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How to Operate a Home Prayer Group

Updated on November 21, 2014

How the Holy Spirit Showed Me to Build Home Prayer Groups:

This home church movement is what God wants. He told me a few years ago these particulars:
1. This movement should NEVER be given a name. If anyone asks, "Where do you go to church?" don't answer with "Tim's cell group" or "Pastor Bob's." Instead, answer, "I pray and study the Bible with Tim, Bob and Larry." Use the true names, obviously. This is the most important thing: Give no name. If you name it, the controlled denominations will come against it. That is what is happening now to the Tea Party. Some radio talk show hosts have claimed they invented the Tea Party, it was their idea. Others have claimed they are the central organization and leading authority of the Tea Party. They will continue trying to claim rights, influence, leadership, and eventually full control of that grass roots movement of the people. Just as the mainstream media trash the Tea Party, calling them racist, uneducated, violent, and other derogatory terms, if the praying at each others' homes with friends accepts a name or title, evil will attempt to slander it and to gain control over it.
2. Men pray with men, women pray with women. (Having prayed with just men... it has a much greater potential than a mixed prayer group. Consider porn, for example: what man is going to confess his porn addiction in front of the women's church group?)
3. Do not use just one house. Move around to the houses of the various people involved. This way, it does not become "Tim's prayer group" because it is not only at Tim's house. It is alright if one or more houses are never used. Sometimes, a person's family is against Christ. It can be some more than others, but do move around.

Open Vision of California Earthquake

(approximate) Origin and impact zone of California Earthquake
(approximate) Origin and impact zone of California Earthquake


To prove the message is from God, He showed me that there will be a major earthquake in California. It will be centered somewhere near San Jose. The effects will reach Washington state in the north and northern Mexico in the south.

In the vision, I saw concentric rings in expanding, colored circles originating from a point approximately located just south of San Jose. It likely will not be exactly centered at San Jose, but will not originate too far from there. The location definitely will be south of San Francisco Bay. Please understand that I made this sketch about 5 years after the initial vision. It is not pin-point accurate. The general idea is preserved: a major earthquake affecting the west coast of North America, centered somewhere south of San Francisco Bay. The Holy Spirit told me the above prayer group format (which should never be named) during two mornings of prayer. On the third morning, He showed me this earthquake map and said, "If you predict this, they will believe you."

Recently, looking at a USGS map of the Haiti earthquake, I recognized colored rings radiating out from the epicenter. The rings in that map, as in my open vision, were colored red closest to the center, then yellow in the subsequent outward arc.

This graphic showing the radius of impact is similar to the one I saw in my dream about the California Earthquake.
This graphic showing the radius of impact is similar to the one I saw in my dream about the California Earthquake. | Source


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