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How to Organise a Church Choir 7-Handling Difficult Personalities Part 2

Updated on May 11, 2014

Go forward humbly.


Caution! Proceed with humility.

After reading the preceding article (How to Organize a Church Choir 6 - Handling Difficult Personalities Part 1), it might have made you smile to spot a couple of difficult personalities in your choir or anywhere else. Here are a few more, but do read with humility. In some cases, you, the choir leader might be the resident 'difficult' personality!


I , ee I, will always love youuu...


Lazy Larry

Let's begin with Lazy Larry. Larry will do the least he can. He is capable, but does not want to 'stress himself'. Thus, if you plan any extra, sacrificial rehearsals in order to be ready for that special program, be aware that Larry may not show up for all of them. You might feel frustrated at the under-performance, occasional disappearances and inconsistencies of this mild fellow, but remember, you are there to raise the best out of him. Larry enjoys music, that's why he is in the church choir. Just keep it simple and fuss-free in his orbit and you will get good mileage out of him. If you are an impulsive, generous type of person, don't assume he will rejoice to hear about your sudden decision to take the choir hiking into the hills for fasting and prayer. Prep him.Coax him. Through revelation knowledge obtained in prayer, you will locate his turbo switches.

Stingy Steph

Stephanie is a peaceful, likable, easy-going choir member. She is not loud, opinionated or contentious. However, dear Stephanie has a hidden sting. Stephanie's sting is not easily spotted. It needs a particular weather condition to bring it out. Here is one scenario: If as a team you need to carry out a project that requires financial contributions from everyone for say, tee-shirts to promote your harvest music concert, or contributions toward a new piece of essential kit, then you will slowly see a side to Steph that you couldn't have seen coming, in view of her overtly cooperative nature. Yes, 'slowly see' is the experience, for you will refuse to believe for a looong time that Steph could be so non-responsive about team contributions.

Yes. Sadly, Stephanie is stingy.

Percy the Politician

Who is that choir member who is so slippery in every conversation? Percy has a way with words. You may want to get a serious response from him but Percy will give a quick nod and an over-hearty response. Percy is not so good with punctuality, but there are some positives. He is willing on the ground, observant, helpful. Be patient. In time, with prayer and inspiration, (not lecturing) he will learn to become reliable, and add sincerity to his light character.


Maverick Mandy

Free spirit. Answers to no one. That's Mandy. The only one who wears a choir robe with a bustier belt. The Nativity concert is going to be filmed and the choir's uniform is drawn up. A majority vote agrees on French knots or short hair for the ladies-That decision does not blow Mandy's hair back, so she shows up with freshly curled tresses. If she plays drums. she will play them her own way on that vamp and ignore what all the other instrumentalists agreed. Sigh. She will grow up. Just pray she settles in one place long enough to see the fruit of long-term team work.

Choosy Charlie

That's right. Charlie is your choosy chappie. If he feels it, he'll do it. So if he feels like going for rehearsal or if he likes the song, he'll put all of himself into it. If he doesn't, he just won't show up - literally or figuratively. Love him. Ask God to open his eyes to the benefits of taking part consistently.

Choose your preferred difficult personality

Imagine you have to include one of these on your team. No options. Who would you choose? Say why in the comment box, if you can.

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Conclusion - Some mothers do have 'em...

Point 1. Every work place, institution and team will have one or more persons that resemble the portraits in this article . Point 2. These lists (part 1 and part 2) are pretty tame. Are you on any of the lists? Proves one of my points. Smile.

So cheer up. If you are trusted to lead, be that patient, inspirational, fair leader who keeps taking his troops to accomplishment.


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