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How to Get Immediate Answers to Your Prayers

Updated on April 15, 2016
God Answers Prayer!
God Answers Prayer!

Prayer + Faith = Answered Prayers.

How is it that some people can pray and get answers from God immediately, while others have to wait? It’s all about timing. You’ve probably heard the saying (a dozen times) ‘God’s time is not our time’.

He could answer your prayer today, tomorrow, next week, next year--it’s all up to Him. Now, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your prayers. That’s not what I’m saying at all. We should pray without stopping. He will eventually answer your prayers. You just have to seek Him more.

One thing I’ve learned, about how to get your prayers answered, is that He sometimes waits a while to answer so we can draw nearer to Him. See, He waits with anticipation for us to talk to Him. Whenever we have a prayer request, He gets excited. It’s as if God says: “Finally! I got her attention!” or “Wow, he really does believe I exist.”

Then He thinks to himself… “Hmmmm… If I answer his/her prayers immediately, he/she will ignore me until he/she has the next prayer request. If I prolong answering, then I can spend more time with him/her. Then I can reveal what I really have planned for his/her life. I really want to communicate with him/her, but he/she never hangs around long enough for me to reveal my plans. I have a wonderful future planned - even better than what he/she is asking for.”

The Key to Getting Prayers Answered

The key to getting prayers answered from God is to pray for His will in your life. Ask Him when you go to bed tonight what He has planned for you. He may answer within your dreams. He may reveal it to you through someone else. God reveals His plans in multiple ways. Just keep asking until He reveals it to you. Don’t give up if He takes a while to answer your prayers.

When He reveals what He has planned, you will begin to desire what He wants. For example, let’s say God reveals to you that He wants to bless you with a new job or a promotion. This is the perfect opportunity to pray for what He revealed to you.

See, He already has each of our lives planned in advance - before we were born. It’s like it’s imbedded within our DNA. If you pray immediately after God reveals His plans, He will answer them (in due time).

C’mon, get excited! Your prayers will be answered. He hears EVERY prayer, even if He doesn’t respond within minutes.

Praise God in Advance for Your Answered Prayer

A few years ago, a woman in my former church asked for urgent prayer for a situation she was going through in her life. The pastor asked the woman to come up to the altar for prayer.

As she walked towards the front of the church, the pastor asked her if she believed that God would answer her prayers. She answered, “Yes, I believe He will answer”. After he prayed for her, he asked her to praise the Lord as if it was done. As she lifted her hands in the air, to give the Lord thanks, the church audience went up into an explosive praise. People were not only praising God for the woman’s answered prayer. They knew that if God answered her prayers, they would answer their prayers as well.

The good thing about getting your prayers answered is that you don’t have to be in the midst of a powerful praise and worship service to receive answers from God. You can pray and receive answers while riding in your car to work or trying on clothes in the dressing room of your favorite clothing store. Prayers are being answered 24/7.

Are your prayers next in line to be answered?

Here are steps to getting immediate answers to your prayers:


This is one step that people often skip when asking the Lord to answer prayers. If you have any outstanding sins that you haven’t repented for, this will block prayers from getting answered. When your prayers are blocked it’s like a clogged drain in a kitchen sink. You need liquid Drano to unclog your sink. Repentance unclogs the drain that holds back blessings and answered prayers. To repent is to change your mind and turn from your sinful way of life.

To repent for sins, all you have to do ask God to forgive you for any sins you have committed. It helps to name the sin that you have committed (lying, stealing, backbiting, gossiping, etc). If you can’t think of any sins you have committed, ask God to forgive you for any sins that you are unaware of in your life. Here is a good prayer to pray:

Heavenly Father,

Please forgive me for any sins that I may have committed. I am sorry if I have offended you in any way. I don’t want sin to block the blessings that you have for me. I believe that my sins are forgiven. Amen.

Be Specific.

When asking God to answer your prayers, be specific. Don’t beat around the bush. If you need God to bless your finances, be specific with your financial need. If you need healing, be specific. When a child is hungry and they want something to eat, the child is specific with what they want. The same thing applies when praying to the Heavenly Father.


Immediately after you pray, have faith that you’re going to get an answer from God. When you pray and have doubts in your heart, this can block your prayers from being answered. It’s like telling God that you don’t really believe that he will answer your prayers. Another important step is to leave the situation in his hands and allow his will to be done. So, take your faith to a new level and pray:

Lord, I have faith that you will answer my prayers whether you bless me in this situation or not. Even if the answer is ‘no’, I know that you have something better for me. Let your will be done in my life.


