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How to Visualize and Strengthen the Energy when Casting Spells?

Updated on October 28, 2019

Visualizing is an important step when casting spells, be it visualizing the experience you want to come true, or visualizing the energy transferring from you to the spell. Not everyone is good at visualizing though, especially when you need to hold that image for a couple of minutes and then let go.

Visualizing means to bring an image before your eyes, is linked to vision, the only receptor you activate is seeing. While Imagining on the other hand calls for you to not only see, but also hear, taste, feel, smell the experience you create. Even when you Imagine, the first thing you do is Visualize and that's what we're going to talk about.

For those who can visualize fast and vividly, the tip is to hold that image before your eyes and start feeling it, experiencing it, not only seeing everything around you by focusing on the details, but you start feeling the touch of another person, or the smell of money, or hear the music, etc, whatever your background is. You have to hold this thought for a couple of minutes to deliver the message to the Spirit and raise your vibration matching the scenario in your mind.

For those who find it difficult to visualize, here are some helpful steps to follow:

- First, ask for what you want, focus on the sentence and hold that thought for 5 seconds.

Immediately, create the picture of what you want in your head, a general tableau, don't dive into details, and hold that for 5 seconds.

- Second, speak your wish again and visualize at once the picture you created, hold it for 5 seconds.

Once you brought the picture up again, now start to focus a little more on what's happening around you, who is around you, what's the place like, where are you, hold it for 5 seconds.

- Third, speak your wish, visualize your picture again just like the step above, hold it for 5 seconds.

Now, slowly turn the picture into a movie, people start moving and talking to you, you are at the ATM withdraw money, you are cuddling with your partner and your dog is sitting next to you, moving his tail slowly. You notice all the details in the room or office or wherever you are, the cupboards, or the streets, the trees and maybe a butterfly passes you by.

The visualization at this point shall be strong and pretty vivid, so you start feeling and breathing all of it in. You smell the money in your hand and you think what you're going to buy, you feel the love and compassion for your partner who is gently massaging your feet, you feel the gratitude and pride for a job well done and you're handled a bonus, you hear people talking about how genuine you are, you taste a special meal at the restaurant you always wanted to, you are driving your dream car and dancing to the music at a red light or traffic. You're happy, fulfilled, successful, and grateful.

In time, when you get better at visualizing the object of your desire, you will be able to visualize the energy moving from your own body to the object, from you to someone else, or from an object to another.

The reason being is that you want to energize your spell to set in movement the manifestation. It is also used to heal someone else, or a part of your physical body, or your chakras. It is also used to infuse the energy of an object to another object in order to make the object of your spell stronger (usually used to transfer energy from a crystal which holds abilities of its own, to the spell).

When visualizing the energy moving, you want to visualize a sphere of light, usually bright, but it can be pink, golden, brown, or whatever color matches your intention and the experience best. It is one of the most powerful visualization which will ask for a huge amount of energy from you, so be careful what you're diving into.

Remember: When casting spells, you shape the situation however you want, you shape the conversations, you shape yourself in the person you want to be to get the job done.

Tip: If you still find it difficult, or need a deeper understanding, one trick is to go through the above steps not creating something that never happened, but recalling a memory. First you bring up the picture, then you notice your surroundings, then you dive into the details. Usually, the memories that hold the most details, when you can activate all your preceptors are those with a loved one, when you can smell his/her smell, or you at the grandma house, etc.

Bonus Tip: In order to get better at this game, visualize the craziest stuff for your own satisfaction, like: running with unicorns, swimming with the Loch Ness Monster, flying with dragons, flowers blooming in solid rock, etc.

© 2019 SangrealGoddess


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