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How to Influence People using Spiritualism

Updated on April 13, 2011
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Spiritual Spell on AlterLove Spell Different Types of SpellsAlter Spell
Spiritual Spell on Alter
Spiritual Spell on Alter
Love Spell
Love Spell
Different Types of Spells
Different Types of Spells
Alter Spell
Alter Spell

Once an individual is on the path towards elevating spiritual consciousness through practice and devotion to what they believe in, there are certain rules and regulations to follow and obey. Staying focused on growth and consistency in practice; their spirituality, grace, and gift will grow.

            The individual will begin to acknowledge a positive change in their destiny.  According to Ifa, destiny is what we ordinarily live day to day and how we manifest ourselves daily. To have a positive destiny is to not have obstacles or negative occurrences frequently.  An individual should be able to look back throughout the year and honestly say that he/she has had more normal and good moment’s then bad moments. This is what's meant by a positive destiny.

            There are every day occurrences that are part of life and are supposed to happen for experiences are made of these occurrences whether positive or negative, and we are to learn from them. This is part of how wisdom is achieved. Things can't always go our way. Yet, when things just don't seem to go right, and go from bad to worse, we need to take action. Taking action is not just in a physical, emotional, or psychological form, these are easier. Folks forsake an even trouble free form of taking action: Spiritual action.

            Spiritual action will complement and enhance the other three courses of action. At times, until one has applied a spiritual solution to the problem, an occurrence won't go away. The negative influence becomes impeded in the person’s karma, and hopefully, the person won't get used to it to the point of feeling that life for them is always going to be this way. Well, bad things are not supposed to re-occur. When they re-occur it means we have never gotten rid of the spiritual trauma generated by the sequence of events which transpired in our lives.

            Be it in a past, present, or re-occurring future, spiritual cleansing is a way of expunging negative influences. Most people sage their homes, and themselves. There are many more forms of cleansing out there; a visit to a trained professional spiritual healercan divulge more of what I'm taking about. For now, I'm focusing on folks’ understanding on how to help themselves and how to utilize a spiritual altar. For true heavy voodoo spells/work, strong cleansing, and offerings to divinities on shrines involving rituals, it is best left to the initiated priest or priestess who have undergo the required training, apprenticeship, responsibility, and sacrifice. And until one is ready to dedicate fully, it is not wise to get involved in those heavy works mentioned above. The spiritual altar is simple, it is universal, and does not pose a threat to one’s person, spirituality, and karma. If one doesn’t go to the dark side a spiritual altar should be ok. Spiritual baths with herbs for expulsion of negative energies will be dealt with in another article.

One of the first spiritual acts for generating spiritual activity or involvement is through prayer. Prayer is powerful because it is the channeling of the thought and breath via incantation. We can change the air with the sound waves of our voices, through calling out to the forces to influence change for the meaning in which the prayer is being recited. How far does air travel? How far can our voices carry a message? How far does smoke actually travel, any kind of smoke, cigar, cigarette, carbon monoxide, or from a charcoal barbecue. How far does smoke travel to reach our ozone, or stratosphere, and atmosphere? Who's to say that the winds won't carry our voices and breath/smoke, clear across the other side of our world? Can you visualize this? This is one of the reasons I say that spirituality has no distance, space, or time. If a person can pray for evil from far away, a person can pray for good, from far away. Can we write a prayer, or desire, with a persons' name on a piece of paper, and burn that paper then cast its ashes to the wind? How far will the last molecule or dust particles rise, and fly across to whom our message is intended? Could it be possible?

When studying philosophy I'll never forget the first philosophical question that was posed and answered. Is there a God? The answer was, if we are possible God is possible, anything is possible. The Yoruba concept of Oree, as the spiritual head of an individual connected to their soul also serves as spiritual antenna. In other words your energy field has an antenna, which picks up transmissions. Some people just know or feel this; others don’t seem to have a clue. Believe it or not, people who don’t believe are much easier to be influenced than those who do because they would never believe things work this way and specially on them.

Now, the basis for channeling or invoking a spell is to generate a change or influence a change. Hopefully, most people who would do this can do so for a righteous cause. But we all know what can be done/used for good intentions can also be turned/ used for bad intent. I pray that more folks learn to do positive spiritual work to help themselves or others than negative. Yet, it's left to one’s own responsibility; consequences do occur as a result; and what goes around will come around. Person's who do evil will receive evil, for the evil never left them. The author of an evil act is to whom the evil belongs. The person channeled what is theirs and shared it. The person receiving the evil, when removing it through a spiritual healing ritual, will release it. The part of evil which was shared, returns, or is re-acquired, hence, the boomerang effect.

Spiritual acts for imposing one's will upon others may work for a little while, yet the spells, like all things disintegrate, decompose, or run out of gas. All spells need to be re-charged or nourished. Also, individuals have a Spiritual Guardian or Guardian Angel & spiritual protections, ancestors, we are not alone. These spirit guides will eventually try to inform the individual that something is wrong. If the person has a form of communication, is spiritually endowed, or seek advice or help, he/she will find out.

Who would want to live trying to dominate people, or resorting to spells to control others all the time? This is no way to live. These people after a while forsake the positive channeling which would lead them to acquire what they need in the eyes of God anyway. There is an Oracle of Ifa which teaches us that we need to pray to God and his divinities not for what we want or desire but to pray for what we need. In this way, we allow God and his divinities the opportunity to surprise us. This act will bring to our lives something better than what we could have imagined or asked for. Yet, little spells that are short for a positive outcome and not for hurting anyone, just for love, or persuading are good. Or are they?

