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How to Protect Your Aura

Updated on July 2, 2012
Positive and Negative Energy Balance
Positive and Negative Energy Balance

In the body, there are two energy types that work together and complete each other. The energy is positive and negative. This is why in Kong Hu Chu belief there always be two sides in this life. There are white side and dark side. The positive side or the white side is the symbol of the positive thing and effects to the positive things and the negative side or the dark side effects to the bad thing. The balance of positive and negative create the balance of life. If there is no balance, the human life will not last long. But the imbalance of the negative energy can affect to the physical dysfunction even it can bring some disease to the victim.

The interference of the energy is cause by many things like physical attack, abusive energy drain and self-degradation. Beside it, there is the other cause like the exposure of the harmful energy environment. To prevent the unexpected thing, there are several ways to protect you from the negative impact. For this, maintaining the aura and chakra become so necessary. Maybe you wonder about it. But now you will get the answer and know the method to protect your energy. The specific energy field needs the specific method, for this in this time you will be informed about it accurately as possible.

Meditation for aura
Meditation for aura

Methods of Protecting the Aura

The first field is about chakra clearing. Chakra has been owned by everyone. But like the other organ, this energy center can get dirty and then affect to the health. The main cause of this phenomenon is cause by toxic or physic debris. The other causes that affect to the dirty aura are sexual issues, intuition, creative expression and communication. This is why cleaning and keep the balance of the energy center is so necessary. One way to maintain your energy is by meditation in the morning or evening.

The next method is by cutting the etheric cord. The invisible energy cord is always inside of you, shine and catch to the other person, object, situation or place. If the cord is positive, there is nothing to worry because it will attract to the positive thing. But if the cord is negative, this is the problem that must be solved as soon as possible. For this, you need to cut this negative energy with the powerful sword or using a laser beam from favored crystal slicing to the unexpected attachment.

Beside those methods, you also need to heal the Reiki energy. The light touch like Reiki is not just relaxing but it removes the blocked or stagnant chi and affects to the improvement of the energy flow. The benefits of this Reiki energy healing are so many. Some benefits of this method are to prevent the dysfunction of mental, emotional, spiritual and physic.

The next method is by shielding yourself. The shielding that means is shielding holistically. You can do it by creating the barrier around your auric energy field. Beside it, you can also create it to protect your emotional and physic. To do it, you can begin it by imagining about bubble or white pod that fully with loving light covering you. By creating this shield, any negative thing like negative feeling, physic or thoughts will not affect to you. Beside it, this shield can help you to prevent the energy vampire that drains your positive energy. Those tips can be useful to help you keep your positive aura and keep the energy balance. By doing those tip, you will be more positive even away from any negative emotion, physic, mental and spiritual. So do not concern it and just do it to get the real effect.


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    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S Jain 

      6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      There are many factors that can drain off the positive energy in an individual. So it is very essential to know how to protect the aura and be shielded from negative elements. I personally use chakra clearing, meditation and holistic healing. Awesome Hub, voted up!


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