Right after praying to God, the next step is to give him praise. Praise unleashes blessings in one’s life. There are some people who will pray for what seems like for ever and not get answers. My pastor used to say, “When praises go up, blessings come down.” This is so true. When you praise God, he will supply your every need.

Have Patience.

Sometimes God answers prayers immediately and sometimes you have to wait. While waiting, ask God to give you peace and strength. This is the perfect time to pray for someone else in need. Sometimes God will answer your prayers at the moment you pray for someone else. According to the Bible, when you give, you receive. Giving doesn’t always apply to monetary giving. Giving up your time to pray for someone else is a form of giving.

Find Faith Scriptures.

There are many scriptures in the Bible about faith. Read a scripture of faith and believe that God will answer your prayers. My favorite faith passage is Matthew 6:25-34 (KJV). When ever I have a need, this is my antidote. I remember reading this passage daily when I was going through a financial problem and it gave me peace until God answered my prayers.

After praying to God for your situation or problem, give it up. In other words, let it go. Avoid pondering on the problem with doubt. Doubting is a waste of time. Instead of doubting, replace it with faith and praise. When you feel doubt in your heart, think about the scripture Matthew 21:21 (KJV) “Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this [which is done] to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.”

This scripture can be applied to having faith when you pray. If you have “faith and doubt not” he will answer your prayers. I notice that my prayers are usually answered a lot quicker when I replace my doubt with faith.

God will answer your prayers! I’m a living witness!

Do you need prayer?

I will pray with you. Feel free to leave your prayer request below.

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    • profile image

      Sarah 3 hours ago

      Please pray for me as Ive been single since getting out of a 12 year relationship. Ive been seeing this one guy but I dont know where it will lead to. Please pray for me that it will work out.

    • profile image

      popla 2 days ago

      Please Lord let my son know how much he means to me. More time with my Grandaughter. I love them so much

    • profile image

      Eniola 2 days ago

      Oh Lord Please Let Me Gain Admission Into Lagos State Univesity This Week Amen!

    • profile image

      Warona 13 days ago

      Please pray for me to get back my ex boyfriend who is already having an affair. I want him back. Pray that he cones back to my life in no time.

    • profile image

      Mahlako 3 weeks ago

      Please pray for me so I can go see my husband sometime during the this week

    • profile image

      Hannah 3 weeks ago

      I've been praying specifically over my relationships. I need answers on where these relationships are supposed to go. I feel I receive an answer but I'm worried it's the enemy or my own mind or coincedence. I want to know for sure it's from God.

    • profile image

      Cheryl 3 weeks ago

      Please pray that my sister and I find full time work. We are struggling to pay bills and are getting deeper into debt. Now the car needs to be fixed, one thing after the other. We desperately need a financial blessing. I have been praying for months.

    • profile image

      Annie Madziva 3 weeks ago

      inspiring word, am uplifted.

    • profile image

      Ella Edwards 4 weeks ago

      Please Pray that I get a Job. I have not had a job and I cant get unemployment, because the company filed chapter 13. I need repairs to my home. My roof is open in my bedroom it leaks really bad I have been using towels but the damage wont hold to much longer. I can't sleep, I am overwhelmed at the amount of money I don't have to pay my bills.

    • revmjm profile image

      Article Written By Margaret Minnicks 5 weeks ago from Richmond, VA

      Your Hub was so well written. If I had not seen your name attached to it, I would have thought I wrote it. Good information presented in a way to be understood. Thank you!

    • profile image

      enett mbizi 5 weeks ago

      I thank God for all I have, good health, my new grandson Joshua now almost 6 months old, my home, my job that help pay my mortgage. I am a single mum. I have reduced my hours of work to spend more time with my family. To supplement the income, to continue paying my mortgage, I have started a new business. I am struggling to get Prospects to sign up so my business can grow and prosper.

      1. So I am praying that God will send His ministering Angels to provide me with prospects for my new business. I am doing my best in the time I have but getting more negative response than positive. I pray that the next people I approach will be the right people, sent to me by His almighty, ready to help me grow my business.

