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Making Your Dreams Come True

Updated on June 20, 2013

Genie Bottle


The Way of the World

If you had a genie and three wishes, what would you wish for? Many people would try and wish for more wishes or for as much money as they could get. That would make it difficult for the genie. The genie would figure it out though. It might still not be what they wanted. That is because the Universe would be in charge of working it all out. You can only get something that is cleared through the Universe. If you try to get too much it will not work out.

People also like the idea of trying to catch a leprechaun. If they catch one, then they can have the pot of gold so that it can be free. It just never works out that way though. The leprechaun also manages to remain free from them. It is the way that life is and what will be.

You may think well, other people are millionaires. There is a reason that they are. There is karma there or some reason that they have the money. It is all making sense in a way. You just need to figure out what is happening. Just because someone else has something, it does not mean that you can have the same thing. You do not have to stop trying. But it will not do any good to keep trying to get something that you are not ever going to get.

For many, there is the lottery. There is a chance of getting money in the lottery. There are only a small portion of the population that will ever win the lottery. Understanding the rules and odds of it will help you get on better in life.

Manifesting What You Want and Need

In this way you are directing your thoughts toward what you want. You have a goal and a clear idea of what you are doing. It helps to get what you want, to know what you really do want. That way you have something that you are working towards. You want to actually be doing something to get your goal and not just thinking about it.

This is a technique that is taught at the Berkeley Psychic Center. It is a way of using your own self will to try to attain something. I am not saying that it will always work. A person really needs to use it so that it is not in a greedy way.

To manifest something means that you can try to get something that you want by concentrating on what you want. The person will ascertain what they want to manifest. It could be a certain object that they want to possess. It could be a skill or a power that they want. It could also even be a person that they like. They cannot change the other person's destiny.

They would then build up a picture in their mind. The picture would include everything that they want. The clearer the picture is the better it is supposed to work. You also need to be clear in your objective. State what it is that you want. You can write it down so that you will remember and check back on it later. You can use an actual picture or several. You can even put more than one picture on a board. It should really be kept to yourself. Otherwise, it will kind of lose power. It is really better if people do not see it until it works. The center teaches people to discuss it. You can try it that way if you wish.

Then you take that thought or idea and send it out to the Universe. Now their idea is that then it will work depending on how good you are. Really it is up to the Universe itself to decide if they can have that or not. It does not just work so that anyone can get anything that they want. I think that everyone really knows that to be true.


Watch Out What You Wish For

Another thing is that you have to watch out what you wish for. You never know what you will get. Is what you are wishing for really what you want? I know there are some things that we want sometimes in life that we find we do not really care about later.

The Universe has its own laws. If someone has faith they will find a way to get what they want. They can ask for help and they will get it. But there are some things that God can not help you with. It is something that you need to work out here for yourself. We have all been sent here to learn lessons. We do need to realize that we cannot just have anything that we want.

All of this with putting your ideas out there really does get your idea out to the Universe. You just need to see what happens then. You need to give it some time to work. Then you also need to help it yourself by doing work yourself and becoming a better person. You can improve yourself and go on to change things that are happening around you.

Wish quote: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. M. Ghandi

Asking for Help from a Higher Force

There is a way of calling the quarters of the world. It is something that is done to honor the directions of the Earth. It can also be done to ask for help. It is a part of Wicca. The practices of the Native Americans are also similar as they call the spirits and the directions. It opens you up to the other side.

I will tell you a simple way of doing it. It can get more complicated. It is shown in many of the books on witchcraft. It is not a bad thing to do. It is more or less a way of praying. You are showing that you are paying attention to the spirits of nature.

First many people make a circle of protection. You can make all of these things as you want in your imagination. Then you stand quietly. You call the quarters each in turn. You can start in the East, Then you go on to the South, West and the North and back to the East. You are giving your attention to the different nature spirits of each quarter. That is going clockwise. You do not turn counter clockwise. You then look up and open the circle to Heaven above and God and down to the Earth. You then open the circle. You can enjoy being in the circle and then ask for what you would like. You do not just tell them. Then you should leave them a gift. It could be food and drink or some herbs that the spirits like. It does not guarantee you will get what you want. It is for calling them.

When you are done you need to turn to each quarter and say goodbye. You then are supposed to bid the different spirits if they have come to your circle to leave. You thank them and then close it. I find it to be a very calming exercise. You can wait then and see what happens afterwards. You do not keep bothering them about it. It is up to the Universe then. If everything works out, you will get what you want. If not you can still work on the problem. But you have tried to get help. You can also just pray for the benefit of mankind. That is a nice prayer.

Your Aura

Your aura, as many know now, is the energy around your body. You can help cleanse and purify your aura also by filling it up with white light. Do it at home in a quite place, not when you are outside. You can also work on your aura and add other colors. It helps I think to make people like you to have your aura look nice. Also it does help to clean the aura of negative thoughts. You can't see them but maybe you can feel them. Just imagine cleaning the aura. Don't overdo it.

Your aura can tell people about you. That is especially true if they are sensitive. Everyone gets a first impression of someone by the way that they feel about them. Also if you yourself feel better, you will look better to others.

This is especially true on a job interview when you want to impress others. It can make you seem like a good person. The person hiring may not really notice it, but it is there.



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