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How to "Have Church" at Home

Updated on February 28, 2012

All Nations


Missing Church?

A Conversation....

A conversation....Single Mother of three wrestling her kids and groceries into her car. When she suddenly looks up and see's her Pastor....

Parent: (flabergasted) Pastor Summers!! I am SO SORRY...

Pastor: For wh...?


Pastor: So…..let me get this straight. You were not at Church last week because you were home with your family?
Parent: (with despair) Yes……I am sorry.
Pastor: FOR WHAT?
Parent: (slightly confused) Missing Church?
Pastor: Did you eat Breakfast together?
Parent: Yes…..
Pastor: Did you pray?
Parent: Yes….
Pastor: (sternly) Did you did you talk about Jesus?
Parent: (feeling cornered) Well……yeah?
Pastor: (smiling ear to ear) Then you didn’t miss Church at all! We missed you though! I hope to see you and your family next week for worship….but if you cannot make it. I completely understand. Time with family is so precious these days.
Parent: (confused) so I don’t have to come to Church?
Pastor: You broke bread, prayed, talked about Jesus….Yeah! Great Job! If you would like I could facebook you the material for next week which is “The Stewardship of Time”….just in case you “can’t make it”. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Parent: (empowered) Yes, I would like to have my friend call you....she is a single mom and living in Lake Placid. She is really struggling to make ends meet. She is always saying that she wants to bring her kids to Church but never has enough time, or is just exhausted from working so much.. I think you could help her with...this..? Whatever you call it?
Pastor: (compassionately) It is called loving God, loving our neighbors, and building Disciples in the name of Jesus Christ. In the Church and In THE (pointing to the community) Church.
Parent: Thanks and I will see you next week! Oh! (enthusiastically) I almost is our tithe from last week!
Pastor: (guilitly)Thanks....but why don't you think about giving this money to your friend....

Church is more than a localized event. Sadly this is what it has become. However, there is a wind of change blowing through this superficial brand of Christianity. The Church spends so much time marketing for people to come to church. Imagine if the Church actually realized that John Wesley was onto something 500 years ago when he stated "The world is my parish". The post modern age is on of promise and reformation. While this process evolves we might as well have a laugh about what the Church has become.

What if Church operated like Starbucks?

Although this scene is funny for many of us who have been encapsulated in the Church. There remains a sense of sadness. Which indeed is well because out of sadness happiness and joy are to follow. The Church is much larger and fluid than organized religion can accept......this will lead to their continued downfall.

How about you?

How often do you go to church per month?

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