      2. I am selling two of my properties, my investment of 5 years, to release the money to pay off the mortgage, I pray that we complete the sale on one that I had the offer and agreed contract in May, 3 months ago. And I pray that I will get a buyer for the second property soon. All the above are prayers for financial blessings. I believe, as I put it down for you to help me take it to the Lord in prayer, that He will answer my prayers and direct my efforts accordingly. Amen

    • profile image

      Christine 7 weeks ago

      Before asking for prayer I would like to thank God for my family, health, house, job, friends and may other blessings he has given me. I would like to pray for my children's marriages, our finances and for the relationship I was recently in. I honestly think we can work things out but I know that it depends on Gods will. I am a widow and found this terrific man but he's going through many situations. Therefore I ask Him for peace and strength. Whether God has plans for us as a couple or not I would like a special prayer for him because he will be taking his boards test; and I would love for him to pass it. I ask this in Jesus name....Amen

    • profile image

      Rea 7 weeks ago

      I need prayers that god will bless my womb so that I can conceive

    • profile image

      Baby 7 weeks ago

      I need prayers that my love would want to work out our problems.

    • profile image

      Viju 2 months ago

      Dear God I need you to give me courage and strength and help and look after my family to tide over this crisis quickly

    • profile image

      Todd 2 months ago

      Please pray for my wife to return.she has been gone for 7 months. I am so lost without her. I know my part in this separation. Please Father open her heart and mind so she may return. I ask this from my heart in the name of Jesus..Amen

    • prayerpower profile image

      Prayer Power 3 months ago from Long Island, New York

      I am praying!

    • profile image

      Diania 3 months ago

      Please pray that God delivers my children's dad Mark from all addictions and restores our family. Pray that he comes home and helps me with our 6 children. He hasn't had contact with them going on 2 months now. His kids cry for him. I want our happy Christian home back that we once had.

    • profile image

      No name 3 months ago

      Please pray for my friend she has left her family and went to Colorado Following someone who if filling her head claiming to be a spiritual healer but is charging money at set prices.Her family is asking in prayer that she be separated permanently from this person and return home to her religion and faith.

    • profile image

      nelly oko, 4 months ago

      Patience and Faith in God does it all. Trusting him Always, even when it seems impossible , He is always there ...

    • profile image

      Larry price 4 months ago

      Pray with me for a financial blessing and restored health

    • profile image

      Maria L 4 months ago

      Well what happened to me is I was dating a guy for almost two years. Then I found out his ex girlfriend moved back to our town and started talking to him. She was a really bad influence on him and was ruining such a good relationship that we had. I didn't know what to do and I had tried a few spells in the past from psychics, but none worked to bring him back. When I finally help from Dr. Grea or( other girl got out of the picture and he cam week. There are definitely some powerful forces out there that can be a true blessing! Thanks goes to you ReUnify Ex Love Temple. Maria L.

    • profile image

      Esther 4 months ago

      Thanks for the hub.It's so inspirational and encouraging! My request is to get a well paying job so that I can go back to school and help my family and the nation as well.Please pray with me.Thank you

    • profile image

      Brian Lee 4 months ago

      Needs healing...I suffer from seizures and short breath and pain in the chest..I would wish if Jesus can heal me of these health problems as well as forgetfulness...I am thanking Jesus in advance.

    • profile image

      Don 4 months ago

      Hello, I need a miracle today I am in a desperate financial situation and I need help immediately. Could you please pray for me.

    • profile image

      red 4 months ago


      I'm really in need of God's help. I once met a guy and ones he make sure I'm in love he left me. Please I really want to live with him so pray for me.

      God please answer my prayer. I believe you can fix it.

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 5 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      This works for me! Because it should!! I always ask for His will in my life, haven't got the answer yet. I don't think I looking hard enough, LOL.

    • profile image 6 months ago

      Please, my traditional wedding is coming up on 6th May, this year. I am really finding it very difficult to get money to do it amicably. My wedding will follow suit immediately. That's the prayer I need now. Please help me.

    • profile image

      sara dayal 6 months ago

      Please pray to God to please bring my love and I back together for good, stronger, better and committed. It has been a +4yrs since we were together till a month ago. May he please bless my love life so I can have the happiness and companionship my heart desires with my love. Thank you

    • profile image

      Kate 6 months ago

      Please pray that I can convince Stephen to give me one more chance. I realize I have done him wrong and am taking the steps to giving and showing him the love I've always had for him.

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 months ago

      I need a prayer for my battle with depression. I need gods help in this horrible struggle. Please send lots of prayers.

