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How to Spend Time with God

Updated on November 22, 2015

Prioritize your Time

It has almost been a cliche to say that time is our most important commodity. It's pasted all over Facebook and yet I don't think the majority of people take time to meditate on this concept. Of course, that would take up some of your time, which is "very valuable." How important your time really is to you is revealed in your actions. But actions don't just happen because we want them to. What is produced on the outside begins as a process that occurs in our heart because "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7). You cannot fully act contrary to the thoughts that you are receiving with your heart. We can't afford to accept any thought that is contrary to what God says or thinks about it (2 Cor. 10:5& James 1:21). If you're receiving lies, then you will eventually act out what that lie is telling you. When our hearts are trained to constantly run to God with anything and everything, it becomes easier to say no to the lies and easier to say yes to everything God has in store for us.

How to Turn Around

It may seem like it was so easy to receive lies. They come even when we don't mean for them to. This is why we need to be intentional about being on God's side. It can feel as though your whole body is resisting what God is saying but your inner spirit man is persuading you to believe that it's true. It can be difficult at first to go against what your feelings are telling you because feelings can become so strong. However, God has called us to "live by faith and not by sight" (2 Cor. 5:7). There is an immense amount of security when you are led by a knowing instead of a feeling. Speaking God's answers into existence creates this atmosphere in which you can thrive. You are not recreating anything but you are bringing awareness to what God has already created and provided for. God created the earth itself with the power of His tongue. He also encouraged Gideon by calling him a "mighty man of valor" when he was hiding in a wine press. God always used His words to correct and to empower. To be able to speak is a gift from God and it can be used to create the atmosphere that God intended it to.

All Else

God can help you organize more than just two categories; God and everything else. But the more you spend time with God, the more that you begin to realize that He's more important than anything else. You'll begin to see yourself letting go of things that you didn't even know you were holding onto. This turns into an effortless process in which you crave God more and more. There have been certain days that I have had with God in which I put Him first completely and then I am able to get more stuff done than what I could have thought possible. To me, it was like He literally multiplied my time. God never takes away, He always supplies and multiplies. Furthermore, God promises that if we seek Him and His righteousness first, all else WILL follow. God is always sure about His intentions toward us. If we find that our priorities are out of order, it could be because we lack the understanding of how loving our God really is. Spending time with Him and His word can help us to receive more of this truth.


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