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How to Give up Dirt

Updated on November 23, 2015

You Need to Find the Dirt

More than once throughout His word, God is trying to convey to us that we can trust in Him and His goodness wholeheartedly. And we're made good, not through anything that we do but through Christ that died for us. He desperately wants us to receive everything that He has in store for us. How do you find dirt? You have to dig for it. God is not interested in a surface-level relationship in which we pretend that everything is okay. That is how most people act toward an acquaintance. Instead, we're invited to become best friends with the God who gave up everything so that we can be close to Him. In order to receive His best, we need to be wiling to hand over our dirt to Him and replace it with the beauty that He's places within us. If we attempt to only remove the dirt, it's still a religious act. We need to allow God to uproot whatever seed we have sown ourselves and allow God's word to germinate. This can be a painful but freeing process. If we found out that an unwanted plant was growing in our garden, we wouldn't just cut off the leaves and expect the plant to die. We would have to take the time to dig in such a way that the beautiful plants around it aren't harmed. You could try pulling the weed by the stem but that creates the risk of the root still being trapped underneath the ground. Next, you need to carefully pull out the roots and the entire plant can be thrown away. If you put the dirt back into the hole without planting a new seed, no new plant will grow. However, if you replace the old seed with a new one, it will still take time for that new plant to grow. But if you know the seed is there, then you expect a plant to grow.

Let it Go

It doesn't take time to find the dirt that God wants us to hand over. But we need to be wiling to let go of it in order to take part in the beauty that God has to offer us. Sometimes it feels comfortable to stay in the state we are in, even if we are miserable in that state. The flesh doesn't make sense to our spirit man. When God is offering us something beyond compare, why do we try to refuse it?

One concept that I had a difficult time receiving to be true is the fact that God gives us control over our thought life. I was a junior in High School when I first heard a pastor say this. She said that we were to "call things that be not as though they were," just as Jesus did. First of all, I was mad that thoughts were supposedly under my own control. I've had a relationship with God for practically my whole life and I was passionate about God, but had also been extremely depressed in my middle and high school years. I felt as though I had no control over my thoughts. They just came to me and I let them. But I learned afterwards that even allowing thoughts to settle is still making a choice to think a certain way. Second of all, I felt that I would be acting in denial if I spoke out loud that I had joy when I most definitely did not feel as though I did. Even though I felt this way, I felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to speak the opposite of my situation anyway. In less than a year, God had completely turned around a situation that I thought I would be plagued with for the rest of my life. God was gentle in helping me to see His beauty over my ashes. I occasionally wondered why God didn't bring me to that church sooner so that I could hear the truth about my situation sooner than what I had. But I honestly don't think that I would have been ready to hear it at a faster pace. Even the moment that God had brought it to my attention, it was a very touchy subject to me. Gloria Copeland explained this process flawlessly when she exclaimed, "The more I have come to know the goodness of the Lord, the more I believe that God wants all of us to give our lives to Him so He can lavishly pour His blessings upon us."


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