    • profile image

      Bala Priyanka 8 months ago

      Hai..I humbly request you to pray for me to heal my love relationship..My boy friend has left me for no reasons and he was not speaking with me..He promised me and my family that he will marry me but now he states that he don't even said those things..Am really worried a lot..I love him a lot..Please pray for me and him and pls bring him back to me and get him to talk to me again..Make our relationship strong loving honest and doing prayers daily and I have hope on sacred heart of Jesus will really give me a miracle on this and I believe him and I trust him a lot and ensure my prayers never fails and it ll b answered very soon..I put this prayer on higher priority..

    • profile image

      Lee 9 months ago

      Dear Lord, I humbly ask you for the miracle I seek. You know my heart and my necessities. Please open WWM's heart to the Holy Spirit. I ask the Holy Spirit to come into his heart to heal and change him in God's love. I miss and love him so much. I want him back in my life. Please help me to be strong, have more faith, and trust in you. Please give me peace of mind and heart during this difficult time. I'm praying, hoping, and trying not to worry. It's the 'worry' part that trips me up. I am a weak human and need You, Dear Lord, to help me. I thank You so much for the many blessings in my life. Please continue to bless and keep my children and loved ones safe from harm. Please release the Holy Souls and all who suffer into Your care. In Jesus's Name I humbly seek, ask, and knock. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

    • profile image

      Nikki 9 months ago

      Please pray for my family to receive a major financial blessing asap. Bills and debt are piling up. Consuming our lives. Please pray my family will receive a financial blessing that will free us of all our debt and let us live without the worry of debt. Thank you

    • profile image

      Mayfair 9 months ago

      I'm believing God for a good God fearing husband who will love and respect me. Who protect me and be a blessing to my life. Whom I can also love and respect and submit to.

    • profile image

      sanjeevni 10 months ago

      Please pray to God to please bring my love ravishek and I back together for good, stronger, better and committed. May he please bless my love life so I can have the happiness and companionship my heart desires with my love and be the soul mates of each other for the lifetime.Thank you.

    • profile image

      Felicia 10 months ago

      I loved this article

      Please pray for me regarding my finances and a guy who just left me. It's been really depressing lately.

    • profile image

      Robert Parson 11 months ago

      Asking for prayers for restoration in Elizabeth Parson and mine marriage. For Elizabeth to return to me and the kids.

    • profile image

      KLN 11 months ago

      Please pray with me to open up the man I love's eyes to me and for him to finally freely reciprocate that love.

    • profile image

      enzoronchi 11 months ago

      Thank you for the amazing article. You have slowly made me grow closer to my faith and have comforted me in my time of depression. I have ultimate faith in the Lord that he can take away the suffering of my life. Please pray for me, as I feel that I am lost in my life. Everything seems to be hitting me hard and I'm alone and I am dealing personal problems involving a very special person in my life. God Bless You.

    • profile image

      Irene 11 months ago

      Please pray with me. I met a man I love that I let go of. Ever since then I have had dreams and visions about him that have come true. We have tried to get back together but somehow he meets someone else. I had a strong vision about him about 2 years back. I couldn't explain it but I have believed God since then to bring it to pass. His name is Jeremy, please pray that he falls in love with me again and that we live together always. I love him so much. Thank you so much.

    • profile image

      Andreea 12 months ago

      Lovely article.

      Please pray that god will answer my prayers weather or not me and my partner are meant for eachother and we have his blessing .

      praise the lord. Amen

    • profile image

      Debbie Moore-Jones 13 months ago




    • profile image

      Oke 13 months ago

      Please Pray for/with me I need a friend, a life partner, a husband, a companion.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Lisa 14 months ago

      Prayer for my relationship with John to be mended and reunited quickly (today), with more love and respect then before.....and new car (specifically a White Convertible Camaro), and financial blessing that I can stay in my apartment with the needed amount, Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer, I know that you will answer, I Love You!

    • darrylcrawford profile image

      DARRYL WILLIAM CRAWFORD 14 months ago from Philadelphia PA to Tucson AZ.

      Pray the word of God, trusting (not doubting) with all you heart that his word (the bible) will not return void. Here is a free PDF on how to believe God and pray according to his perfect will concerning your finances.

