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How to Use Feng Shui Crystals to Impove your Home

Updated on December 14, 2016
Feng Shui Crystals
Feng Shui Crystals

Why are Feng Shui crystals so beneficial?

On the face of it, crystals are just pieces of minerals or polished glass. What is there in crystals that makes them so special and what differs them from usual glass?

The truth is, Feng Shui crystals have a complicated structure which makes them so magical. Sugar and water also consist of crystals, but they are quite different from those used in Feng Shui. In fact, Feng Shui crystals are beautiful rock crystals that reflect the sunlight, destroy negative energy and create positive energy for you and your home. Hung over the center of your window, they are in their best place. Here, they catch the light and send it refracted into your room, thus focusing and activating positive energy inside your home. In a subtle way, energy vibrations become higher which is very beneficial.

Feng Shui crystals are traditional talismans and they are used alongside with wind chime. Rock crystals are believed to bring longevity, health, protect from negative energy, from infertility, improve memory, contribute to better attention concentration and fortify human energy.

Feng shui clusters
Feng shui clusters
A crystal like this sends light in all diections across the room.
A crystal like this sends light in all diections across the room.

Where can you place Feng Shui crystals?

The crystal should be placed in such a way that it would capture electrical or natural light. When the light is good, it is worthwhile turning the crystal from side to side to illuminate the walls, the ceiling and all the furniture. The redirected sun-rays create all kinds of colorful sunbeams, as well as rainbows: it means good energy and good luck for your home. It is better to hang the crystal on a red string. Its length must equal to number 9, for example, 9 inches or 9 centimeters, also it can be 18 and 27 inches or centimeters. In Feng Shui, number 9 is a sacred number and it unifies the power of Earth and Heaven.

The best place for the crystal is a window. On sunny days, the crystal captures energy and sunlight and redirects lots of rainbow beams in the room creating a positive energy and it also dissipates the energy that comes from the entrance door inside the room.

Crystal lustres are also good talismans. A lustre can redirect energy that it generates around the whole apartment. It can be hung in the middle of the room but not over a bed or a sofa, because it can activate energy which makes it difficult to fall asleep or have rest.

It is recommended to hang a crystal in front of a WC if it is situated opposite the entrance door. It will then prevent the chi energy that enters your home from escaping in the WC.

Crystals are able to harmonize a lot of aspects of our lives. A talisman in the south-west of a living room or a flat will help a woman find a good husband. It will help a married couple fortify their feelings and bring the clear love energy and happiness in their lives. The best way to use crystals in bedrooms is to place couples of objects, for example, two crystal lamps. If you place crystals in the kids' room they will help children to grow their creativity, improve their attention and working capacities.

Beautiful geodes can create very positive energy.
Beautiful geodes can create very positive energy.

What kind of crystals can be used?

It is considered that the best Feng Shui crystal is the rock crystal. But it is very difficult to find a natural crystal of a perfect shape while symmetry is also very important. That is why they often use special glass crystals in Feng Shui. Cut in a special way to form the crystal structure, they are quite efficient. How can you tell a good crystal from a usual glass? When you strike a crystal surface, you can hear the sound last on the same note for 3-4 seconds and then become quieter.

The best crystal products are Swarovski crystals and Bohemian crystals. Swarovski lustres contain silver ions which makes them especially effective when it comes to redirecting of light, and also, from Feng Shui point of view, creates additional conditions for space cleansing.

You can also take crystals, as found in nature, and place them on a shelf or a window sill.

Faceted crystals are most beautiful.
Faceted crystals are most beautiful.

How do you activate your talisman?

In order to activate beneficial energies of the crystal you first need to clean it from the unknown energy. For this, you can put it in salted water for 7 days. After cleansing of the talisman, it is good to charge it with your own energy. To do this, hold it in your hand, bring it to your heart or to the "Third eye" area (the place between your brows). It is better of you are in a positive mood and thinking about your wish. Do this once a month.

Souvenir shops offer many different ideas for crystal gifts.
Souvenir shops offer many different ideas for crystal gifts.
Cabochons can be kept hidden or displayed.
Cabochons can be kept hidden or displayed.

How do you choose your crystal?

When you choose your crystal or mineral, pay attention to its qualities. Pyramids of a correct form as well as balls and eggs play the same role as crystals.

Crystals of a spherical form are very harmonizing. They can be of any size. The smaller ones can be placed in children's rooms and they are perfect for smaller spaces. As for the bigger ones, up to 70 millimeters in diameter, they are good for banquet halls. Pyramids work milder than crystals, but they are more active than eggs or balls.

A collection of crystals can really enhance any home.
A collection of crystals can really enhance any home.

A crystal for a gift

In Feng Shui it is very beneficial to give presents because it is believed that if you give something, you multiply your luck, wealth and all the things that your gift symbolically means. That is why offering crystals is very beneficial. Think however about the mineral and its qualities and whether they will comply with the personality of the one to whom you want to present it when you make your gift.

Pretty geodes in a bottle.
Pretty geodes in a bottle.

You and feng shui crystals

Would you use feng shui crystals to enhance your home?

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    • profile image


      3 months ago

      Can you tell me how to get pure Feng Sui crystal for energizing the home,I like to get it soon. And please suggest what I should do to improve my career prospects /money.

      I am staying in the college campus, the home provided has three doors, two of them open in the east-north and main entrance is opening at the north-west.

      Please suggest. And should I change my name for numerological problem


      Chanchal mukherjee

    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      3 years ago from Russia

      Clear quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst, geode or cluster.

    • profile image

      ritu ritu 

      3 years ago

      i want to know which cystal is good for two kids in thier room so they concentrate on thier study

    • gladiols profile image

      Gladys Ayala 

      6 years ago from United States

      Beautiful collection! I love crystals too. Thanks for sharing.

    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      6 years ago from Russia

      Kavita kadela, thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      kavita kadela 

      7 years ago

      very useful information . thank you so much. can you send me video of using and hanging crystal pyramid at kitchen.

    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Cashmere, Thank you! I am happy to know that you liked my hub:)

    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 

      7 years ago

      A fun read and I loved how detailed your writing was in describing how they work. Excellent hub avorodisa. Voted up, awesome, and interesting :)


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