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Sharing the Gospel with Confidence

Updated on February 18, 2018

Can I Share the Gospel?

Many people don't know how to share the Gospel. It is not that they don't know or love God. They have never been taught how to do it. If you want to know how to share the Gospel with confidence, keep reading.

As an ambassador of Christ, our assignment is to preach, declare, share His message of redemption, wherever we go. It is not just to be done in Church or the job of preachers and spiritual leaders.

It is every believer's job, to let others know that God loves them and has a very special gift for them. 2Co 5:18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.

To reconcile means to bring back that which was lost! You are God's mouth and hands and feet in the earth and He wants to use you! The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has great resources for ministry and outreach projects.

It's not as Hard as you Think

Some people feel they can not share the gospel effectively unless they have a lot of Biblical knowledge or have been to Church evangelism course.

It is quite the contrary! Sharing the Gospel should be a natural extension of your walk with the Lord. It is like when you have found something wonderful, you want to tell someone about it.

Also, when sharing your faith, don't use religious terms, non-believers won't understand, like deliverance, sanctification, redeemed. I have found that the more I share my faith in a non-religious casual manner, the easier it flows and the more receptive others are.

God is with You

We have to step back and allow God to do the work. When you share the gospel, it will speak to the heart of the person you are ministering to. It is the Spirit of God who convicts the hearts of men and makes them aware of their need for God.

A friend of mine had been witnessing to a man for several years, to no avail. Recently he became very sick with some unknown illness. He later told my friend that as he laid on his bed, he saw the ceiling open and then a bright light. He told the Lord, please God not now.

The man recovered and when relaying his experience to my friend he declared, I know there is a God! So when you find family and friend, resistant to the Gospel, know that you have planted the seed and God will bring the harvest.

The Word of God

How to See Opportunities to Share

You may be at a bus stop or in line at the store and as you begin to chat with the person, they may begin to pour their whole life out to you. Knock, Knock, this is an opportunity to share the gospel with them.

When I first began to witness, I always used a gospel tract. While this is not necessary, I like to leave a track, because it gives the person something to read in the privacy of their own home. Especially if you did not get a chance to give them the complete gospel.

People are Watching

It is important to live that life that you are professing. Walk the talk. When people look at you, do they see you act with kindness, patience, and kindness? You are the book, everyone will read, so make sure you're a best seller!

On your job, you will have many opportunities to minister to your co-workers. I call this relationship Evangelism because you have more time to really get to know people, go out to lunch, talk about their family, etc.

Believe me, once you have told someone you are a Christian, they will be watching you. It is better to live your life in a manner that other will glorify God than to quote a million scriptures. We are to be living epistles and an open book that anyone can read and see Christ.

When to Plant a Seed

The Bible tell us there is a time to plan. This is when you share the Gospel and leave people with something to think about.

You may try to share the Gospel with someone who does not seem interested. Do not get offended, Remember that the Word of God is living and powerful.

What you share will them, will go to the root of their heart and began to work on them. God's Word always accomplishes something!

Continue to pray that the Lord will soften their heart and draw them by His Spirit. You have done a good work and know the Lord will give the increase!

A Witnessing Tool to Send a Friend

The Sinner's Prayer

Father forgive me for all my sins, come into my life and wash me with your blood, I ask you to be my Lord and Savior.That is it. There are variations of the prayer.

It is not necessary to be long and drawn out. Be free to pray what the Lord is giving you. If the person is suffering from some bondage or addiction, you may have them pray asking God to set them free from addiction, etc. or to heal them. Always be lead by the Holy Spirit and you will see God do great things.

When to Pray for Salvation

If the person is ready to receive the Lord you will sense it. You will see a change in their expression, you may see tears in their eyes, I have had people ask me right out, "How do I receive the Lord.

"First pray for the person for God to make Himself real to them, etc. Pray as you are being led. Then lead them in a prayer of Salvation. Although there is no set prayer to receive the Lord in order to cover all the bases many use the sinner's prayer or prayer of Salvation, to prayer with someone to receive the Lord.


What to Share

When God has given you an opportunity to share the gospel with someone who is open:

  • Let them know that God loves them. The most important thing you can tell someone is that they are loved by God. John 3:16 Preaching hell and brimstone will not make anyone want God.
  • Let them know that we all have sinned and that you too were a sinner and that our separates us from God. Romans 3:23 for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.
  • Share with them the power of repentance, and how it is necessary for Salvation.
  • Tell the person that Salvation is through Jesus Christ. Act4:12 And in none other is there salvation: for neither is there any other name under heaven, that is given among men, wherein we must be saved.
  • Ask them if they want to pray to receive Jesus


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