    • profile image

      Sheshe 14 months ago

      I ask for prayer for finances related to two major projects I have been working on. I also stand in faith believing God will give me favor over everything in my life. I also ask that prayer is sent forward for any and all generational curses be broken from our family lives. I pray God increases my territory with the right people and my bank account and mailbox is in overflow not for just myself but so I can be a blessing to others.. Lastly I have prayed to God about the type of husband I desire now based on your 6 steps now I ask that you stand in the gap for me and pray that God sends me that good husband and that I am prepared to be the godly woman he needs and desires. Amen and thank you

    • profile image

      Bill Payton 15 months ago

      I have a prayer request. And also want to say how much you have helped me! My wife Kami and I are separated. Please pray that God will bring us back together. We get along so well now and all o want is back in her life as her loving husband. Please pray for this, please. Thank you and also thank God for all he has done to this point.

    • profile image

      Lea 15 months ago

      Please pray for me to get a husband .God has been there for me in so many things I want to receive this miracle

    • profile image

      TRISHA 15 months ago

      My Dad is very critically sick, please pray for him to be okay.

    • profile image

      Remi 15 months ago

      Plz pray for that the person to whom I love most should forgive me n return to me ....

    • profile image

      Soneeta Harris 15 months ago


      Your article is very nice. I am in very bad condition, i was in love with a guy for 7years, his name is Mudassir zia now he does not love me not wants to marry me, he has engaged with other lady of his parents choice but i cant live without him. Please pray for him to come back and love me only as he was before also he just get married to me and take some stand in front of his family so they say yes for me.

      I trust in God he will answer me even though no hope is left but i trust He will answer me.

      Please pray for me and God bless you always.


    • profile image

      Jermaine 16 months ago

      Please pray my husband has many enemies & has run away he has done alot of wrong and he needs prayer to become a good man again. We have alot of debt due to his gambling I pray for a financial breakthrough as my husband now lives on the street and fears coming home. My son longs for his fathers return. Please pray that a spirit of repentance falls upon him. I pray for his life and his safety. I hope God forgives him and returns him back home and helps him repent & turn away from this sinful life style I need my marriage to work out I dont want to loose my family. I have faith and trust in God for he has helped me so many times before out of hopeless situations

    • Prayerhub profile image

      Prayerhub 16 months ago from Padova-Italy

      I thank God for this piece on PRAYERS..Kindly pray for me that God should increase the number of the people[ brothers and sisters families etc] under the sound of my voice in the church .

    • profile image

      Laura 16 months ago

      Please pray for me and my hearts desire for this Godly man I dated almost 3 years. He got saved and gave our relationship to God and broke up w me. he is everything I had prayed for and feel so much peace and love for him. Please pray God will show him as he showed me. Thank u!!

    • profile image

      Alisha 17 months ago

      This article really touched my heart and now I know why my prayers are answered taking so long and sometimes never. I really think that this taught me a great lesson that I should never doubt.Thanks to you. I am really in need of pray years have past I prayed to God ohh Father help me that I could have my love person in my life. It has been so long my prayers why are they not answered I request to all who read my comment to pray for me. Even for my mother she is sick please pray.

      Prau for me.

    • profile image

      Miri 17 months ago

      Thank you for thr interesting article.

      Right now, my boyfriend is on the waiting list for a scholarship. He really need this for his future studies. So, please, can you help us pray for him so he will be accepted for the scholarship?

      Thank you very much. May God bless you all.

    • profile image

      prieska 17 months ago

      I need prayers I am building my house I haven't started yet I need strength

    • profile image

      Jo 17 months ago

      Please pray for my husband to get a new job and for the Lord to provide $15,000 for my daughter's college fees(balance remaining)

      Thank you and God bless you

    • profile image

      Kate 17 months ago

      Please pray to help me and my boyfriend get back together for good. I believe in us and I really want GOD to believe in us, as well. I learned so much from my past mistakes and I want to start fresh with this person. Please help.

    • profile image

      Emil 17 months ago

      I'm married, a father of two.. but I am in a foreign land seeking employment to support my family. Can I ask for prayers?

    • profile image

      Judith 17 months ago

      I pray for God's mercy to help me in this financial burden I am facing right now. Lord have mercy on me.

    • profile image

      Tina 17 months ago

      My boyfriend that I shared a home. He broke up with me and now I am living with my sister and her family. I have been with my sister for 6 months hoping my boyfriend would ask me to come home.

      I moved myself and my 10 year old son in with my boyfriend thinking one day soon we would be married.

