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How to Read All the Books in the Bible

Updated on June 29, 2015

It’s a known fact that not all the books in the Bible are easy to read. When we read the book of Genesis to Exodus we are like reading an exciting novel that’s full of great acts, adventures and miracles. But when we reach like for instance the Book of Laws that comprises of Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers, it’s hard to continue reading it. So here are the ways, which I myself did to read the entire bible.


The Bible is the only book whose author is always present with you while you read it. Ask God to give you wisdom to understand His words .Ask also for His guidance. Who else will help you understand what you are reading but the author itself! Praying also is your way of acknowledging God that you cannot do it alone; reading is easy but understanding is not. Praying will also give us peace of mind.

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Sit down properly

Yeah, why not in a comfortable position like laying down the bed and a few minutes you fall asleep? Reading the Bible must make you awake in every aspect not to sleep. Sitting down properly means you are really decided to read it and put you on a focus, awake and dedicated mode.


Having only one thing in mind will help us exert the effort to fully grasp what we are reading. Give your mind a break from thinking your recent problems, issues and worries.

Turn off cellphones or any gadgets

Now this one is really hard I know, but come on, it’s only for a couple of minutes or an hour .Believe me once you get in the flow of reading the Bible, you wouldn’t even remember checking your phones. And besides it’s your time with Jesus .It’s not respectful when you are with someone and then you keep looking at your phone.

Here's my Bible
Here's my Bible

Choose hard copy rather than soft ones

There are a lot of Bible apps available even for free. It’s very handy, that you can open it anytime anywhere but real Bible that is printed on paper is much effective. It also doesn’t strain eyes if read for a long time. We can always read the hard copy Bible because it doesn’t need any charging .The distractions from messages or e-mail alerts is also prone if you are reading a Bible app. If discipline wasn't an issue then it’s up to you if you opt for an app.

Own a new and expensive Bible

Sounds crazy? But we tend to value something of a great cost. Knowing that you own a Bible and an expensive one, you are force to really read it. Who would want his money be put to waste? Now that sounds funny. For those who already own a Bible and have been really using it, it’s okay not to buy new. I’m not saying its mandatory, after all, Bible contents are all the same, but if you have money, why not buy the best? And besides you will read the Bible for a longest time. This is a strategy to trick your brain for the meantime .When you get to bond more with God ,you wouldn’t even be push to read the Bible just because it’s expensive but because you want to be truly guided by His words.

Choose the New International Version (NIV) or the English Standard Version (ESV)

These versions of the Bible are easier to read .It’s words are simplified. More like the English of modern books, though there are really words that can’t be simplified because it will lose its meaning for instance the word sanctification, it’s better to leave the word as it is.

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Start from the very beginning

When we go to movie theaters we want to make sure we arrive at the exact time the movie will start to show. We wouldn’t like to start to watch it at climax or the ending and we are confused what the heck is happening. It’s the same as reading the Bible. Read it chronologically, in that way you will understand the what, when how, where and how of the events. The Bible from Old Testament to New Testament is all connected. So the next time we wonder why Moses from the Old Testament was with Jesus, we wouldn’t be surprised, or why Paul becomes an apostle who almost wrote all the books in the New Testament.

One chapter a day

This is a great start as it would not make you overwhelmed by so many sentences and words you might still not know. It’s a little by little no rush approach that is truthfully effective.

This example of an Introductory Insight is very useful to further comprehend a Book in the Bible
This example of an Introductory Insight is very useful to further comprehend a Book in the Bible

Read useful insights in your Bible

Most of the Bibles are designed to be user-friendly especially the expensive ones. Parts of these user-friendly designs are the insights. Mine have introductory insights per Book of the Bible and have a lot of other explanations on a particular verse. This will make you’re comprehension much clearer.

Use markers or pens to highlights important verses or verses that strikes you.

If you are really serious on learning a subject matter, you would highlight it to surely remember. Just like when we review our textbooks for the upcoming test. The difference when we read the Bible, those verses that you highlight really hit, moved, affects, and give hopes to you. As for me I love underlining the verses of God’s promises and memorized it in my head. You can do it too!

Have a journal with you

Journals are so beneficial. Write here your reflections upon reading the bible. Write how you feel, your realizations and your prayers.

Maps like these are usually located at the last pages of the Bibles
Maps like these are usually located at the last pages of the Bibles

Use maps for references

What can be more realistic when we see the locations mentioned in the Bible? Maps are your friends in that.

Decide the time of the day to read

Some preferred reading it in the morning when all is fresh while others at night when all is quiet. We all have different times when we are fully charged or calmed. Choose those times when you read the Bible. Make it also a fixed schedule for you to get used to it because our aim is to make it a part of our life.

Don’t miss your schedule with God

Read the Bible every day. We are making a habit here. When you miss one day and then another, next thing you’ll realized that your Bible is covered with dust and webs.

Make it a priority

We all have list of priorities and this must be one of them. Because if not you will put it off another day and another then you forgot about it. Setting to read the Bible a priority means that God really is the Lord more than the chores or parties or even work (think hardly about taking overtime if really needed) .We all know that we have a lot of things to do, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Just simplify .And do what matters.

Don’t look at your watch

Don’t limit the time of your reading or even set a timer. If you want to go on to the next chapters, go on. Savor each word. It’s like eating in a buffet if you want to eat all, you wouldn’t enjoy the tastes .In reading the Bible if you read it so fast to finish it immediately, you wouldn’t learn anything .Besides it’s a journey and one year and a half or so before you finish it entirely.

Don’t be discouraged when you feel it’s too long to finish it or a lot of hard work to do, because it is. If we are really determined to do something especially in pleasing God, then by His power, yes we can.

How about you?Do you have any tips to easily read and understand all the books in the Bible?Leave your answers in the comments below!


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    • kristinekaren profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Philippines

      Hi! I'm glad you find it useful.Thanks!!

    • Janellegems profile image


      3 years ago from United States

      Thanks for these excellent step by step instructions on how to read the Bible. These are extremely helpful and encouraging. Voted up!!!


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