for a fight( Job 29:12, 13, 16)--i.e. the fight against poverty-- then that garage may need to be transformed into a large warehouse, and the the pot to cook food in may have to metamorphose into a fully staffed kitchen. Just here at Hub Pages, let alone this nation and the world, there are many Christians who have similar aspirations and goals, which should include vigilance to identify and extirpate animal cruelty.


2. It should come as no surprise that as the needs of a nation are increasing--i.e. more hungry people to feed, and more homeless to shelter--the available funds to meet those needs are decreasing. Job was constantly picking a fight with poverty, as all Christians are commanded to do; nevertheless, Job's own words( inspired by God) attests to the fact that the greatest weapon--and the only weapon needed--against poverty is to do what God says. Judging from what the Bible teaches, as this nation's administrations continue to be an enemy of God and Israel, as Americans continue to elect politicians who enact and execute laws against Jesus Christ, God's Word, and as the citizenry of this nation continues to be as lukewarm as urine concerning its fear of God, let alone its love( manifested in the form of obedience) of God, then one does not need to be a prophet to predict that our financial circumstance will not improve.


3. In light of this fact--needs high, and funds low--consider this concept. Let us say a ministry has 100 volunteers throughout the U.S.A., let alone the entire world; this is a meager amount considering the worldwide pool. They each work 3 hours per week( also a meager or conservative figure) at $20.00 per hour generating $26,000 per month for their chosen ministry, which in this case is yours, whoever you may be. These volunteers trust you enough to know you will use a modest amount of this money to maintain your family and put the balance of it into your ministries. You are now working full time in your ministries plus have the required cash flow to continue that work. In this hub(pt 1) I will not explain how this is possible in all professions from cleaning homes to designing them, and from washing dishes to making them; however, I will explain how this can be done in a field of which I have an interest: tutoring in math.


4. I read somewhere that the tutoring business generates $5,000,000,000 per year and has doubled in the last 5 years. This figure is dwarfed by the one trillion dollar( $1,000,000,000,000) educational industry, but this huge discrepancy reveals a gold mine of benefits for both students and Christian ministries because there is a tremendous need to service these students in understanding their studies. Tutoring via the internet is gaining ground, and suppose these 100 people volunteered their time in this way. They would have no time, expense or trouble( as getting a babysitter) associated with commuting, which may be a reason why many people do not volunteer in the first place. Math tutors charge from $5.00 per session to $ 450.00 per session, and sessions run from 30 minutes to 1 hour. These volunteers would be very competitive if they charged $20.00 per session; thereby generating $26,000 per month by collectively donating 300 hours per week of their time.


5. So what does the ministry do? Individuals are the ministry; therefore, you, your wife, kids, business associates, members of your church, friends, and neighbors all start marketing this idea, and that this is how you could go into the ministry full-time. Many of these people may need a tutor for themselves or for their children, or some of them can be a volunteer and take on some students. One does not need a degree in math to tutor it. The only requirement is to understand the level of math which is being taught. Hub Pages would be another avenue to market a ministry's need for both students and tutors. Hubs, as for example, "Food 4 Thought Ministries," "Isaiah Michael Ministries,", or www.knowing me could have links to correlate students with the ministry's volunteers. Many of the people reading these pertinent hubs may decide to become a student or a volunteer themselves. This kind of activity would be good for Hub Pages, good for the hubbers and good for the ministry. Once a foundation is built, then these volunteers are generating money for your ministry while you are sleeping, having dinner, giving a sermon, preparing meals for the homeless or building shelter for them. You and all the people with whom you associate continue to put the word out that these volunteers are ready to guide students to high academic and vocational achievements thereby enhancing their careers. Successful students become successful professionals who may also have a philanthropic resolve to perpetuate ministries executing the commandments of Christ. The volunteers e-mail you when sessions have occurred, and students pay you( the ministry) directly. One convenient way I've set up for student to pay me is through PayPal. PayPal e-mails you whenever deposits are made, and you can transfer those funds into your ministerial account.


