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How to Switch to Free-Form Spiritualism from a Dogmatic Faith

Updated on May 9, 2015

Aren't we all Angelic beings


Spirituality and Freedom

I choose faith over that of religion, and mainly because there are to many religions out there that claim to be the all knowing source. I chose to dedicate my faith to the creator, rather then to any false gods, or god.

My belief in a single entity that was responsible for bringing all of life into existence has equated to what I call my spiritual awareness, and overall spirituality as a whole. I live my life thereafter according to how the natural world sways in its motions, and movements of differing extremes and in connection to that of humanity, since I am only human, and not viewed as a differing life form. "I firmly believe in God & God Alone"

Religious Conformity

Religion however has ways of creating conformity, which to me can become very repulsive, and smothering to that of the human soul. I say this because there are so many religions of the world that are in existence that are, and have been summoned up by that of a human being (Many ancient people from all walks of life, like Hermes), and for the most obvious reasons as to either lead others down some conclusive, and decisive path towards what they deem to be enlightenment, when in actual fact it can be heading directly towards a life of self pity, self destruction, or even worse.

This is one thing I tend to steer away from when it comes to religions, and it is essential for that of the believer to make up their own mind as to what they think is good for them. I think this is why when certain individuals sense there is some form of contradiction to that of their normal human nature that any specific belief system presents to them, they may tend to reject the teaching to simply move on to yet another belief.

Real world experience and life changes

My brother actually has done such a thing many times in that of his own experience on the planet, and in dealing with belief. He hopped from one belief system to that of the next as if he was on some kind of religious surfboard, and could switch off to differing ones. I believe when someone gets lost in that of their spirituality, they tend to truly lose sight of the premise, and basic fundamental understandings of what it means to be human.

I myself have lost sight of things many times in the past, and this is reason for us all to have been told that human beings are imperfect, but I have always been grounded spiritually, and even if my physical body has performed things that others may not have understood. This is something that many people have no idea about, in terms of how our spirit works, of how we can think of one thing, but be doing something entirely different some day.

Religious people today

Today many religious people appear to be truly devoted to that of their faiths, but such a thing requires an extreme level of personal sacrifice, of letting go of their individualism, and to become that of a communal group of believers.

I think its cool in many ways, people all following the same practices for organizational purposes of a normal functioning society and all religions are well respected by me for doing so, but I prefer not to feel the need to conform in such a way to any of them, nor do I have the need to sacrifice anything to prove myself worthy.

Religious Extremest

I know of many extreme religions where ritualistic practices of sacrificing much more then oneself are definitely prevalent as well, and so this also isn't something I approve of in my life or that of my family life. I believe the lord makes us all sacrifice automatically, as he paves the way through our worldly experiences, and all we can do is stand by, adjust appropriately, and all since we have no control of his ultimate divine powers.

This is why I stay to myself as a hermit crab type of a spiritualist, and I can blend into any religious crowd of people, attend church, or meditate like the Buddha, but remain detached from their expectations of me having to do certain things, and in their certain ways. "This freedom of spirituality is what freed me from any Religious Dogmatic faiths the are inherently at odds with one another, and have been for ages."

Now this dude truly has a free life, I wonder if he's spiritual or religious, inquiring minds would surely like to know


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @Ericdierker, Glad to have you join us here on my hub and happy you decided to comment.

      My faith in the one up high above is very similar to yours, its such a wonderful feeling to live spiritually free to believe in what ever we want. I think by us all respecting each others beliefs we can come together on common grounds and move further in our daily lives to some sort of prosperity.

      Thanks for sharing with us all your words of faith and also for sharing with me Eric.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @mperrottet, Thanks for that lovely comment you left me up there. Yes indeed being spiritual is very important to me, I wasn't raised under any organized religion even though I was born into a catholic family. My mother was a person who practiced her own belief as well, and allowed me the freedom to think in my own ways.

      I thank her for being so spiritually free, and open to accept the world as it truly is. So I love your comment even more, due to the fact that you have managed to do much of the same for yourself, and that's highly commedable in these days and times. Also thanks for the vote up and for sharing with me.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      mperrottet this is a wonderful comment. As I studied the great religions I came to realize I wanted and good believe in the one that most closely resembled you thoughts. There was not one. But there is faith and great teachers and a God. I chose that near barefoot teacher and claimed Son of God named Brother Jesus. Trouble is,,, He has rules to: Love and when you're done love some more and when you can't keep doing it, do it anyway and love.

    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 

      5 years ago from San Antonio, FL

      I'm with you, CloudExplorer. I can see the beauty in all religions and love studying them, but choose not to conform to any one organized religion. I have my own religious foundation that is very simple - to try to spread the light of love throughout the universe as best as you can, avoid hurting others as best as you can, and help others as much as you can. Pretty simple, and works for me. Voted up and and interesting!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Hey Gypsy, Thanks for the insight here a great deal of people have truly been turned of in recent years by anything a human has their dirty hands on, and so yup its much safer to go about it using faith of our own in my opinion, and faith alone shall set us all free for sure & no matter what we all believe in.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and interesting. I agree with you. It's especially important here in Riga. During occupation of course there was no religious belief of any kind allowed and churches were turned into all sorts of things like museums. Now that religion is once again a part of the people I have no belief in the way they express it in the churches. I do miss going to church especially at holiday time but I have my faith, I let the Lord guide me, have my Bible on hand and I do just fine. God bless and passing this on.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @Ericdierker, your very much welcome bro this hub is actually an answer to a Q&A question, and I did my best to answer that bad boy.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @Always Exploring, I don't have anything against organized religions, but I just prefer not to feel forced to do things I feel uncomfortable doing.

