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How to Perform the Rituals of Umrah Correctly?

Updated on March 17, 2015

Performing Umrah is a matter of pride for the devote Muslims the world over. Though not compulsory like Hajj, it still holds great importance and is being considered a sanctified ritual to get away with the sins committed in the past. Those willing to do Umrah in the recent future prefer taking tips from the experienced ones. Taking guidance from religious scholars is also a recommended step to know how to perform Umrah correctly. Taking a cue from this discussion, below are the major steps that make your spiritual journey successful.

How to perform Umrah?

All the four pillars of Umrah – Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’ey, and Tahal-lul, need to be performed as required. Followed is the description of all these pillars in brief:

Entering the state of Ihram

The foremost condition to do Umrah is to acquire the state of Ihram. As you wear it, all the worldly things that may be allowed otherwise become prohibited or Haram. The best time to don Ihram is when you reach the boundary of Mekkah, which is traditionally called as Miqat. Men are supposed to wear the two-piece attire, the first part of which covers the upper part of the body and is termed as Rida. The cloth covering the lower part is known as Izaar. Women are required to cover only their hands. Both the male and female pilgrims should take bath before wearing Ihram, express the Umrah intention or Niyyah, and utter Talbiyah, "Allahumma labbayka Umrah”.

Circling around Ka’aba or Tawaf

The next step is to walk around Ka’ba seven times, the same way as done during Hajj. For this, you need to get inside the Masjid al-Haram from Bab as Salam. Make sure to do the ablutions or Vudu. Remove the Ihram from the right shoulder, which is called as Iztaba. While you are at the Black stone or Hajr e Aswad, stop saying Talbiyah and start chanting Allah Akbar’. Bring forth your right hand to touch the black stone and kiss it. Express your intention for Umrah in Arabic. In English translation, it indicates the will of the devotee to perform Umrah in order to please Allah. It also includes prayer to make the Umrah easy and acceptable.


Walking between Safa and Marwah

In Arabic, this practice is termed as Sa’ey, which means to run. In Umrah, it refers to covering the distance between the two historical hills on foot, seven times. Like in the other stages, performing ablution is a must before stepping ahead. Throughout the ritual, the pilgrims should continue reciting supplications. The paths to walk for both males and females are different. While men are supposed to walk between the green pillars, women walk through the usual route.

Departing from the state of Ihram: Once done with all the three rituals, the time is now to complete the Umrah by coming out of the Ihram state. This step is traditionally known as Tahal-lul and requires the males either to shave off their head completely or to get the hair length shortened. The first option is called as Taqseer and the second one is known as Halq. Women only need to cut short hair locks, equal to the size of their fingertip. For more information on How to get your Umrah accepted, read The Method of Umrah here


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