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How to Write a Spell

Updated on June 20, 2013
Anyone can write their own spells
Anyone can write their own spells | Source

All novice Wiccans, witches and Pagans cling to their books in order to find the next great spell or ritual they may need in their lives. But with a little knowledge and confidence, there is nothing stopping you from writing your own spells that are custom tailored to your exact situation. If you think you're ready to write your first spell, here are the basic steps you are going to want to take.

Candles aren't the only type of spell you can try
Candles aren't the only type of spell you can try | Source

1. Your Intention

This may seem a tad obvious, but establishing exactly what you want your ritual to accomplish is your first (and more important) step. The point is to be specific though. A generic money spell is great if you need more money, but if you really want a promotion at work, then target that rather than just "money". Think about what you want before you begin, and be as honest with yourself as possible.

2. Your Materials

Consult a list of spell correspondences to find out what materials are best suited for your purpose. You don't necessarily need to use exotic supplies that you can't seem to buy anywhere. Stick to the more common elements and you can do just fine. Your pantry is a good place to look for a lot of powerful herbs, for example.

Don't limit yourself to the usual herbs and candles. Think more creatively and incorporate other features into your spells. Colored cords can be used for knot magick, herbal teas can be consumed, charm bags can be made or any number of combinations of materials.

3. Put it Together

With a list of materials at hand, decide how you want to put it all together. Like I mentioned above, don't limit yourself to the really standard spell format. Do what you want and choose the actions that feel the most powerful for you. Write down your script and come up with any words you want to go along with it. If you're not the creative writing type, you can skip the words or keep them very simple. You don't have to write a 2-page rhyming poem for your spell to be successful.

4. Perform Your Spell

I would suggest learning the spell as best you can so you're not shuffling through papers when it comes time to perform the ritual, though having some notes handy is fine if you have to. Get everything together before you start, and choose a time that is the most suitable for your purpose. Again, you can check most spell correspondence books for that. For example, money spells are best on Thursdays and love spells should be done Fridays.

Be focused when you do your spell, and don't get distracted. Concentrate your intentions as you go through the actions and give it your all. A hasty spell done with your mind elsewhere is a sure-fire fail.

Afterwards, I suggest you record what you've done so that you can check back for the success of your ritual and keep the details for using again later. Soon you'll have your own personal Book of Shadows with powerful and unique spells that are all your own.

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      5 years ago

      Great suggestions here in this Hub. I tend to get too focused on the details of things and have to remind myself to focus on the purpose and outcome rather than perfecting every little detail.

      These are great reminder tips for me, thanks so much.


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