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How to Write an Affirmation

Updated on July 3, 2013

Write your own affirmations

There are many affirmations out there that you can use to change your unconscious mind so your default is what you want instead of what your current reality is. This hub will show you how to write your own affirmations.

Writing your own affirmations will bring your goals to you even faster than using other, generic affirmations. When you get specific with what you want you can bring it to yourself faster. The generic affirmations are great but in most cases they are not specific to what you want.

So first as always is knowing what you want. More money, a better job, a new or better relationship, a thinner body... those are the basics. But writing those alone are generic and although you might get them it can take more time and the specifics may not be in line with what you really wanted. So get into the details of your wants and goals. You want more money... how much... what amount would be what you want? What does your better job look like? and so on.

Now for the fun part, as if figuring out how much money would make you happy wasn't fun :). Start your affirmation as thought it has already happened. This is how I start mine... "I Shelly am so happy and grateful now that..." That way I am sending a message to my unconscious/subconscious mind that this is reality... happening now. I know it sounds crazy to deceive your own mind but it works.

It works because your subconscious mind doesn't know what is real and what is made up. That is why when a parent or person of influence tells you something, positive or negative, about yourself as a child you take that as truth. At least your unconscious mind does and sets that as your default and that is what is keeping you at your current reality. Good or bad. So the things that are not so good you can change by resetting that default with affirmations.

Ok so you have a goal in mind and you have started your affirmation... "I Shelly am so happy and grateful now that I have an extra $2000 a month so I can enjoy my life more." This is just an example. This amount would change some lives while it would not others. Make your affirmations personal and believable to you. If you need to start out with $100 a month do that. Just make sure it is a positive statement of what you want.

Now write it down several times, I like to write it 10 times once or twice a day as well as repeat it in my head over and over through out the day. This process keeps you thinking about what you want and is especially effective in rerouting your thoughts when struggle sets into your mind during the day about this subject.

Visualizing the end result is the next vital step to the process so after you have written down your affirmation start to form a vision of what the end result looks like. Picture yourself spending that $2000 on whatever it is that you want to make your life better. A horse, a vacation, writing checks to pay off a bill and be financially free of it.

When you repeat this process and act on the opportunities that arise when your default is reset your life will change for the better and then you will be able to continue the process for a better and better life.

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