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How to Make an Aries and Aries Relationship Work

Updated on April 23, 2020
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Writer, researcher, self-improvement advocate, alternative astrologist, and a firm believer that Mercury must be destroyed.

An Aries-Aries relationship is a fiery and passionate example of when two worlds collide. Two, strong-willed individuals, stubborn, and seeking to come out on top, like the Ram, it’s a recipe for conflict. If you’re starting out in this relationship you need to be mindful that these conflicts are bound to arise. While it might seem like these relationships are destined to end in a dramatic and explosive conclusion, if you put in the effort, you might find you’ve found a partner who understands you better than most.

What Aries Are About

Aries are natural born leaders, ambitious, and dedicated to getting the job done. They have a vision and will not shy away from letting you know it and pursuing it. Assertive, you can expect an Aries will take charge and attempt to have things their way. While having two Aries together might seem like a recipe for disaster, their honesty about who they are and what they want can set the groundwork for a successful relationship.

The Good

  • Aries know what they want. They are also open about this fact. If those wants overlap, you now have two strong, motivated individuals working towards a common goal.
  • Aries do well in careers. Whether we like it or not, financial hardship can be a major stressor on a relationship. With two successful careers, financial want isn’t likely to be on the horizon.
  • Aries are independent. People require a space of their own, some time to themselves, and a moment to be alone with their thoughts. Another Aries will both understand, respect, and be able to handle time by their self.
  • Aries have vibrant social lives. With another Aries, you’ll never have to worry about thinking up something to do on a Friday night.
  • Aries make lots of friends. Two Aries make a lot more friends. A strong network of friends can open a lot of doors and create a lot of opportunities. In turn, those opportunities create new challenges for an Aries to overcome successfully.

The Bad

  • Aries are a competitive lot. They want to win. You don’t need to be a Nobel Prize winning scientist to understand where this can go wrong in a relationship.
  • Aries can be quick to anger when things aren’t going their way. Screaming matches and passionate flair ups can be common.
  • Aries need things to happen quickly. They’re not great at waiting and when asked to do so, their negative traits are quick to surface.
  • Aries don’t like to sit in the back of the class, stay quiet, and keep their heads down. Aries want to be noticed, especially for the things they do. They want praise, especially from those they’re close to.

What to Watch For

When dating a fellow Aries, clashes are almost inevitable. You’ll know when one happens, but there are other, more insidious issues that can crop up and you might not notice until it’s too late.


Sure, you know that Aries can be stubborn and you’d think you’d more than notice when it’s happening, but knowing you’re having trouble reaching a compromise isn’t the whole picture. Resentment can build up quickly, and with resentment comes a tendency to isolate from your partner. Just because you’re refusing to budge shouldn’t immediately ring alarm bells, but when, rather than address the problem, you simple start going your own way, that’s when you’ve got a problem.

Letting Your Partner Dominate

You’re a great person and you know that compromise is important. Naturally, because you care about the health of your relationship you’re ready to get some compromising done. You’re the compromise king. You’ve done so much compromising you should win some sort of award for just what a good and thoughtful person you are. The award, unfortunately, is that your party has gotten their way every time and you’ve failed to get any of the things you want. While you may have a harmonious relationship on the outside, on the inside you’ve failed to fulfill yourself as a person. A repressed Aries is an angry Aries.

Unrealistic Goals and Going too Quick

Aries love to get things done. It’s only naturally that two Aries should want to get things done even quicker. Be careful not to rush your relationship. Aries have a propensity towards whirlwind romances. Two Aries doubly so. Learn to slow down, get to know each other, and importantly ask yourself if your timelines are realistic. This goes for more than just your relationship, but to other plans as well.

Sure, you can easily take a week off and splurge a bit on a vacation (assuming your finances are in decent shape and you’re not planning to jet off to lose a few thousand in Monte Carlo). However, buying a house, having a child, or even adding that addition are major choices and you need to make sure you’re doing them because they’re realistic things that you both want, not a whim you’re both acting on because it sounded like a good idea at the time.

How to Overcome

Luckily, the problems facing two Aries who are having trouble in a relationship and how to address them are fairly common to all relationships and so there are plenty of resources and strategies for when things start to sour. Communicate often, be open about your feelings and desires, and don’t be afraid to get an outside opinion. Being two Aries together isn’t as tricky a prospect as it might seem as your strong will and goal-oriented nature naturally lend you towards seeking resolution and addressing issues that crop up rather than avoiding and letting them fester. If you’re both committed to being honest with yourself, then you can easily be honest with each other.

Being with an Aries, you often need to keep them in check. Another Aries is a perfect person to be able to do that.

For the Long Term

Congratulations on heading for the long haul with your Aries partner. You’ve gotten over the initial hump of your passionate lovemaking, you’ve amazingly decided to commit, and now you’ve got a lifetime of challenges to face together. With your energy, you’ll make a great couple so long as you commit to communicate. They’ll be fights, a few blow ups, and maybe a few rough patches where that communication breaks down. The point is to be open, understand that with your personalities, they were bound to happen, and now that you’ve cleared the air you can begin to fix the problem. Moreover, as Aries, when you set a goal, you’re going to stubbornly aim to achieve it. Not overcoming your relationship problems just isn’t in your nature.


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