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How to Have Both Light and Dark Love

Updated on October 2, 2015

Babies are born with a loving nature. They don’t have to be taught how to love, they just do it and both give and receive love. Yes, they even demand and pursue it vehemently. But for a more clear reference of what light and dark love is, let’s look to adult animals. You have your dogs and cats that no matter how you mistreat them, they never attack you back. They simply become passive victims of abuse. Then you have wild animals, that when they are abused they attack and kill or at least hurt and maim their abuser. These two light and dark polarities of love are natural guidelines for how nature represents God. In nature it is hard to find traditional virtue, as animals don’t have to develop character. They are simply born with an animal nature that is already in transcendence as high as it can go. People on the other hand have to learn higher consciousness, which requires making choices about one’s nature and character and the choice whether or not to transcend or descend. We have examples from nature to teach us that it is within Godhood to be both passive and aggressive – what is erroneously called good and evil. It is really both light and darkness, but both are wholesome in particular circumstances. To apply these choices to the development of God nature one must realize that virtue in this case is not a statistical mean. It is not the middle point, but it is the choice to use both light and dark contingencies on a case by case basis and having a balance of both light and dark interactions with abusers according to the situation. We must know when to build and when to destroy. Both are of God as God is both a builder and a destroyer as creator. What might we ask needs to be either built or destroyed? Oneness needs to be built, and duality destroyed. We must not promote separation, but we must grow in the oneness of all. So therefore love is both light and darkness depending on the situation. All is Godliness – which is more than the kindness of God, it is also the correcting nature of God that uses discipline and justice for the sake and love of all. Anything less will lead society into a downward spiral as oneness does need to be taught and reinforced. We cannot leave it up to duality to be the only choice that is promoted through the learning systems of the media and education and thus becoming a way of life in society. We must be aggressive in promoting oneness if just on a personal and private level and lifestyle practice, for oneness is the highest God.


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