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How to Understand a Cancer Rising Sign

Updated on July 1, 2013

The Glyph Used to Represent the Zodiac Sign Cancer

Glyphs are symbols that are used in writing in lieu of words.
Glyphs are symbols that are used in writing in lieu of words. | Source

What does an Ascendant in Cancer Reveal?

The rising sign is just as important as the Moon and Sun signs. The rising sign is usually what the world sees in you. In ancient astrology, the rising sign was used as an explanation of your personality instead of today’s more popular Sun sign. The rising sign is the beginning of the first house in your natal, or birth chart. A natal chart is a map of the sky at the exact moment you were born. It consists of twelve separate sections called Houses. Each house represents a different dynamic of one’s life, and the astrological planets and aspects between those heavenly bodies help to interpret individual moods, priorities, and personality. The rising sign is the Zodiac sign or constellation that was rising in the sky over the Earth’s eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth. It is also called the Ascendant. The rising sign rules your inner child and your emotions. Therefore, you can feel and sometimes behave much differently than what your Sun sign indicates if the Sun and Earth’s eastern horizon were in different constellations when you were born.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, and is a water sign. Those with an Ascendant in Cancer are extremely family oriented. Their loved ones are the top priority in their lives, as is their home. They are nurturing and incredibly protective of their children, spouses, siblings, and close friends. The parents are especially important in the lives of people who are born with Cancer rising. Mom is often put on a pedestal and usually has a heavy influence on the development of the Crab’s personality. If you are in a relationship with a Cancer rising sign, you better be sure to get along very well you’re your partner’s mother. The father’s legacy and family history is of extreme importance, and those with a Cancer Ascendant hold family traditions sacred.


Also, those who were born at a time when the Cancer was rising on the eastern horizon are excellent providers. This is because the family and home are so important that they find it necessary to provide a warm, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment. They feel this is their primary purpose in life, and will do whatever it takes to be sure their families are nurtured and encouraged. They will take care of their loved ones financially, mentally, physically, and especially emotionally.

Each astrological house is aligned with the astrological planet that rules the Zodiac sign represented by that house. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the emotional, nurturing astrological planet. Cancer is a water sign making one with a Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign in Cancer even more sensitive and emotional than the average person. They don’t always show it, but they definitely feel it.

Have you ever had your natal chart (or birth chart) read by a professional Astrologer?

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Cancer the Crab


Famous People With Cancer Rising

  • Burl Ives, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Taurus
  • Shelley Winters, Sun in Leo and Moon in Gemini
  • Babe Ruth, Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cancer
  • Judy Garland, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius
  • Albert Einstein, Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius
  • Molly Ringwald, Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio
  • Cher, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Capricorn
  • Ben Affleck, Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio
  • Alanis Morissette, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Scorpio
  • Bill Gates, Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aries
  • Cass Elliott, Sun in Virgo and Moon in Virgo
  • Celine Dion, Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries
  • Julia Roberts, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo
  • Billy Joel, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra
  • John Mayer, Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius
  • Oliver Hardy, Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Virgo
  • Jane Russell, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Capricorn
  • Robert DeNiro, Sun in Leo and Moon in Pisces
  • Salvador Dali, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aries
  • Liv Tyler, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn
  • Mariah Carey, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius
  • Meryl Streep, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus
  • Stephen King, Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sagittarius

I absolutely appreciate your interest in my hub. I hope the article was helpful, entertaining, and encouraging. Your opinion is always welcomed and appreciated, so please feel free to leave your opinion, a suggestion or comment, or share your own story in the comments section specified below.

"Be kind to one another" ~ Ellen

God Bless You ~ Margaret Sullivan


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