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How to Boost Your Intuition

Updated on September 19, 2021
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Yoga wellness educator. Certified to teach Hatha yoga, meditation, pilates, and Reiki. Oracle card reader. Yoga Therapy Foundations program.


People with psychic abilities are not all on the same level. They can access regions of the unseen world, but will only perceive what matches their thoughts, desires, actions, and level of consciousness.

We each possess the degree of clairvoyance that matches our individual level of development. Those stuck in the hell of negative thoughts, feelings, and actions will suffer because they will encounter problems that correspond to their level of consciousness.

Clairvoyance is the ability to foresee future events. A clairvoyant knows about things that he or she did not actually see happen or hear about.

A pure soul can access higher levels of the unseen world. A person with a pure soul is someone whose intentions are honest, and whose decisions and actions come from a belief to be good more than to get attention or reward.

Those who work on purifying themselves by working for the highest ideal have pure vibrations. Subtler vibrations can attract to them the spirits of light. The highest ideal is the spiritual realm where the universal spiritual force resides.

Purifying ourselves means cultivating wisdom, love, and self-control. A soul that has reached a high level of purity can go through transformation where his or her essence becomes infused with that of the universal spiritual force. Every occurrence in the universe is recorded at that level.

Those whose spirit has reached the highest level of purity acquire the power to see and feel whatever they want to know. With this power, clairvoyance and the power to penetrate the mysteries of the universe follow.

It is useful to make a constant effort to gain self-control and learn to keep a watch on our desires and ambitions. This enables us to protect and defend ourselves against being pulled into the lower planes of existence.

How to Start?

Develop the potential of your soul and spirit. This will allow you to travel to the spiritual planes and communicate with nature spirits and the entities and elements that work on the different levels. You will be able to do and continue doing significant spiritual work.

It is the quality of our spiritual life that allows us to project the light and see into the unseen world. If that light is masked by inferior thoughts and feelings, we can only see and perceive what correspond to that degree of light.

Traditional stories warn us that if we peek into the invisible world while caught at the lower levels of existence, we will only see monsters and wild beasts clawing at each other, not something that would benefit us and others.

The greater the purity of a person’s soul, the greater the degree of clairvoyance, and the clearer that soul can see into the concealed world.

To develop true clairvoyance, we would benefit from rising to our higher self on a daily basis. The eyes of the spirit have the best vision.

The Spiritual Eye or the Third Eye

Among other things, the spiritual eye warn people of approaching danger. People whose spiritual eye is not developed run the risk of going in a direction that is not to their advantage. Having an awakened third eye protects us most of the time, except when a karmic debt must be paid. Then, we are able to see danger coming but cannot avoid it.

To develop our third eye, we must release it from the negative vibrations that flow from us, which are formed by what we are and the kind of life we live. These vibes accumulate like clouds of dust that prevent us from seeing clearly.

Purity develops intuition. Purity is enhanced by eating healthy food, breathing pure fresh air, surrounding ourselves mostly with people who have uplifting energies, having pure thoughts and feelings, and doing selfless actions.

It is said that our destiny lies in the purity of our third eye. Wrong actions that hurt others cloud the third eye. This would be like losing our guide who helps us navigate life and avoid complications.

A useful daily exercise is to pay attention to the relationship between our daily behavior and the clarity of our vision. When we make up our mind to live an honest, upright life, our subtle organs work well and give us guidance.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions influence our spirit and soul in the same way that food entering the physical body influences its systems. The spiritual world purifies the body of a person whose third eye is pure.

According to the Christian faith, the spiritual eye is the faculty or subtle organ that can have the vision of Heaven and its inhabitants. Beautiful fragrances emanate from the bodies of beings of light, and their bodies sing in harmony.

To gain the vision of an uplifting reality, we must free ourselves from everything that can destroy us. We give importance only to pure thoughts, feelings, and actions until one day we get a clear picture of how to live a life free from suffering. It is not the intellect but the contemplation of the spiritual life that helps us find solutions to the problems and issues of life.

Relation Between a Pure Life and a Clear Spiritual Vision

Intuition is an inner knowledge, a vision, and an immediate grasp of the real world. It is a higher sort of intelligence.

To tune in to the transcendental regions of the unseen world, we must free ourselves from the emotions and passions that prevent us from seeing clearly. It is in the state of peace and harmony that we can see clearly. We become like the surface of a crystal clear lake that reflects the heaven.

How do you Develop Your Intuition?

In line with our natural inclination, we could choose one or more of these techniques:

  • Concentration exercises practised on a regular basis.
  • Concentration on the Higher Self and imagining that we grasp what it sees and knows.
  • Visualization
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation

A healthy lifestyle is a requirement whatever the method we use.

When fully developed, the third eye makes us open to every opportunity life gives us as a gift to clarify our vision and inner truth.

which one of these techniques do you favor?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Liliane Najm


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