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How to Obtain Magic

Updated on September 11, 2014

How to Obtain Magic

Most people do not believe in magic. I am not most people. I know there is good and bad magic. I also know science beats magic better than paper beats rock. You can feel magic anywhere, some people describe seeing high rise building in the sunset pure magic. I prefer a sunrise in a forest myself. I once “practiced” magic. In so I thought I was helping the world (or myself to be exact). I would meticulously plan down to the date and time when a particular spell would be the most helpful to the world, (me). I bought a great many books (and read all the way through most of them) and read as many web pages as there were in the early 90’s. Out of the 20 or so “true spells” I have done I think I am pretty sure maybe two of them worked. All the other times there was no proof but I did always feel a little bit better. I desperately wanted to find something that proved that magic was as real as I felt it was.

There are some that would say love is the only and truest of magic. True love being something a person can only obtain once in a lifetime. Something that you know right when it happens. A great and wonderful feeling that swells up inside you fulfilling you every desire. It is not quite like that, though. True Love is doing whatever you can for that special person who will do whatever they can to make life easier and happier for everyone. Someone forgot to mention that lust feels a lot like all true love as well. That is when I learned of “sex magic”. This seemed interesting if you can find a man who also believes in magic, but no most of them just believed in the sex part. In my journey I found spells to help people fall in love and stay in love and also some to help you fall in lust.

I never found anything to raise the dead and trust me I tried. I have this old 70’s voodoo book that is awesome! It has how to make voodoo dolls and zombies but that is not the same as raising the dead. No I do not know any dead people I would personally raise I was just curious. I have read the Necronomicon and also the bible, neither helped al though was much more informative and easier to read. (Yes it was the Necronomicon.) In all fairness the other book does state that the easy way is the way of Satan. You cannot study evil without studying goodness. All things must be equal in my world.

The journey for the magic I seek takes me far and wide through what people believe and what is real. I have read stories about angels or guardian spirits and seen the pictures as well. You can never tell if an article is being truthful or not and you cannot tell if a picture has been doctored. There can never be real proof here unless of course you have seen it yourself. I have seen a few things that would make me think perhaps a guardian spirit could be out there. Now whether we each have one or not I do not know. So be good to each other in case there are not enough guardian spirits to go around. Take care of your friends, family and neighbors because you don’t know if anyone else is.

And here-in lies my answer to the great question of how to obtain magic. Magic is not something seen or heard. It is not something you can find through learning and practice. It is in fact something inside you that squeals when your true love comes through the door. It also cries from your soul when your best pet dies. It can bring complete and utter happiness or total devastation. Magic is what you make of it. You take that feeling of whole love and use it to make someone else’s day better and then you are making more people happy more days and the more people you please each day the better you feel. All days cannot be good days but if you can manage just one smile (even if it’s not your smile) before bed you have made magic that day. So study what you want and practice what you want but smile always and share that smile it is contagious and will be returned to you when you least expect it.



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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Hello and welcome; very interesting perspective. Looking forward to reading more.