      Also they can have the hatred aspects of other beliefs and all like some religious groups do trying to prove that their belief is the only one and all by making all others either look bad or whatever they do, that part I could truly live without for sure.

      Thanks for your kind words here.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @Deborah for responding to my hub with such kind words, and for sharing it with me, I personally don't hate organized religions I just will not conform to any, or feel the need to practice any faith other then believing in God, and having true faith in him alone.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      6 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I really do appreciate your hub. I try very hard to get people to get spiritual, before getting church. Then whatever spiritualism or faith or church they chose they are ready for a good time. And what that is all about is just plain a wonderful feeling inside and connection to more.

      Thanks again.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I couldn't agree with you more. Organized religion has turned more people away from the church. I am spiritual and i believe in God. I do not judge any man, I leave that in God's hands. People who judge others who may be different are cluless to God's will. The political scene today is a good example of Dogmatic faith. Thank you for sharing..Cheers..

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Yes indeed Eric, everyone of my family members are into something entirely different today, which is far different from traditional families, but just as you've stated your family is like.

      Its tough at times to relate to one another, but we all manage to get along either way, and so freedom to practice whatever we believe in today is so important, and especially if it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others.

      Thanks for your insight here, and it was night to meet you for the first time on hubpages.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      6 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Beautiful wonderful hub. I probably was closer to your brother during his questing period. But I have always remained Christian. But several different sects/denominations. But I have climbed mountains with Shinto monks. Lived with Buddhist monks. Was raised with Native Americans. And my wife was Buddhist when I married her. I have an atheist sister, Mother Earth brother and my first to girlfriends were Mormon.

      The Beauty and Majesty of these religions or churches diversity is wonderful to observe, inspect and celebrate. My real religion is Love and inclusive and for everyone. But more important is the dogma that insists I do likewise

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Mike I have to say I hate organized religion. Your thoughts on this subject this hub is very good. It is perfect how you don't let religion define you.

      I have a personal relationship with Jesus. I am so glad I do not need any kind of religion.

      You keep up the great work here on the hub.. and your friendship means a lot to me

      many blessings to you


    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Yes @Faith Reaper, life is powerful when you look at it from the perspective of the faithful believer, and more then that of the practitioner looking to earn their way into heaven.

      I also believe that proving oneself is for the birds, and in any way shape or form, because it is absent of faith alone, and yes indeed totally senseless and devoid of a true spiritual purpose.

      Now that of the unseen emotional, and loving connection of compassionate feelings expressed to that of other human beings, to that of animal life, to mother nature etc..., well that is a completely different story, because it doesn't take a physical thing to cause such

      a huge affect spiritually in reference to all of those things.

      I believe our human spirit can transcend that of the body at times, and to effect everything, but if we are unaware of such a reality we won't see how it works in our favor or works against us all.

      The mere gesture of kindness in worded form one provides for another is something in itself that's proof that we all can achieve such things as a personal relationship with God, oh yes indeed, and I know you have been blessed to receive much of his worldly wisdom through your experiences in life as well.

      Thanks for the cool comment and insight here, as well as for sharing as you do quite often.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      6 years ago from southern USA

      I do respect all others and their beliefs as well. I have great faith in my Lord God as I have had that personal and intimate relationship with him going back as far as a small child and knowing he was present right there with me through the worst of times and never forsaking me until this day. It is through these very trials our character is formed and makes us the person who we are today. He tells us of this in His active and living word, that we will face many trails of many kinds each day, so we should not be surprised, but He will be with us through them all. We are all sinners, not one is perfect. And if you walked into a church full of people anywhere in this entire world, that is what it would be filled with, sinners. No one can judge another. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. As a young adult I fell away, as a lot of us do and go our own way. But through much trials and tribulations in my life, He has brought me back to Him through His very presence in my life. He will never stop pursuing us no doubt, is my belief and faith to trust in Him until the day I go on to my true home. I need no one to prove anything to me, as I have my strong faith. I am not a "reglious" person, as one may think, as there is a huge differece in being religious and having that great faith in Him. We are not saved by works, but by grace, is my belief. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Very interesting. Voted up etc. God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper Peace Very cool video!!!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @lrc7815, life is definitely much more enjoyable knowing I don't have to act any differently then I am as a naturally born human being.

      I can tell what's right from wrong, and have noticed such a thing from a very young age, plus my parents taught me to love life, to love people, and how to play fair with others.

      My firm belief in God is solid, and as you've stated a personal relationship shall suffice as good enough, as a spiritually aware being that I've grown to become.

      Thanks for the awesome comment here, for sharing, oh my you are so honest, and thoughtful for sharing your perspective on the matter. Take care, and please do have a wonderful day!

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 

      6 years ago from Central Virginia

      Mike, this is very interesting. I think many in my generation became disillusioned with organized religion and went seeking something that felt more personal. Many of my friends who are my age are incredibly spiritual people with intentsely personal relationships with God. Yet, none are involved in any organized religion. I know that many will say that is contradictory to what the Bible teaches but I prefer to think that God really cares more about how we treat each other than whether we get dressed up on Sunday and sit in a building getting screamed at in hopes of scaring us to be better people. I am trying to live in the moment with awareness that God is bigger than anything I am capable of comprehending. This hub is quite thought provoking and the video - just crazy.


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