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How to build a solid foundation on God's Word

Updated on December 12, 2015

The Bible is great for giving instruction, direction, and guidelines for living a righteous life, but many people do not realize a deeper power that it has. Most don't read it as much as they should and still, many Bibles are not used at all. There is a deeper power that perhaps your pastor and church cannot fully reveal to you, only God's Spirit. We have many beliefs, many doctrines, and practices, but it is necessary to let the light of the Word of illuminate our paths and our foundational beliefs.

Reason alone cannot make the world a better place or enable you to receive God's understanding, knowledge, wisdom, power, and blessings, it must come from his Word.There are many people who do not know that many of their beliefs are not biblical. It is very important to look at God's Word to know reality.

* Think about your perception of the world - Think about how you interpret things in the world and compare them to different opinions, beliefs, ideas, theologies, and philosophies. Notice how different your views are to another persons. Realize that there are many different perspectives on what reality is, what truth is, what knowledge is, and what God is, but realize that there can only be one universal mind who knows all and when he speaks truth, no one can debate or object to his knowledge. God is the truth, not an idea, or an opinion. We need to look at God's perception of the world that he made because he knows all of it's workings, not scientists, philosophers, and the greatest thinkers.

* Pray for God's guidance in truth - Ask God to give you the power to give you knowledge, wisdom, humility, discipline, and the ability to discern between Truth and falsehood. Jesus promised us in John 14:13 "You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father." When you pray, you ask for God's work to be done and his power. Whenever you are in doubt or have any questions, pray and ask God for guidance and understanding. Make this a constant habit in the face of confusion and doubt.

* Read God's Word for all circumstances - Whether you encounter a philosophy, geology, science, or read about a belief system of reality, read the Bible and see if the teachings of man are aligned with the teachings of God. God's truth is a light shining in the dark world full of ignorance. By the Word of God, he made the world (John 1:1-3.) There are many deceptive beliefs and erroneous claims that people make which come from the minds of men and not of God. It is God who made the universe and understands everything, not man.

* Submit yourself under the authority of the teachings of God's Spirit- I have seen many Christians mistakenly submit themselves under the teachings of their pastors and leadership then state that God placed them to be a guide to the truth, while this is true, Church leaders are not infallible, but the words of Jesus are. Jesus promised in John 14:26 "26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you." God's Spirit will never deceive you and he will be with you always, regardless of whether you are in a church or not.

* After you face a particular situation, look at God's Word - When you don't know what to do in a specific situation, be it social or emotional. Read the Bible and look for guidance. When you are struggling in a relationship, read the Bible and see if your behavior reflects Jesus Christ. You will be very surprised to find how much solid advice the Bible can teach you on a variety of subjects and questions on how to live life.

* Study the Bible - Often times, you will need to dig deeper into God's Word to find the truth. Studying the Bible will help you more accurately see God's reality. If someone makes a claim whether it is biblical or not, study the Bible and bring their beliefs into God's light. There are a great variety of resources to help you do so.

* Engage in meditation - After you read a specific passage or verse, spend time repeating it over and over again in your mind. Read it constantly over until you get a better understanding of it. The more you focus on it, the more you will understand the message that God is trying to communicate with you. When you understand the message that God is communicating with you, you gain divine power.

A few final words to ponder on:

Looking at the Bible's perspective may seem as if you are being ignorant and close-minded on other sources such as science and other religions, but if you have a strong conviction that your faith in God will bring you into all truth, you will live by and experience the almighty power of God's Word and it will be very difficult for you to be fooled. God's word is as a solid rock. It never changes, whereas human ideas do. When you read it, study it, and apply it to all areas of your life, whether it's spiritually, intellectually, socially, your life will be filled with the overwhelming power of God's truth.

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