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How to Win a Race That's Already Won

Updated on July 20, 2019
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

To Throw or to Build that is the question?


How to Win a Race

I got something to share,

Something to say,

Something about,

The way that we play,

It’s not about me,

It’s not about you,

Just a little about,

The things that we do,

Try not to judge,

Assume, or read in,

Just want to share,

Away we can win!

Every moment of our race is for the win!

Winning is knowing the race is already won!

Check out these faces what do you see?
Check out these faces what do you see? | Source

Keep looking ahead

We often say, “We’re looking forward,” are we? Or do we tend to look at others along the way? Do we find ourselves glaring, staring, assuming, questioning even judging people, without truly knowing them at all? Some worldly fear keeps a distance between people until they learn to connect with those around them, looking deeply into their own heart, and those with which they come in contact. Each connection is essential, and we need to see with new eyes, thus beginning to see one another in a genuinely humble way.

Once we know someone, we often assume they stay the same during the times in between our connection to them. How sad to live in this assumption, it’s so limiting; this false reality doesn’t allow for personal, or spiritual growth. As people, we are prone to distraction and losing our way. Thankfully God doesn’t give up on us, the way we give up on others and ourselves. He is constant during the times in between and shepherding His sheep with every minute of their journey.

Will we ever learn that one never wins a race when looking at the pace of the person in the next lane? We say we don’t compare, but we’re so busy doing just that, often missing the exact purpose of the moment we experience. The very moment we have been given to do something meaningful, and sadly, we lose the chance, and it’s gone.

We admire the runner who crosses the finish line, looking closely into their face’s, we see their focus, looking straight ahead, at least if they’re in front. It’s not about the run; it’s about trusting in where you keep your heart.

The real runner fully appreciates the races they’ve already completed. However, they’ve learned to look where they’re going, and not to where they’ve been. It’s essential to use the lessons learned, but, most important to allow them to move us toward a goal and purpose.

It’s funny because we hardly recognize that each day the course changes, we change, and so does our purpose. When we start running the race, it may be to get where we want to go, and then at some point, we realize it has nothing at all to do with us. It’s at this moment, right then, in this very thought, that we’re finally on track.

FIX MY EYES ~ For King and Country

Use things for a greater purpose

Sometimes we wonder the “whys,” and we process them out loud. It is the way of today’s culture, as we live in a world full of technology. Social media is here to stay (at least for now!)

Now, social media can be a good thing, or it can destroy. It comes down to, how are we using it, and are we using it for a real purpose? Are we learning from the races we have already run?

Are we critiquing our race or are we busy critiquing the competition going on next to ours, the one about which we have no clue? The truth is, we have had everything we need for our race today, but we are not to judge how someone else is running his or hers.

Only God has the power to start the runners each day, and only He controls the outcomes. We should be helpful to others, always showing love, but respectful of the work Christ is doing in each of us. We must remain mindful that it’s not about us, there is so much more than we can see. Even when we think we have it figured out, we realize each race is complicated and purposeful, and not always as it appears.

So, why do we get caught up in the way, the how, the when, does it matter? All that matters is to keep our focus on the purpose of each race, remembering we have no control and yet, to trust in that fact, is everything. So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we believe that power to God? On any given day, we can find ourselves trying to manipulate an outcome rather than trusting Him completely. It’s easier to talk the talk than walk the walk. We need to be better at both!

We fall to the pressure of hanging in and laying low, getting by and pointing fingers, figuring out and believing we are supposed to shine, rather than lighting up the only path for all of us that’s worth taking. We stop trusting and slip! Thinking the polar opposite of how to win, and these are the moments we are missing our purpose. When dismissing, we are not submitting to God’s will, and we give a little piece of our light away in the wrong direction, and our sun goes dim.

HE is the WIN!

Why then don’t we work as a team, picking one another up, brushing off the dirt, and pointing toward the direction of the truth, we’re not allowing God to shine through us. We are His, and we should want to be used to light the way, for someone, somewhere, every day — especially someone who doesn’t know how to have Him right at the center of their race.