Channeling a spell to influence someone is easy. And if a person has a spiritual altar and has been dedicated to it for a while, its energy should be very strong. The connection established through dedication with the angels, deities, ancestors, or divinities that they’ve called upon has become a norm for both the person and the divinities. The forces have become accustomed to receiving spiritual energy from the offerings or gifts. Candle light, incense, fruits, sweets, food, all serve as energy for spiritual forces to nourish themselves. You might ask how a spirit can nourish itself from something that needs to be taken, eaten or absorbed. Well the decomposition process of food expels gas. This gas rises to the air which now can come in contact with spirit. A life force without a body is one of the definitions for Spirit.

For more in-depth info on the decomposition of organic material check out this link

              Candle light is important because divinities come toward the light. The light represents our conscious plane of reality or dimension, the belief of being seeing, to see, to bring to light. Also, when a candle is dedicated to lets say St. Michael, you are offering light to the idea of the existence, faith, and belief in St. Michael. The offering becomes a giving up of your light, forsaking light, as in sacrificing light that you would normally use for yourself away to St. Michael. This is an ancient thought because we no longer use candles for everyday lighting; unless it's an emergency we have electricity. Well, if you feel like forsaking electricity as an offering to St. Michael do so and see what you will receive from St. Michael. The Angel accepting/receiving your offering with compassion will return the gesture with a gift. This happens with us as well, when we receive a gift, we hope to be able to reciprocate it. When we light a candle, make an offering, please assign it to a known divinity, I'm sure they will appreciate it, and give you proof of their existence. A sign will come, I'm sure of it.

Finally, here is the spell for influencing someone or list of people. Let's begin with a scenario in which you are going to mediate over a lawsuit, where you would be the recipient of a large sum of money. Let’s say that the company came with an offer, and in the bargaining process you are trying to get as much money as you can. Granted the company probably has a cap, and are going to try to settle for less than what your lawyer is asking. So, you‘d want to generate a spell on you’re altar to influence the company’s lawyers and mediators to give in to your demand or reach as close to your amount as possible. First, you need to decide which divinity is going to backup or accept this spell or work. In order to do this you need to perform divination for yourself. You can use the I Ching, Tarot, Rue etc. You need a system in which you can ask a yes or no question, one divinity at a time, till you hit upon the divinity that is going to accept the work. If you can not perform divination for yourself call a spiritualist, medium, psychic, Yoruba priest, Wicca priestess, or Babalawo and have them ask the question for you. Once you have the name of the divinity. You would need to obtain a picture, candle, or image of this divinity, with a prayer to call upon it. On your altar place a glass of water dedicated to this divinity and a candle. Write a petition on a piece of paper using a no.2 pencil stating the name of the divinity, the person or person's that need to be influenced and for what reason; the for whom is, of course your name and your lawyers. Word it so that all negotiations are to go your way, in your favor. Place the petition inside a small glass or clear shot glass. Add honey, cinnamon powder, powdered Valerian root, mint, marjoram, and camphor water (camphor water can be purchased at a Spanish botanica or spiritual store it’s normally also called sedative water, or agua sedative). You can also take some camphor put in water for ½ hour, and the water will become camphor water. You can also obtain the Valerian leaves or root at a natural herb store or vitamin shop. Valerian helps to calm as in making someone sleepy. When someone is sleepy, their guard is down. Scrape or crush some Valerian root into powder, if not already in powdered form. Use a very small amount, the essence of the herb is what is important, not the amount. Honey and cinnamon represent sweetness and heat; the spiritual energies needed for promoting love or good desires.

After mixing/making the spell, place the shot glass next to the items dedicated to the divinity and light the candle. This should be done at least 3 to 2 days before going to mediation. Remember everyday leading up to the mediation date, say the prayer, make your request to the divinity, and light the candle. The spell is then discarded after mediation, in the garbage until needed again if going to court, or second meeting. Oh! You can keep the shot glass, to be reused. This same spell can work for requesting a raise or going to see someone who owes you money, or to get someone to like you. It can be used to subdue tension around you, when people are quarrelsome, or have a negative attitude towards you.

You probably are asking why the spices of marjoram and mint. Well, they are sweet herbs. Herbs are normally used for flavoring foods, or our palette, our tongue. They also have spiritual properties, and serve the same purpose when used in a spell. May their aroma and taste, sweeten the palette of the person's I need influenced, and are good and positive with me. Also, these herbs are readily available at a grocery store. I would not have you use Orisha, Santeria herbs that you would not be able to identify at a botanica or ensure the correct herbs are being sold. That will be another article, spiritual herbs from a local grocery store for a divine spiritual experience.


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  • BabaSixto profile image

    Sixto J Novaton 6 years ago from Florida

    One thing that the Yoruba way of life has taught me.. is too not take for granted the energies that surrounds us all...

  • SJKSJK profile image

    SJKSJK 6 years ago from delray beach, florida

    Fascinating. All of these beliefs are fascinating. Well written hub.

  • BabaSixto profile image

    Sixto J Novaton 8 years ago from Florida

    What I'm trying to do is introduce folks to the Yoruba Lucumi way of life, from a strictly spiritualist point of view.. We'll get into the good stuff later on...

  • profile image

    heenee 8 years ago

    What I like about your article is that it didn't put me on a blind non-continuous path. Basically I feel armored with the necessary tools needed to set things straight, thanks.