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How to Ground Yourself After Performing Magick

Updated on June 16, 2017

Taking the Time to Ground Yourself After Ritual

Grounding is a crucial skill to have in your witchcraft arsenal, and there's good news: It's by far the easiest magickal skill there is! Whether you're conjuring spirits in high magick or working a simple candle spell, interacting with the spiritual world can leave your head in the clouds. Grounding is as simple as it sounds. It's merely the process of bringing your awareness back into your body after entering a trancelike, meditative or otherwise spiritually heightened state.

Why would you want to return to the mundane world after having a spiritual experience? Because we're spiritual beings living a physical existence, and the mundane aspects of everyday life are as tantamount to that experience as the spiritual ones. In order to progress spiritually in any path, you need to stay grounded in your daily life to maintain your biopsychosocial wellbeing.

Simple Grounding Techniques for Witches

There are plenty of grounding techniques you can use, and this article will cover only a few of them. Experiment, figure out which works for you, and don't be afraid to change it up. The important thing isn't how you ground yourself but that you remember to do so after deep meditation or a ritual.

  • Earthing
  • Stretching/Yoga
  • Eating (Really!)
  • Water
  • Physical activity

Now, let's cover each of these practical techniques in detail.

Spend Time in Nature to Ground Yourself

Earthing to Ground Yourself

Earthing is the practice of going outside (often barefoot, if it's safe and practical to do so) and planting your feet in the grass to feel the earth. This point of contact pulls your awareness back into your physical body and helps you focus on the material world as well as your connection to it. You can imagine a white light coming down through the crown of your head and hitting each chakra on its way down until it flows out into the earth through the bottoms of your feet. Alternatively, picture the light turning into a cord that travels all the way down through the earth, anchoring you to the physical plane.

Stretching or Yoga

Yoga is in itself a spiritual practice, but it can be incredibly grounding and helpful when you need to feel more "in your body." While there are a variety of types of yoga, I find that it helps to keep things simple for grounding purposes. Basic poses are more than fine. It's a relaxing way to process the experience you've just had in the spiritual realm while returning to your physical state of being. For those who don't practice yoga, simple stretching exercises work great as well!

Use Certain Crystals to Ground Yourself

Eating to Ground Yourself

Effective grounding involves the performance of a mundane or physical task to ground your energy to the physical plane, and eating is an excellent way to do this. It may sound silly, but grabbing a healthful snack is one of the best ways you can settle and ground your energy. I find that foods that come from the ground work even better, so grab a handful of cashews, an apple or some fresh vegetables for a delicious grounding activity!


It's important to stay hydrated no matter what you're doing, and this is especially true when it comes to grounding. Like eating, drinking water can help ground you while refreshing your energy. Taking a shower or bath is also a highly effective way to ground your energy after a magical ritual or meditation. Being connected to the earth-bound elements of water and, well, earth, will help you transition from a meditative state to a calm and productive mundane state.

Physical Activity

Dancing, biking, swimming, running, walking, yoga and stretching are just a few of the physical activities that are ideal for grounding. These activities require coordination between mind and body, bringing your focus back to the physical realm in a fun and productive manner.

As you can see, grounding is by far one of the easiest spiritual techniques to master! Don't be fooled, though. Just because grounding is simple doesn't mean it isn't important. One of the biggest complaints people have after a ritual or intense meditation is that they feel "spacey" or have trouble connecting with mundane activities. A lack of proper grounding is one of the main reasons this happens. Remember, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience for a reason! The mundane activities of life are not hindering your spiritual development, they're making it possible. You're here to experience this physical world as only you can, so take care of your body. Give it the proper nourishment and exercise it needs, and when it's time to wrap up your magical practice, be sure to take a few minutes to ground yourself as well.

What's your favorite grounding method?

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