6. There are ways of overcoming obstacles, or multiplying a volunteer's time. Suppose you have ten students who want to pay you to be tutored by one of your volunteers but none of them have a computer. Two or more of them can meet at a church or home where there is a computer and then be taught simultaneously; thereby making the volunteer's time worth up to ten times more to you than before, or reducing the cost each student pays. Another way to make your volunteer's time worth more is with conference or group tutoring via companies as Skype, Go-To-Meeting, or ooVoo. In this circumstance a student may be in Chicago, two in New York, three in Seattle, one in Boston, and two in Ohio. They all arrange to meet with your volunteer at a specific time and then the group session begins. The volunteer again e-mails you the details of the session, and the students, or their parents, pay you via PayPal, credit card, debit card, etc.


7. Regardless of how rich is a ministry, if there is an opportunity to generate more funds for accomplishing what God's Word directs us to do, as promoting His Kingdom to get as many lost souls saved as possible, or executing His commandments concerning the poor, or to protect animals from cruelty or neglect, then that opportunity ought to be seized. If a ministry is financially distressed then this, with enough effort, can make it financially vibrant.


8. I read in, "First World, Second World, Third World," that Americans are the most generous people on earth, giving twice as much money and time to charity than any other nation, and that Christians are way ahead of the pack in doing this. Let's take it to the next level. Let's grasp this miraculous technology, and do what no other generation in history could do: employ and maximize our over 2,000,000,000( two billion) hours per day of latent time to execute God's will for this nation. Another $20 will pay for the distribution of more literature to properly lead people to Jesus Christ; or it will contribute to more meals, clothes and shelter for those who need them; or it can be directed to extirpate animal cruelty; or pay more more DNA testing to fight crime; or contribute to law enforcement, fire departments, getting pets neutered or spayed; or we can begin to administer it toward the billions--if not trillions--of dollars needed to repair our infrastructure as our bridges, sewers, roads, etc.

Part 2 of this hub is at Americans: Latent Time, Productive Use.


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    • profile image

      Hannah 2 years ago

      Dear Brothers and sisters in crhist, I have a project ready to start dealing with feeding and taking care of the orphans in my community,Funding is a problem,please assist.

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 5 years ago

      Hi Earl.

      Sorry it took me 4 months to respond. I either did not receive notice that you left a comment, or I just forgot about it. I was tweaking this hub and noticed you were here.

      Earl, I know this idea has the potential to be a really huge source of income for many ministries, but the inertia associated with it is enormous. I've offered to be a volunteer, as described, to over 3 dozen ministries but I've only received 2 replies. They may think it is a scam. I've decided to prime the pump( an idea I may have gotten from one of your hubs--I don't remember). I read this hub about priming a pump in the desert to get water, but one must use the water left there, and leave some when he is done for the next person who comes along. I thought I would prime the pump by getting the students myself, and give them the option of paying me or the ministry we agree upon. If students just start sending checks to the ministry . . . how can the ministry possibly object to that? This should get them to warm up to the idea.

      I'm doing research for part 3 of this series to further sell ministries on this idea. Some of the amazing stuff I've discovered is the charitable giving business is a 300 billion dollar industry, which is 1.6 times bigger than the fast food industry--unbelievable! Education is nearly a trillion dollar business, and the tutoring business is 5 billion dollars. You see the potential?

      I think you and I will agree that America's financial circumstance will not improve, based on Scripture, and our behavior as a nation. We will need new ideas like this to continue to generate funds for ministries.

    • Rev Earl Jackson profile image

      Rev. Earl Jackson 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      This post is very relevant to many different areas, and not to just to raising funds for your ministry. It seems to me that this is actually based on principles taught in the book of Acts where it indicates that all who believed had all things in common, and none of them had any lack because they sold their goods and distributed them to every man as they had need. Once again you confirm that the Bible has all the answers for any situation and need in life, if we would only listen to what it says. Thanks