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How to Rule Out a Haunting

Updated on June 19, 2013

Is My Place Haunted?

A door swings closed on its own. A cabinet door you closed as you left the kitchen moments later is open again. There is the sound of movement in the attic. The house has cold spots and drafts. All these phenomena are identified with haunting activity.

These phenomena are not actually in most cases haunting activity at all. All of these phenomena have very natural explanations. Before we go jumping into the night out of our skins we should explore a little more and not hide under the covers.Here we will explore some of those mundane reasons

Unidentifiable Noises

Each night you go to sleep you may hear unidentifiable sounds. Sounds that usually are drowned out by the noise of our lives. We are distracted with our activities and chores. Not until the stillness of the dark hours do we pay attention to the sounds that are always taking place even if we are not aware that they are.

  • Rodents: Small pests like rats, racoons, and possums can nest in the walls, basements, crawl spaces, and attics of our homes.
  • House Settling: The moisture in the atmosphere (air) can cause swelling in boards as the weight of the structure rests on the load bearing wall or beam. This may sound like steps or loud cracks at times and creaking. This is caused by the swelling and contracting of the timber.
  • Outside Source: Many noises that sound as though they came from within our homes are actually just outside noises.

Strange Drafts and Cold Spots

Walking from one room and into the other you feel a distinct temperature change. One room is much colder than the other. At times you feel a phantom draft of cold air brush by you. Some spots on the floor hold heat better than others which always seem more cool.

  • Bad Insulation or Thin Walls: Some older homes have no insulation or are only partially insulated for weather extremes. This often causes great temperature differences in homes.
  • Open Windows: Open windows and ajar doors are the most common reasons for drafts.

Electrical Phenomena

As you sit eating your dinner the lights dim and flicker. Some times when watching television the set turns itself off. The bathroom light brightens on its own. Electrical events are often thought of as haunting phenomena.

  • Rodents: Rats can chew threw wires and cause electrical shorts.
  • Faulty Wiring: Bad wiring in a home can lead to electrical shortages and to the danger of fire.
  • Brown Outs: Power companies will often lower the outage of power if a community or area is over taxing the grid.

Odd Feelings of Being Watched

You feel nervous and oddly jittery. Its like someone is in the room with you, watching from behind you. You think you see something out of the corner of your eye. You try to rationalize it away.

  • Electromagnetic Fields: If you own lots of electrical and electronic devices or near high power lines you may be exposed to powerful EMFs which can effect the brain and cause hallucinations.
  • Psychological Fear: We can often cause ourselves to become scared over absolutely nothing. It is an irrational fear of isolation and exposure that once kept us alive in the forest but now creates phobic fears.


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    • Ruby Slipper profile image

      Desiree Nosik 5 years ago from Medford, OR

      I just checked my statistics and my views went up 47% this week, which must be from commenting on this, since nothing else has changed. So I guess I should thank you for the traffic, lol.

    • Ruby Slipper profile image

      Desiree Nosik 5 years ago from Medford, OR

      No way it was a rat or a paper clip (although there is a mouse in the wall). It sounded like something exploding. I guess the lady that had the trailer before Barbara died in it. According to the family the house is haunted, but then again so has every house they have ever been to as far as they are concerned. When they were staying upstairs from me Sami wouldn't sleep in the bedroom because she said there was people talking and children laughing next to her bed. I tried to explain to her that it was my tv just below her downstairs, but she wasn't having it, lol.

    • Cow Flipper profile image

      Sean Jankowski 5 years ago from Southern Oregon

      Hey Sis,

      (For all those who do not know Ruby Slipper is my sister in law.), That would peek my curiosity for sure. The Goddards probably are haunted Desiree. Dale has so many antiques and some of those will carry energy.

      It could be a case of mistaken phenomena. Dale or the kids may have loaded a paper clip to spring open at a slight vibration. I suspect a Tyler prank. lol! Hell maybe they have rats!

    • Ruby Slipper profile image

      Desiree Nosik 5 years ago from Medford, OR

      Did I tell you about what happened at Melanie's house last week? I was sitting in the living room with Mason on my lap and something "popped" on the table next to me. I thought my inhaler had exploded, because it was right there, but no. Papers went flying and everything. There was no one else in there, and I never found anything that could possibly have done it. It was the strangest thing. Everyone says it's a ghost, but who knows. Right? Whatever it was, my heart stopped for just a second, lol.