      My son's father,my husband of 13 years, left us 9 years ago. He divorced me and married someone else 2 weeks later. It took me a long time to recover but I did with Gods help.

      3 years ago I met Chris and knew with in a few months I would marry this man. Every time commitment is close Chris runs. Claims he doesn't love me but always comes back blaming his fear for his distance. I truly love this man. I know he loves me. I pray that God heals his wounds that is preventing him from marring me. Chris has a 12 year old daughter. She has a mom but still needs someone like me in her life. I love both Chris and his daughter so much. I am ready for me and my son to be a family with Chris and his daughter. Please pray for Chris's love for God and me to bring him back to me. And for our relationship to be blessed in marriage. I pray every day many times a day for someone to share my life with and Chris was the man that awoke my love. I have always loved my family and God be did not feel the need spend my life with someone until Chris. Please pray for me and Chris.

    • profile image

      sanju 17 months ago

      I m trouble . I dont know what to do . I am thinking to end my life . Please God help me

    • profile image

      Dominic 17 months ago

      Brother kindly pray with me for a godly wife, kind and loves me.

    • profile image

      Carol 17 months ago

      Please pray for me, for which I had sinned. And I need to give back something in which someone let me borrowed.

    • profile image

      Scarletta 17 months ago

      I ask that you please pray that I am blessed with a job before my unemployment runs out. A good paying job with a good work environment.

    • profile image

      Imti Jr 17 months ago

      I have a prayer request. My girlfriend of 4 years have recently said that she has lost her feelings towards me. I'm very much sure she still loves me but she has asked for a break to think about it. She said, she cant see us both together and that's the reason why she is doing this. I have been praying for week now and i believe that God will do me a favour by answering my prayers. I'm a believer and i strongly believe in prayers. Please prayer for my relationship to get back stronger and make her believe that time can do anything possible. Amen

    • profile image

      bernice 17 months ago

      plz pray that God should sow seeds of love on me in my lover's hrt who has started to hate me

    • profile image

      ann 17 months ago

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      (8) If you need financial assistance.

      (9) If have bad luck and you want to recover you lost money.

    • profile image

      Selina 17 months ago

      Hello everybody, My name is Selina. I'm from United State. I am happy given this testimony on this forum on how Dr Iyare the greatest of all spell casters helped me to restored my son on drug addiction and getting my husband back to me. every night he comes back drunk,it became a big problem to the extent that my husband abandoned me and our son. every night I cried seeking for Gods will, until a friend of mine introduced me to a spell caster,she introduced me to Dr Iyare. so i contacted him through his website my friend gave to me .He told me not to worry that everything will be back to normal in 3days. to my own surprise. a day later my sons attitude changed he quit drugs and drinking,,and my husband came back home to me pleading for forgiveness. Today we are living happily together as a happy family now.All thanks to Dr Iyare for helping me. May you live long sir. Should in case anybody need his help you can contact him on his email address : or contact him directly on his website and i assure you things will turn around for your good.

    • profile image

      sophia 17 months ago

      hi, my name is sophia. i was having love with a guy for 14 years. suddenly he is saying now. your cheating me. i no need you nu. my heart was broken. i dont know how to reduce my pain. i need him back. i cant forget him in my life. i want to marry him. please pray for me to get him back to me. please i am very depressed and worried lot :( Crying daily. not happy at all...

    • profile image

      Nadia H. 17 months ago

      Hello brethren.I would like your support in praying and believing with me about my fiance.We had an Explosive arguement recently and I'm the guilty one and I miss him dearly.He rejects my constant calls,messages etc. and it is devastating because he's a good man...a GEM.I know he's hurt and would love for us to reconcile our differences and move forward,together.Please brethren stand up with me.THANKS,ALL THE BEST TO YOU.Sister Nadia

    • profile image

      Babylove 17 months ago

      I am praying for my guy to get back to me. My God will definitely guide my guy to come back to me as i have faith in God. we were in relationship[ since four years and were very happy to be with each other. Now devil is acting upon us and we are separated since three months and it is really to be on thorns living without him. I want to be blessed with my guy very soon and glorify God. I pray this in Jesus name.. Amen!!

