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How to Get a Fast Yes/No Psychic Answer From Your Most Powerful Chakra?

Updated on January 27, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

One would think the most powerful chakra in your system is the Third Eye Chakra or the Crown Chakra considering that those both, especially the famous Third Eye Chakra, are responsible for psychic abilities, channelings, visions and connecting to the Spiritual World.

However, the most powerful Chakra is the Heart Chakra, right in the center of your chest, in the center of your being.

The Heart Chakra is a bridge that connects the 3 lower Chakras (Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra) with the 3 upper Chakras (Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra), therefore it is 10 times more powerful than any other Chakra.

The Heart Chakra is responsible for your emotions, your feelings, how you express your personality/ individuality, self-esteem, self-love (without giving it a voice, for that is a job for the Throat Chakra).

This is the Chakra you want to use to get fast and true Yes or No Answers. I am going to teach you how to do it.

Centering technique will help you focus and be aware of your body, physical and spiritual, your breathing pattern and how you are feeling. You need to pay attention to your breathing and how your Heart Chakra is feeling. For this method, you do not need to activate neither of your Chakras, except for to be more aware of your Heart Chakra behavior.

You will ask your Heart Chakra by stating a fact and observe how the Chakra answers.

To start this practice, you will first do a simple test so you can differentiate between a Yes and a No answer.

First state your real name “My name is _____”. Observe how you feel in your heart.

Second state a lie “My name is _____ (not your real name).” Observe the difference.

A secret to better distinguish between Yes/No answers is to breathe in, exhale, then state your fact (you do not need to speak it out, say it with your mind), and after you stated it, inhale. If it is true, the answer is Yes, your breathing will feel easier, your heart and lungs will feel like expanding just like when you breathe fresh air.

Inhale, exhale (state sth not true), inhale after your statement. You will notice that the breathing is kind of limited, your heart and lungs feel like anxiety just grabbed them, you kind of feel a burden in your chest.

Test again with a true statement, then a not-true one, to better notice the difference in your breathing pattern, the way your lungs expand, and how your heart reacts. For example: my birthday is on _______ , my mother’s name is _______, I went to this school _______ , etc.

Now I know you may be suspicious of this technique, because you’ll think, ok I am testing myself, but I know the real answers to these questions, maybe these reactions are more psychological than Spiritual.

What I want you to do now, is to test again, but with a statement/fact that you will find the answer of in a matter of minutes or hours (you can’t know the answer at the very moment you are posing the question in the form of a statement). For example: Today this teacher _____ will be absent. / Today this teacher _____ will come. Or Tonight I am gonna meet ________ / Tonight I am not gonna meet _________.

Once you learn how to do it, you will be able to get fast, real answers for any matter, especially those that make you sweat or overthink. Keep in mind that the answers will always be true, how you interpret them varies on how much you know about divination. If you have ever used a pendulum or had a reading done, or even if you have not done any of these, you must know that you have to be precise and specific on your statement and your question.

I will give you a true example, an experience of mine I just had today (the day when I was writing this e-book). So, I am a lawyer, and I was at the court today for a legal case with a client of mine. The judge was supposed to call us in the courtroom at 11.00 am. Well, 5 minutes passed (it rarely happens to be called in later than the set hour), so I practiced asking my Heart Chakra.

These were my statements:

“The court date will be postponed for another day.” – I got an Yes.

“The court date will be postponed for another day because the other party won’t show up or has requested so” – I got a No.

“The séance will be hold today” – I got a No.

I was pretty confused, because the answers did not match. Then the judge called us in. I was confused as how was it possible that my Heart Chakra could not figure it out?

Well, the final result: we went in the courtroom, the other party did come, but the court date got set for another day for a completely different reason (so there was no séance held because if it is postponed, no paper is administered by the court and no legal debate is conducted).

None of my Heart Chakra’s answers was a lie. They were all true and manifested in 10 minutes. It just happened that I did not think of other possibilities and situations.

I wish you have fun practicing this method.

One word of advice: do not obsess over this. Use it for when you really need a Yes or No answer about something that is stressing you out, or a choice you must make and you shall have it. For more complicated issues you may need to have a reading done.

© 2020 Ensorcelie


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