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How to Not Get Karma (A.K.A. Hex Yourself With Your Own Spell)?

Updated on January 22, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

If you know anything about the Hermetic Principles that guide us to know better the laws of the Universe, you must know that one those principles stand for balance and another one for cause & effect.

When you cast, you use and spend some amount of energy from your spiritual/ energetic body. Therefore, a hollow is created in your spiritual body, a place without energy that remains like an empty vase, waiting to be refilled, until what you cast gets attracted back to you and refills that hole, because that's all you know.

You may call it the three fold law, or just Karma, or either if you choose to not believe in it at all, at some point you will think: I got what I deserved. It is foolish to claim you do not believe in Karma, for the simple logical reason: Spirit/ Universe will always balance out the energy. Energy is neither created, nor destroyed, it only changes shape.

When you cast a spell, you are not creating energy. You are using energy that is already there, you are just shaping it in the way that you like. That's why if you have been doing some research you shall know that you can not affect something that is not there. For example: you can amplify the care someone has for you, into liking, and into love later on. You can't make someone that doesn't even know you, to love you out of the blue. First you have to work with the energy of being unknown, to that person laying their eyes upon you. Got it?

Back to our Karma issue and balancing out energies. It is in your own hands to handle how Spirit balances out the energy. We talk about sharing love, gratitude, happiness, positive attitude, because that's how we affect our vibration to raise higher and that's what we attract back to ourselves. The same thing happens when we curse or send out negative energies. There are times, I bet you have felt, when negative energy and experiences have found their way to you, even though all you do is give everything to others. Why?

Because you have created holes in your energetic body, that need to be filled, in a time when you may have felt un-cared for, unloved, disrespected, even though you give 'everything' to others. You have left your energetic body empty, craving the energy you so easily give to others.

An experienced witch will be careful to use the energy from the elementals, or Spirits she works with, to infuse and amplify the energy of the situation she wants to change. But every witch will also spend some of her energy in the spell, be it by visualization, vibration, or emotion poured into the spell.

So how do you prevent Karma hitting you back?

Once you cast your spell, you are not done. The ritual of the spell may be over, but your most important work starts right now: nurturing your own energy and layering protection. Only then will you be done. If you finish the ritual without nurturing your own energy, what will happen is this: a hole is created in your energetic body. It remains empty for some time. Then you attract back what you cast. The reason why that negative energy comes back at you, it is because that is what you know, it was a part of you, there is an empty place in you to house it, so there you are.

What you do after you cast: You refill the empty hole you created by attracting and infusing yourself with the energy you want your energetic body to be filled. You attract higher energy of love, gratitude, excitement, compassion, strength, etc. When you fill the empty hole with energy, it won't attract anymore because there is no place for it, and if you fill it with higher vibrating energy, you also help yourself vibrate higher.

In case you are wondering how to deal with sharing positive energy, you deal the same way. What you give to another, you first give it to yourself. Your heart can produce an infinite amount of love, you just have to remember to give it to yourself too, and don't feel blue for the other does not reciprocate it to you, that's their Karma.

When you cast remember to always do a seance when you attract the energy you like to fill the hole created when casting. That is how you prevent energy coming back to you and that's how you ascend.

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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      5 weeks ago from USA

      This was very different from what I typically read but interesting. Thank you.


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