    • profile image

      Kim 18 months ago

      Please pray for Andy to be healed from mental illness,hepatitis C,stay sober keep he's job,be wise with money,Allow he's mom to talk to him in a way that doesn't offered him,give her subjects to talk about.For Klint to be healed from depression,mood swings,irritability,chronic lying.Make lying lose all pleasure,to find a welding job,to be wise with money.For Kim to find a emotionally healthy Christian therapist that can support her emotionally and give her effective options for dealing with emotionally abusive people in her life.To be completely numb to their false labels and manipulative evil plans.For all of them to have a strong relationship with God and go to church regularly.Thank you God for answering all of these prayers

    • profile image

      elena 18 months ago

      Thank God!!! I am so happy to share my testimony on how i was able to get back my ex lover around Octomber 1st 2015 with the help of high bishop adele since 5 year ago, I almost gave up trying to get my ex lover back to commit to our relationship fully. I had tried the whole lot I knew, but what I DIDN'T know was that all I had to do was come to you bishop adele, and with your blessings and extraordinary magic powers, I wouldn't have to do all the work at all. you did your magic, and immediately after 24 hours, my lover came back to me with lots of apologies and flowers.. And now my life is balanced and happy again. bishop adele is a real and genuine spell caster he help me restore back my broken relationship. You do a great service to people, You are talented with spell to bring back ex lover and many more. Thank you for weaving your magic love spells for me. She is back just the way it was when we first met, it was all like a dream to me, i am so happy now as we are back together again thanks to bishop adele and i will advice anyone in need of help to contact him via his email:

    • profile image

      Smriti 18 months ago

      Rev. Prophet, I am form India(Kolkata). My name is Smriti Hembrom. I am going to appearing for WBJEE(Medical) exam and AIPMT(All India Pre Medical Test). Exam dates are 01/05/2016 (AIPMT) and 17/05/2016(WBJEE). I can't concentrate in my study so I did not study anything but I want to get 1st position in these exams. Please pray for me to get 1st position in these exams. I want to get miracle in my study and exams result.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      jenny 18 months ago

      Add Your Comment. i need God to place at the top in my buisness

    • profile image

      flora 18 months ago

      I have always have hope that my lover will return to me someday but i didn't just know the right thing to do in other for me to get her back, But just few days back during my lunch time i decided to check the internet for some tips and it was that moment that i saw a lot of reviews about Dr.otobo and his details which were +2348110038610 Or I contacted Dr.otobo through the details above to tell him about my problem and how badly i want my lover back, But i was so happy that just within 48 hours that i contacted Dr.otobo my lover who has been avoiding me for some time came back to me and begging me to give her a chance to make things right.... Indeed Dr otobo is a great man, he has done it for me and i sincerely believe he can do yours with his wonderful spell powers.. just contact him via consider it settled

    • profile image

      Derick 18 months ago

      Please pray for my financial needs. I am in deep financial difficulties to the level at which I am unable to take care of my household made of 7 people and others dependent on me.

      I need you to help me pray. Thanks for opening my mind on prayers and faith; tithes giving and sees sowing. I promise to start doing that with the grace of God.

      Thanks for your prayers!

    • profile image

      ann 18 months ago

      praying for peace of mind,hapiness and love..also for my current relationship situation.Amen.

    • profile image

      alma 18 months ago

      thanks for you wonderful words of God holy spirit is very powerful. I am more learning how to pray properly, your advised means a lot to me. please can you kindly pray for me I need a job its been awhile after I lost my job in Medical field and so far... so ive been to several job interview and I always failed. I know I need to study more about job interview question on properly, but no matter what its all upon \God's timing and all so i am still hoping and wait for my good luck soon. I need to maintain more real faith in God and to myself. thanks a lot....more power to you....god bless us all...peace to the world.

    • profile image

      uday 18 months ago

      no job from 2013 please pray for me kindly requesting you

    • profile image

      landon 19 months ago

      need your ex back contact this email

    • profile image

      Juan 19 months ago

      I ask for forgiveness in front of all of my brothers and sisters among here. I ask for prayers for my Ex to come home and back to me with her heart full of love for god and me.

    • profile image

      Aneesa 19 months ago

      Hi my prayer is to bring my back my x bf , we been together for 8 years now and we spilt like 5 months now. I miss him a lot and I want him to see the change in me and I want us to be reunited . I pray for him to come back to me and for him to get a better job. And I want us to built a future together.

    • profile image

      Mary 19 months ago

      I met a guy I adored but he has COPD along with anxiety and depression and has withdrawn from me. I felt that God brought us together but he says he just wants to live alone and doesn't want anyone around. Pray for his healing so he can become whole again.