When we know Him, His light dwells within us, and He uses us to be a beacon for His glory. We need to be a light so bright that our combined fire is wild and unable to be tamed. Isn’t that what Jesus did? Isn’t that what God does?

God sent His Son; He welcomed, taught, shared, felt disappointment, and loved anyway. He held His friends and followers accountable, lovingly, and with the conviction of the word of God. His word is the way the truth and the life. Still, Jesus suffered for all. He paid the price and ran the race, the only track that counted for all of us!

Why do we keep trying to run that race? We don’t have to worry about sin, we have to trust in the win, and it’s so easy if we keep going in the direction of Him. It doesn’t matter if we run or crawl, if we look good doing it, or if the right people are around us. It doesn’t matter who sees us, or who doesn’t, because none of us deserves it, and none of us is worthy. He loves us anyway; He is waiting there at the end of our race to give us the best ending ever.

Everything starts with a belief, believing and trusting in all things are possible through His strength and not our own. In the flesh, we give up so quickly, peeling away that trust that all will end as it should. It’s honestly just a matter of when we decide to give in rather than waiting for the race to come to an end in His timing.

Now stumbling is expected, even losing along the way is an option and will happen, but giving up, is the only real loss. The loss comes one direction; a decline is inevitable if we choose to flat out turn around, go backward, and forget that the race won. Then we deny the fact that He is the win, He expects our denial, but God knows we are doing it, and He will use every strategy to convict us of His truth.

He will, however, be ready to enter you in a sprint on occasion, putting you to the test. He may carry you through if you let Him. He will hold you when you’re slipping, and if you trust Him, it will be a fantastic journey. If on the other hand, we deny Him readily, He will get our attention and gently lead us back on track.

It’s really up to us, though, as to whether we pay attention because that whole free will thing comes into play. He will be clear, but the choice is ours, as in all races you have to, at least, be on track and ready to run before it can start.

The Only Win

We are not alone

We are not perfect, and He doesn’t want us in a box, with the same people in the same place all the time. He wants us to forget about us and share Him. If we think we’re not where we should be, or if we think about the way we may get caught in a downdraft of that fire that we are trying to build. Next time we feel that way, let’s fight it. How about we pull one another along, lift, use His words not our own, and use His grace charts for the win.

He wants us to bring people to the truth, just the way they are. He wants them to know he takes their debt, and God is the win! It isn’t whether you win or lose in your race. He will use our trials and our peaks every time to build His Kingdom because His grace is sufficient.

He wants us to see through the idol of self, things, and earthly bounds. He wants us to go boldly into the fiery storm only to come out the other side. He wants us to walk with those who seek Him and are hungry, wanting to share in His win. We, can walk behind the turkeys or fly on eagle’s wings? The verse is saying, “Cast, not your pearls” comes to mind, throw not a stone, and just let Him work in you, allow Him to light the way.

Go ahead, you can start judging my race, but I will see you on the next lap because it’s all circles until we go up together.

Hope For America ~ so worth the view just sayin'


Is there Hope for America?

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    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      5 years ago from Pa


      Thank you for your sweet comment and encouragemen. You are very sweet and I look forward to more reads from you. HUGS!

    • panguerita profile image

      Rita Sue Hanks 

      5 years ago from Oak Point, Texas

      I love this message, it's just the one God is writing on my heart, but I don't yet have the unction to articulate it so well. I love learning from others and I learn from this. You left a comment on one of my hubs a longtime ago and I just followed it back here. I don't do much here on Hub lately, every once in a while I do some editing and learning. But I'm glad to see you and your wisdom here. I know it was not free...

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa

      Thanks Jodah,

      I find myself going back and forth with this one tweaking away. Just another sign of how I need to trust God, even with what He would have me write. I look forward to a day when our flesh is no longer an impediment to our walk. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments, as always you are insightful and helpful. Many blessings to you in your own race.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      6 years ago from Queensland Australia

      This message is an important one, we try too hard to take responsibility, we worry an stress, we argue against the wrongs of the world..etc.. when it would be so much easier if we would just trust in God..and hand things over to him. Having faith and trust is the hardest thing for many of us.. we try to control our own and other people's destinies. Love the poem too...great rhyme. Voted up.


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