    • profile image

      Mittar Pal ( TARE ) 20 months ago

      God help me I want my true love nisha back plz god I truly love her really I am so sad without my love nisha I really miss her plz god plz help me

    • profile image

      K MURALI MOHAN 20 months ago

      please pray for salvation of Indians. please pray for debt clear, thank you

    • profile image

      Shekema 20 months ago

      I hope you can see this..... Please seek God for me, Pray for my children in myself ask God if Will Deliever me, Guide me, Defend me, and cover me in this situation Im up against. Tell Him I need Him.. Ask Him to send a miracle and help my unbelief. Amen. Thank you lord for hearing me thank you for keeping me, and leading me in Jesus Holy Name. Amen

    • profile image

      21 months ago

      In Jesus name I pray for just one text or phone call from him so that I know he still cares, and that it is okay for me to reach out to him. I wasn't fair to him and I am so sorry. Please in the name of Jesus bring him back to me. He wasn't ready to end the relationship... it was mostly all me. I pray for him to let go of his anger towards me and to reach to me to give it one more try. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • profile image

      21 months ago

      Please bring my ex b.f. back to me, please. I pray for him to come back. I will give it 100% this time to help make it work. We haven't spoken in almost 2 months. I miss him dearly. Please I pray for him to come back to me. I realize now that I made mistakes in the relationship and didn't give it my all. I am so sorry that I didn't realize what I had. I will be such a better person to him. I pray for just one more chance with him. Amen. Thank you for your prayers.

    • profile image

      kathy 21 months ago

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    • profile image

      Rachel 21 months ago

      Praying for my anxiety and depression to be healed and for me to have my joy and simple happiness and laughter back. I want to be back to normal again and I promise to live a life with as minimal sin as I can. I know that God can lift me out of this depressed and anxious state, however he is making me wait for something, only he knows what.

    • profile image

      Lucky 22 months ago

      It so true that God answers prayers .I am a living testimony of answered prayers .God gave me exactly what I had asked him for ,although the answer took long to come but at long last God answered my prayers to the letter . But be careful the devil is never happy when you get what you need from God ,he will always be waiting to frustrate you, not wanting you to enjoy the blessings of God .You have to keep praying and thanking God all the time for the answered prayer. From my experience, I advice you ask to pray for one thing at a time ,be specific ,do not ask for 10 answers at the same time, and don't ask for something out of greed ,ask for something that you really need and that will make your life better of that will give you peace . I am now believing God for a bigger miracle ,I know the answer is coming soon .Be encouraged and do not look for solutions anywhere else ,give all your burdens to God ,he will carry them for you ,Never ever give up on God .He is real ,all mighty.

    • profile image

      Mrs Christopher 22 months ago

      Good Day Everyone.

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    • profile image

      Adams Bella 23 months ago

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    • Sufi Poet profile image

      John Evans 23 months ago from Idaho, USA

      @ Kevinlg....prayers uplifted for you! Always praying.

    • profile image

      Kevinlg 23 months ago

      Dear believers...., join me in a prayer of restoration. Please pray the lord will heal a swollen Kidney on my right side. That the lord will bless me perfectly working kidneys and liver. That I am healed from a mass/knott on my stomach and free from infection and fungus. Lastly, I was on my job for 19 1/2 almost 20 supervisor lied on me and I was fired. Lost my home, retirement and now homeless. Pray the Lord gives me great victory in court and reinstated...God Bless you all...know that I am praying for you too. On the subject of this article. I discovered if you give to others and pray for others in the middle of your storm the lord hears you. Philippians 2:4, "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others".

    • profile image

      Leah 23 months ago

      I'm at the end of my rope & I NEED help, support &as many prayers as possible- PLEASE. I've been in an extremely abusive marriage to a completely narcissistic pathological liar for over 15 years, trying everything to save our family. Instead, it's been 15 years of constant chaos, pain &trauma. I recently left in order to protect us from further harm so we can heal. His anger/attacks got worse &he filed for divorce a year ago & we've endured nothing but lies/trauma ever since. Despite my prayers, I've been unable to find/retain an attorney who will fight for us &I'm emotionally/financially/physically overwhelmed/drained. PLEASE PRAY THAT WE RETAIN AN ATTORNEY THIS WEEK &that we'll receive everything we need to move on. I just can't take anymore. Thank you.